The Angel's Edge [Lelouch [2] Lamperouge] Zero Dignity

Here's chapter 2. I kinda don't like it, but I wrote it to get it out, so that would be why. My problem is just that my ideas work for the stuff a few chapters out, I really need a way to get there. lol

Created by avionexile on Sunday, August 10, 2008


Lelouch's POV

"What are you thinking about?" asked C.C. She was sitting on my bed hanging off the edge upside down, her hair brushing the ground as she stared up at me with her golden eyes.

"Nothing," I said lightly from my desk.

"You're lying. It's that new girl isn't it?" she said in that same monotone she always used.

"I suppose. I just saw her typing faster than any person I have ever seen. It seemed, faster than humanly possible."

"You want to find out about her, right? I suppose it's only natural, for you."

I remained silent, and she spoke again.

"You'll just have to wait and see if she opens up to you. Maybe you can use her. That's what you're thinking, isn't it?"

I couldn't deny that it was.

"Well, she'll do what she wants, you can't forget that she's human too, shewill make her own decisions."

"Not if I use my Geass on her," I said without thinking.

"Would you really want to waste it right away like that? I'm sure that if you use it on her now, you'll regret not being able to in the future."

I scowled. I knew she was right, but that didn't change the fact that it was annoying. My cell phone started ringing. I looked down and saw that it was Ohgi. I sighed and answered.

"This is Zero."

Carly's POV

I opened my eyes slowly and then closed them again after feeling the brightness affect them. I held one wrist over my eyes and then reached over to my end table with my free hand. I found the small plastic cylinder and emptied two of the red pills into my hand once more. I swallowed them carefully and then walked down to the mess hall for breakfast. I grabbed a cinnamon bagel and put it into the toaster oven. When it came out I put it on my plate, barely noticing the heat on my fingertips. I pulled a small plastic container of jelly and a spreading knife along with a glass of orange juice before I sat down on the end of a table. It wasn't too long before someone came and sat next to me. As likely as I knew this situation was, I couldn't help but inadvertently loathe the person before me right now. It was a boy with short blue hair that swept to either side in the front. He wore a silly grin as he sat in front of me.

"Hi. The name's Rivalz, and you're Carly, right?"

"Yep. Nice to meet you," I said with as sincere a smile as I had in me. Apparently it worked, as Rivalz continued speaking. I'm not much of a morning person, so I pretty much tuned him out. But I heard that he was on student council as well.

Have younosense, no reason? Obviously I'm not listening very well...

"Hey, Rivalz. Don't antagonize her, it's obvious that she's not as much a morning person as you are," said a red-head with green eyes. I responded in kind.

"Ugh, does such a person exist?" she giggled a little.

"My name is Shirley."

"Carly," I said taking her extended hand. I smiled and she took the seat next to me. She seemed nice, though a little silly. But what normal teenage girl wasn't a little silly sometimes?

Ultimately, though, she ended up following the same unfortunate path as Rivalz, that is, endless morning personness.

In any case, I managed to make it through the morning, giggling at appropriate times and nodding and smiling everywhere else. I vaguely noticed Lelouch walk into the room briefly, and briefly, the thought crossed my mind that he might come and sit by us, but he got some food and left as quickly as he came. I wondered what he was up to, but brushed it off. A brunette boy who I kind of recognized made his way over to the table instead, drawing my attention away from Lelouch.

"Hi, you're Carly, right?" I nodded. His voice was smooth, soft. It was quite pleasant. It made me feel kind of warm inside. "My name is Suzaku."

"Oh!" I said putting my right fist into my left palm, "I knew I recognized you from somewhere. Okay, I'm good." He looked at me strangely and I smiled a little. "It would've bothered me had your name not reminded me of where I knew you from. I would have had to have Googled you later on."

