Cool Story Names I Came Up With! [Made from boredom]

You're free to use one of these titles, just let me know before you do so I don't feel like I stole a story name from someone else. Also, please tell me if you've already used one of these titles so I can take it off! ^^

Created by XxEmily-chanxX on Thursday, August 07, 2008


[Please Read Memo]
Kingdom Hearts-
Heartless Love
Key To My Heart
Simple And Clean
Wish On A Star
Door To A Dream
Wonderland Wish
Konoha Days
Starry Nights
The Living Legend Ninja
Sealed Heart
A Step Away From Falling
Take My Hand
Heroes Come Back

Death Note-
Death Is Closer Than You Think
Eraser Rain
Write To The End
CursedBy A Shinigami
Secret Kira
Everybody's Fool
Slipping Into The Dark
No Heaven No Hell

An Cafe-
Yuki Ga Furidasu
Life on the NYAPPY Tour
Not So Special
Kakusei Heroism
Grab The Microphone
Picking Up The Peices
Maximum The Hormone-
Guitar Strings
Heartbroken Lyrics
Just The Drummer
Take My Hand
Inches From Reality
Anything But Normal
Black Butterflies
Slipping Away
Far From Possible
Trace The Photos
Icy Teardrops
Better Off Dead
Tainted Blood
No Escape
Silver Blade
The Mind Behind The Murder
Black Blood
Don't Forget
Disaster Road
How To Use A Knife
Diary Of A Serial Killer
Red Rose
Hope you like them! :]

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