The Fire Within Chapter 24

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Created by Ducklover87817 on Monday, August 11, 2008


--==Robin’s POV==--

I was a black lion again. I hopped up and down, but I stopped once I saw three hyena’s charging us.

“Sora!” I hissed, and he looked at the hyenas.

“Oh, it’s you guys. Man, we were hoping you were a meal.” Banzi sighed angrily

“Hiya,” Sora smiled trying to be friendly.

“Don’t give me any of that ‘Hiya’ stuff! Thanks you clowns, we’re back to scavenging scraps for a living.” Shenzi growled.

I bent down into a defensive crouch, and Sora stepped forward to stand in front of us. Ed started to laugh, and I growled.

“C’mon it’s not that bad I enjoyed that week dead elephant we had yesterday.” Shenzi smiled turning and walking away.

“Hey, how’s Simba?” Sora shouted after them.

They laughed, “We got to laugh every time we hear that dude’s name.” Banzi chuckled.

“Ooh. Say it again!” Shenzi laughed.

“Ssiimmbbaa!” Banzi cooed, and then they laughed again.

“One more time!”


And they laughed again.

“Quit it,” I snarled.

They all glared at me and then stood up, “Go on then go see Simba and see the wishy-washy king he is.”

The Hyena’s were walking away but they were talking loud on purpose.

“I even bet some of those high and mighty lionesses wish they had another king.” Banzi laughed, and then they were gone.

“Gwarsh I wonder what’s up?” Goofy asked.

“I hope Simba is okay.” I said.

“Well then let’s go check up on him.” Sora smiled, and we headed off towards Pride Rock.

We got up to the entrance…Black and purple smoke started to form and a ghost of Scar formed in front of us grinning widely with an evil glint in his eyes.

“Scar!” Sora shouted.

I growled and my paws lit up, and I leaped at him, but he disappeared.

“He’s gone.” I whispered madly.

“A ghost?” Donald suggested.

“We better tell Simba about this.” Goofy said, and we looked around.

“I bet he’s up there.”

We ran up the top of Pride Rock and were greeted by Nala.

“Have you come to see Simba?” She asked hopefully.

“We saw Scar’s Ghost!” Sora yelled.

“An omen like that could only mean the foretelling the end of our pride.” She sighed.

“Don’t think that!” I said exasperated.

“You have Simba back though.”

“That’s the problem…King Simba won’t do a thing. I guess just being the son of the great king Mufasa doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready to rule the kingdom Himself.” Nala sighed.

“He’s Simba he’ll think of something,” Sora said thinking of all the times Simba helped him in his first adventure.

“The time for thinking is past. We need him to take action, as his father would have done. He ruled with courage and pride…I remember it like it was yesterday…the mighty Mufasa…”

“Simba can do that,” I told her.

“I’m not so sure…” Nala frowned.

“Well that’s not going to help.” I said nodded at her frown.

“Wait here I want to talk to Simba.” Sora said to Nala, and we walked into the King’s den.

We walked into the stone den to see Simba laying down on a rock. Simba looked over at us sadly.

“You came back…” He sounded like he was dying.

“Are you okay?” Donald asked.

“You don’t look so good.” Goofy frowned.

“Hey Simba why don’t we team up and do something about Scar’s ghost?” Sora asked happily to try and boost the mood.

“It seems like everyone is worried at about it. Now’s your big chance to show them what you’re made of!”

Simba stood up growling, “That doesn’t concern you!”

We jumped and then I felt my face fall, “Sorry,” Simba sighed.

“I-it’s okay,” Sora said.

“I just wished I knew what my father would do.”

“But he’s not here Simba.” I told him.

“It’s up to you and you are the king now.”

“So you’re saying it’s all up to me?” Simba asked.

“Exactly!” The voices of Timon and Pumba came.

“We know your dad was a great king, and all. But now it’s your turn.” Timon said.

Timon walked up to Simba, “Remember what I taught ya. ‘Ya gotta put the past behind you.’ It’s time to go out there and tell everyone that you’re going to be just fine.”