"Oh, okay," he said uncertainly. I smiled again and turned to the others when they started chattering on again. I honestly didn't know how this table had gotten so popular all of a sudden. It was Rivalz and Shirley first, then came along Nina, Kallen, and Milly, and then Suzaku was last. Kallen intrigued me for some reason. I had this feeling that she wasn't what I thought she was, and the same went for Suzaku and Lelouch. But what did I know?

After breakfast came time to lie about. It was Saturday and there weren't any classes, so I basically wandered about all day. Finally I got to the student council room, for no apparent reason, and I flipped the television on. They were talking about Zero, again. I rolled my eyes and picked up the remote again, as I changed the channel, Suzaku's face was shown on the next one. I sighed and flipped over and over again until I found music videos and I stared at the ceiling listening to the odd music coming through the speakers.

"ALI PROJECT? Strange tastes," said a smooth, masculine voice as someone walked into the room. I looked to the source.

"Well, Lelouch, not everyone in the world likes the generic stuff," I said with one raised eyebrow, a look that we seemed to exchange a lot in these past two days.

"That's true. I suppose that's why you flipped past the news?" I stared at him for a second before grinning incredulously.

"How long have you been outside the door?"

"Not long enough to matter, just long enough to hear that the news was on, and then you sighed exasperatedly and turned it to this."

"Sounds like a pretty long time to me," I said with a small chuckle, "But yeah, I'm not a big fan of the news."

"I see, why is that?"

"Well, all they talk about recently is Zero. Zero this, Zero that, and in some cases, 'I wish Zero would come save me!' It's sick and annoying."

"Aside from the news, what do you think of Zero?" Lelouch asked while looking at me in a strange way. It was almost expectant, maybe a little apprehensive? But why was that?

"I don't know. I guess I don't really have an opinion of him anymore."


"Boy, you sure are nosy. Why do you care what I think about our most recent real-life renegade caped crusader?"

"Just curious." But it was more than that. I didn't know what, but there was something else, something other than just curiosity. I mean, sure, he was definitely curious, but somehow that wasn't all there was to it.

"Well, I don't know," I said answering inconspicuously, "I guess, at first I thought he was kind of cool."

"Kind of cool?"

"Well yeah, he was interesting, obviously really, really intelligent, which is always a plus. A good showman, he has some serious style, and that's more than one can say for most of the upper-Britannians; and he seems to be very powerful somehow. His convictions are very strong, and he is very confident that he can succeed. I always like it when people are confident like that. Not so confident that he's foolish, no, I didn't get that from him at all, but something in him knows that things are going to turn out exactly as he wants them to. Not to mention the fact that his identity is a complete mystery and so following suit of natural human curiosity I was definitely interested."

"Only was though, not anymore?"

"Well, not entire not, if you know what I mean. I'm still curious. I used to watch the clips of his little escapade with Suzaku whenever they came on TV to see if I could find any new betrayal of his identity or his thoughts or actions or anything like that. As soon as that went away and I couldn't see anymore, it started to get annoying. There was nothing new, they just had idiots on the news giving their takes on him. All scripted Britannians, mind you. I just stopped caring I guess."

"You've got a lot figured out just from that one time, though," he said. I simply shrugged. He opened his mouth to speak, but then he closed it and I put my feet up on the table in the middle of the room and leaned in my chair. I crossed my arms behind my head and leaned back a little further. I closed my eyes and rocked my foot slowly to the beat of the music. Basically, I just let my mind wander. It was no surprise that I had no idea how much time passed when I was brought to my senses by someone speaking.

"What are you doing?" I opened my eyes to find Suzaku standing right above me, and from my space cadet status before it was again no surprise that I was startled. I jumped a little and my chair gave out. I was about to take countermeasures so as not to fall on my ass on the chair, but was caught under the arms by Suzaku just before I could do anything. He had reacted really quickly, and I briefly was suspicious of his reaction time, but then he pulled me to my feet effortlessly, which led me to wonder about his strength too. I brushed off a little.

"Thank you, Suzaku."

