I was bound to love you? (A Gaara love story) Info

Number 8. Oh god. I have dedicated this story to XxDarkestLovexX! Yeah, I did change the title, sorry about that, but I think this fits better.

Created by naruangirl16 on Monday, August 11, 2008

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Name: Kikyo Hanasamai

Looks: Long black hair and ice blue eyes with a perfect body and kinda short. You are slightly on the innocent side and are fit.


Personality: You're a little on the shy side but would do anything for the people you care about and love to pick fights with people you hate. Though you can't always defend yourself you try to stay away from violence. You try your best not to let people walk all over you.

Past: When you were eight your whole family was killed by the Akatsuki and you lived by your self from that point on. You are a leaf ninja now though.

Age: 14 (same as everyone else)

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