“Yeah that’s the ticket!” Sora smiled.

“You gotta live for today!” Timon shouted.

“And find your own path,” Pumba smiled shaking his head to an invisible beat.

“Live for today…” Simba pondered.

“And find my own path…Not my fathers.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that Simba.” Nala’s voice rang out.

“Nala!” Donald said, and she walked over and stood next to Simba.

“Please promise me that you will help Simba in any way you can.” She smiled.

“As long as Sora and Robin do all the fighting.” Timon smiled.

I nodded along with Sora.

“I’m counting on you Simba… and so is our baby.” Nala smiled nuzzling Simba.

I smirked, and the others smiled in surprise.

“Great now we’re going to have to babysit!” Timon moaned.

We laughed, “You’ll like it.” I smiled.

“Let’s go see Rafiki first. I’m sure he’ll know something about this ghost.” Simba said and we walked off to Raifiki’s.


We approached Rafiki and he smiled, “Oh ho ho is the King ready to be king?” the monkey asked.

“I think so,” Simba said smiling.

“Can you tell us about Scar’s ghost?” Sora asked.

“Oh, yes the ghost,” Rafiki though for a second.

“a being with no body. It is created when the evil heart of Scar meets the hesitating heard of Simba.”

“Hesitating?” Simba asked.

“Ohhhh…You thought you were not?” the monkey grinned.

“Gawrsh, that ghost sounds just like a Heartless.” Goofy said to Sora, Donald, and I.

“”Hmm, I don’t know.” Sora said unsure.

“You’re right, you don’t know.” Rafiki said cutting in…

“Eavesdropper.” I muttered to Donald very quietly.

“But you do know it is upsetting. And it is upsetting the hearts of everybody in the Pride Lands.” The monkey frowned.

“You may not know what it is, but it still IS.”

I raised an eyebrow along with Sora and we glanced at each other.

“This World, it is full of many such things. And these things, a king must face. It is the test that has been set for you, Simba.”

“That’s all? Come on. You have to tell us more on the ghost…” Simba begged.

“No, not today!” Rafiki growled.

“But the Hyenas in the elephant graveyard need to know more. Does not matter, though. There is little the Simba of late can do.”

“Aw, don’t say that! Not when he’s ready to try!” Sora frowned at the tackless monkey.

“In his head perhaps, but in his heart?” The monkey questioned.

“Forget it Sora, let’s go to the elephant graveyard.” Simba said and we ran out of there an into the savannah.

We clobbered the Heartless, and then entered the elephant graveyard. Fires were set up all over the graveyard giving it an eerie look. And three hyenas were there to greet us.

“Hey you!” Donald shouted.

“Aw, c’mon can’t you just leave us alone?” Banzai said exasperated.

“Do you three now anything about Scar’s ghost?” Simba asked.

“Huh? Scar’s ghost?” Shenzi asked confused, and Ed laughed.

“Maaaybe.” Banzai laughed.

I growled and a wall of fire surrounded them.

“You’re going to tell us now,” I smiled sweetly, the hyena’s glared at me, and I smiled again.

Then out of nowhere a great red furred claw hit my back, and I rolled over to see the ghost of Scar there grinning the guys saw him to, and my moment of distraction the hyenas scattered.

“Robin!” Sora shouted taking a defensive stance in front of me.

I stood up and glared at the spot where Scar had stood. Sora turned around, “I’m fine Sora.” I smiled, and then looked over and saw the Hyena’s watching us from a distance.

“I call Shenzi!” I said in a sing-song voice making my way to the shadows, and I heard the guys laughing.

I watched her looking around seeing the guys getting clobbered my Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Simba.

“C’mon here little kitty,” She cackled.

I hissed from the shadows, and she gasped. I jumped out from the shadows, and barreled into her. I jumped up over her and crashed her into the ground. I saw Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Simba look over after they heard a growl erupt from Shenzi’s throat. I rolled off of her after she rolled over. My paws lit with fire, and I scratched at her face. She shrieked, and I sniggered.

“Why you little!” She cried.