"No, no it's my fault for startling you in the first place. Sorry."

"Don't apologize, I wasn't as alert as I usually am."


"Suzaku." I said, cutting him off.


"Just stop while you're ahead, let's you and I consider ourselves beyond pleasantries," he nodded and I giggled a bit. I mentally slapped myself after that. Why the hell was I giggling?! Of all the foul things in all the world.

Lelouch's POV

I was watching the entire exchange from my end of the room behind a newpaper. I almost laughed when Carly fell over, but I kept it to myself. But for some reason, when she said: 'let's you and I,' it bugged me a little. I couldn't quite understand it, but I stood up from my chair and walked over to Carly and Suzaku.

"Hey, you alright?" I asked her.

"Oh, hey. Yeah. Totally fine, for all but my dignity, Suzaku here saved me from a most dreadful fate. But I'm sure you saw it," she said as she winked once and crinkled her nose playfully. It was weird of her to do something like that…

I eyed Suzaku for only a moment and then turned back to Carly.

"Just glad I could help," Suzaku said.

"Except that it's your fault in the first place," I said with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, this is true," Carly said bending to lift the chair off of the ground.

"I said that I was sorry!"

"BUT!" She said cutting into his 'sorry', "I can think of many people who wouldn't have tried to catch me, and for that I am lucky." She gave me a look drowned in implication and I rolled my eyes as she smirked.

"I'm going to head back to my room now, I've got some stuff to do."

"Tetris?" I asked facetiously.

"Something like that," she said and then she turned around and walked out the door. The last thing I saw was her long red-brown hair following her around the corner. I turned back to Suzaku and he was looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"What was that all about?"

"What do you mean?" I asked slowly.

"You and her. It's like you guys are old friends or something."

"How could we be old friends. I've known her all of two days."

"I know," he contended, "but still, it's really weird."

"We talk sometimes. She's an interesting person."

"Interesting," he repeated. I nodded and he sighed. "Alright. Well, I've got some stuff to do as well, so I'll see you later Lelouch."

"Yeah." He walked away and I sat in the chair next to me and glanced out the window.

Carly's POV

After taking my pills, I sprawled on my bed and sighed. It was really bugging me, but I knew something was up with Suzaku. No normal teenager could've reacted that quickly or picked me up that easily without any help at all from me. I didn't know very much about him, Icould only guess that there was a little bit more to his 'engineering' than he let on. I rolled it over and over in my head. There was only one conclusion that I came to, that he was a soldier. But there was no way that the Suzaku Kururugi I knew would be in that situation. He was too nice for all that. I couldn't believe that it was possible. But then again, he was on trial for the death of Prince Clovis, so that must mean that he was capable through some way, otherwise they would've picked someone more rough to frame.

So that was it.

Suzaku was a soldier.

There really wasn't anyway around it.

I sighed. I had now figured out the latest conundrum in my head to the best of my abilities, so who was next?

Shirley? No she was far too easy. She's a normal girl who loves her father, though she doesn't see him often, and has a MASSIVE crush on Lelouch. She's entirely too easy to figure out.

Rivalz? No, I didn't want to figure him out. He was nice, but I doubted that I wanted to know more about him. He was boring.

I mentally slapped myself.

I shouldn't go looking for scandal, or the joke will be on me.

But for some reason, Lelouch popped into my head after this, as well as Kallen as a side note. But I brushed her off. Lelouch was the most intelligent of the bunch, that was certain. He had an analytical mind, much like my own. But there was something else. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples before standing again. I waded over to the door, and almost opened it, but then I decided against it and laid on my bed for the rest of the night until eventually falling off into dreams. They weren't quite dreams though, it was like my mind played an amalgamation of all the things I knew and words echoed tonelessly through my mind.
Where scandal roams and sinners lay,
Our bodies drag our minds astray.

The corpses left are not of flesh,

But honor mingled there a-mesh.

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