I jumped gracefully around her as she tried to swing, but I jumped to low and got a blow to the stomach I jumped back, and glared at her, and she smiled back at me.

I closed my eyes, and I disappeared in a whisk of flame, and jumped out from behind her, and I raked my claws along her back, and she groaned, and slumped down. I glared back down at her. Sora was at my side, and then Banzai and Ed were at her side glaring at me. Sora looked at them glaring.

“Ooh you caught us, what’re we gonna do?” Shenzi said weakly standing up.

“Tell me about Scar’s ghost!” Simba shouted.

“Sorrrry. We don’t know nothin’” Banzai laughed, and then Ed laughed too.

“Oh wait it’s coming back to me!” Shenzi smiled.

“That’s the one that only hangs around fraidy cats. Right, Banzai?

“Enough!” Simba shouted.

Then sure enough Scar’s ghost was forming right behind us.

“Oh look there it is, there must be a fraidy cat around her somewhere!” Shenzi chortled along with Ed and Banzai.

“Simba do something!” Sora said.

“How does it feel to be king? Hmm?” Scar asked.

“Why, you must be a truly inspiring ruler by now. After all, you are the son of the great Mufasa.”

Simba started to back away, and then he ran off.

“SIMBA!” I shouted after him.

“Where are you going?” Sora yelled.

“Ah, Simba…running away as always.” Scar smirked and then disappeared.

“Simba!” Sora bellowed after him.

“What’s wrong with him?” I asked.

“Gwarsh, I think that Rafiki was right.” Goofy said.

“You mean Simba’s still unsure?” Sora asked.

“Seems like it. Do ya think there’s some way we can help?”

“Hmm…We should start by talking to Simba some more. Let’s head back to the Pride Lands.” Sora said, and we ran off.


Timon met up with us at the entrance to Pride Rock, and we walked up the small hill the base of the giant rock. We approached them.

“Where’s Simba?” Nala asked.

“Well, uh…” Sora stammered.

“Oh, ho, ho! He ran away!” Rafiki sighed.

“I knew it would not be easy for him. To face his fears, he must go somewhere where the only thing to think is what to do, not what others think of him.”

“Why didn’t you just say so?” Sora asked.

“But where’s Simba now?” Donald asked.

“hey, I know! He’s at the oasis.” Timon said.

“Well then let’s go,” I smiled, and we took off after the hesitant king of the Pride Lands.

I ran through first taking out all of the Heartless in our path. I snarled at the Ghost of Scar, and I jumped at him, along with Sora and our combined moves took him out. We ran into the Oasis and say Simba facing Scar, and he was backing up. To the edge, and then there was a drop…about 2oo feet downward.

“Simba!” Sora shouted, and we sprung into action jumping, flying, and sliding towards him, but Ghost Scar disappeared, and Simba’s head dropped.

“It’s no use. I’ll never be the king my father was.

Sora smiled and walked up to him, “But Simba…that’s not what you’re supposed to be. You can’t be Mufasa you can only be yourself.”

“You’re a king Simba, so show them what you can do,” I smiled.

“And if anyone is saying they liked your father better, it’s because they haven’t seen what you can do yet.” Sora finished.

“I know that.” Simba sighed.

“Then stop moping and DO something!” Sora said angrily.

“I can’t!” He growled.

“WELL WHY NOT!” I snarled sick of his moping act.

“It’s fine Robin,” Sora said, and he nudged me back.

“C’mon guys.” Donald said and we walked away and jumped into a bush, and then the ghost of Scar came.

“The hesitant king will one day lose all his friends.” Sora said in a terrible mocking of Scar.

“King Simba the doubtful.” Donald said and I smacked myself on the head.

“Worried by a silly ol’ ghost.” Goofy said in a creep voice.

“Ooh, Simba the do-nothing king,” Sora said again, and Simba’s eyes narrowed with anger, and he jumped at Scar who disappeared, and we jumped out of the bushes smiling.

“You did it the ghost is gone!” Sora and I cheered.

“We knew you could do it!” Donald grinned.

“Hooray for Simba!” Goofy laughed.

“You know, I’m really lucky to have friends who’ll stand by me.” Simba smiled.

“And help me see clearly. My father wasn’t so fortunate.”

Sora sighed, “There you go again.”

“I mean…Everyone here, and in the Pride Lands wants me to succeed. Sora, Robin, Donald and Goofy, Pumba, Timon, Rafiki…Nala, you all want what’s best for me. But my father always had Scar lurking behind his back trying to cut him down. I’ve got to make the best of my blessings, and rebuild this kingdom.” Simba said, his voice growing in confidence.

“Are you gonna say it, or do it?” Sora smiled.

“Wait and see.” Simba smiled.

“Simba!” Timon’s voice cut through the air.

Timon was running at us at full speed, “Simba! Come quick! There’s a bazillion ghost of Scar haunting the Pride Lands! Everybody but Nala high tailed it out of there. And now she needs your help.”

At the words of Nala and help, Simba sped off to save his family, and we sped after him.

“Wait! What about me!” Timon shouted, and I jumped back he jumped back and clung to my neck, and I sped off after the others.


We ran up to the top of Pride Rock (not the peak) to see Nala about to back off the Edge, and Pumba standing in front of her.

“We’re here!” Sora said.

“Where’s Simba?” Nala asked.

We turned around and bowed. Simba walked past us and up the incline.

“I’ve come back Nala.” Simba smiled, and then Ghost Scar started to Walk towards Simba.

Simba and Ghost Scar were face to face.

“Get out,” Simba demanded, and the Ghost disappeared.

“Way to go!” I smiled, and leaped onto Sora.

Nala and Simba started to greet each other by jumping around. Then all of the darkness started to meet and form in one spot.

“Are you with me?” Simba asked.

“Now and forever your majesty!” Sora bowed, and Donald, Goofy, and I followed suit.

We ran into the Savannah to be greeted by a one hundred foot tall island with a dragon head, swirly eyes, four huge feet, and on its back was a massive heartless controlling it.

Donald and Goofy where knocked back and hit a rock, and they were knocked out. I growled, and my paws covered in fire, but then it started to charge us and try to step on us. I ran under it jumped at the shock its feet made when it hit the ground, and rolled whenever they went to attack us. Finally Sora fended off the foot, and the thing’s head turned upside down, We ran at it and flipped up and over its head. Sora and Simba preformed Wildcat, and took away a lot of the thing’s strength. I jumped up and clawed at its eyes It shrieked and started to shake it’s head, and I fell down to the ground, but I landed on my feet…Perk of being a cat…I charged it and jumped at it, but it pushed me again, and I fell to the ground.

“Sora!” I shouted, and he nodded we jumped up on its back.

I ran at it, and it swiped me away, but it didn’t see Sora lodge his Keyblade into it’s head…

Donald and Goofy ran over to us. Simba, Sora, and I watched as it fell to the ground and the world shook.


Nala and Simba stood on top of Pride Rock. Rafiki, Pumba, Timon, Sora, Donald, Goofy, and I stood behind him.

“Looks like Simba’s back to normal.” Sora smiled.

“And he saved the Pride Lands.”

“Oh, ho, ho! The Pride Lands was saved by the courage of the king and those who helped him.” Rafiki smiled.

Simba turned around to look at us, “Will your quest ever be over?” he aked.

“I don’t know, but as long as the Keyblade is with me I have to continued, and keep fighting.” Sora sighed.

“Ahh…The struggle never ends. That is the great Circle of Life.” Rafiki said.

“Never ever?” Sora asked worried.

“The secret to victory…is a strong heart.” The old monkey smiled.

I smiled and jumped on Sora from behind, “And you’ve got us too!” I laughed indicating Donald and Goofy too.

Everyone laughed, and then the monkey started to spaz, and told us to leave to finish fighting, we said our good byes and ran to the Gummi ship. We got on and then Chip and Dale came onto the Intercom.

“Hey guys remember that reading we told you about?” Chip asked.

“Yeah,” we answered.

“It’s a world.” Dale said.

We looked at the Paper…It was the world that never was. I frowned we were so close yet so far. Their hideout was right there!, and it was so close.

Sora sighed, and picked me up.

“Night.” He said to Donald and Goofy, and we went to our room.

I laid down and fell asleep, but then the nightmares came…


I couldn’t breathe, see, or talk, all I could do was hear.

“Ah, it’s good to see you young Robin,” Maleficent’s voice came from the darkness.

I muffled a strain of shouts, but it just became harder to breathe.

“Now, now, fire wielder, you answer to me now.” She growled.

I snarled, and I could talk again.

“No way in Hell you old Hag.” I spat.

“Now…you don’t want anything bad to happen to the others?” She asked, and a picture of the other elemental’s played in my head.

I gasped.

“Now, I’ll give you time to think about this, so next time you dream…I’ll be waiting…” She cackled.


I gasped looking into the eyes of a worried Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

“Robin,” Sora sighed in relief holding me close to him.

I noticed that I was cold and covered in an icy sweat.

“What happened?” Sora asked.

I just nodded my head and pushed out of his arms and landed on the floor.

“I’ve got to talk to Jasper. I’ll meet you at the next world.” I said, and I disappeared into a portal made of fire.

It was about one in the morning in Hollow Bastion. I was running down the streets of the Market Place. I ran into someone I looked up.

“Cloud,” I sighed.

“Robin?” He asked confused.

I never whipped off my face and I was still clammy.

“Cloud, where’s Jasper?” I asked urgently.

“He’s in Merlin’s.” Cloud said.

I ran past him and down the streets the Heartless were following me, but I out ran them, and I ran into Merlin’s. There was no one there. I ran down the hallway and started peaking in the doors. The fifth door was Jasper’s and I ran into the room. I ran over to his bed, and I shook his shoulder. I shook it.

“Jasper!” I whispered.

He opened his eyes and looked at me taking in my scared expression and my pale features. Jasper stood up and looked at me.

“Robin what happened?” He asked grasping my shoulders.

I hugged him, “Maleficent,” I cried.

“Jasper? Robin?” I heard Prosper ask, he, Ari, Iggy, Hacker, and Fang walked in.

“Maleficent did what?” Jasper asked, and the others became tense.

“She’s going to kill you guys if I don’t work for her…” I whispered.

It was quiet and tense for a long time.

“Does Sora know about this?” Jasper asked finally breaking the silence.

“No I didn’t tell him yet…” I said.

“Has this happened to anyone else?” Jasper asked.

A chorus of “No’s” answered.

I looked up at Jasper, “It did happen to me.” He sighed.

The others looked up, and stared at him.

“She told me you all had died…And that if I helped her I could find a way to bring you back, so I said yes, and then I was fighting Robin in Halloween Town.”

“So you’re back to normal right?” Iggy asked slowly moving towards me.

“Yes,” Jasper answered coolly.

“So what do we do?” Prosper asked.

“I don’t know.” Jasper said looking down.

“Robin shouldn’t do it,” Ari started.

“Just think of all the stuff Maleficent could do if she had Robin, and before you say anything…If Robin did listen to Maleficent could anyone here hurt her?”

We all looked around.

“You’re not dying.” I whispered.

“Robin…” Jasper warned as if saying ‘Don’t even try.’

“You’re not dying, and that’s that, so if we don’t come up with any other ideas…”

“I’ll do it for Maleficent,”

“No Robs!” Iggy growled.

“Do you not get it!” I yelled.

“Why lose six elementals when you could only lose one?”

Jasper grasped my forearms, “We’re going to get out of it.” Jasper muttered.

“I need to tell Sora.” I said, and disappeared giving a wave and I was gone.


(Back at the Gummi Ship)

Sora, Donald, and Goofy were waiting in the Cockpit at 2 am in the morning. Then they saw a huge gust of fire and Robin walked out.

“What’s going on?” Sora asked.

“Maleficent…” I muttered not wanting to have this conversation again.

Sora walked over to me, “What does she want?” He asked.

“Me.” I frowned.

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