Sasuke and Sakura's life together Episode 1

yay!!! Second series!

Created by sakurablossom31 on Tuesday, August 12, 2008


(P.s they moved in together!!!) sakuracool.jpg * SHUTS DOOR* Oh sasuke!!!!! 1203221153_a_Sleeping.jpg 025.jpg yells in his ear, get up sleepy head!!!!! sasukecute.jpg HUH? what is something wrong sakura? chibisakura1rc.gif guess what honey?! 1167966588_sukesasuke.jpg what is this good news? 2173349584_60eda81bfd.jpg there's no easy way to say this, but, WE'RE PARENTS!!!!!!!!!! Sasuke: p-parents? chikage-1.jpg i don't understand, i thought you wanted your clan revived! 1167966588_sukesasuke.jpg i do it's just that you scared me a little! Sakura_e_Sasuke_178.jpg sakuracool.jpg come on i want to show you the baby's room! By the way, it's a boy! babyboy-sheep-large.jpg and take a look at this balcony! rosa.jpg you can see all of kohana!!!! sasukecute.jpg you know how much i love you right? thumb-6516868.jpg i always will. A few months later... sakuraprego.jpg Sasuke, i get it, your excited! sasuke-2.jpg well i am so excited because my clan will be restored now finally! chikage-1.jpg i know! kissingsasuke.png *QUICK KISS* now i have to go and get to the hospital, i might have to have him tonight! 1075375633_irPinkHair.jpg love you bye! 5 Hours later!

Uchiha_family__Heir_by_LittleLetty.jpg 65691947-pink.jpg Cute isn't he? 1167966588_sukesasuke.jpg you bet!!! SasukexSakura2.jpg Sakura: we take him home in the morning so come on let's get to bed!! P.S both sleep shirt off, no sex tonight!! stampoksichanka4.png The next day.... Sasusaku_colour_by_Hybrid22.jpg Sasuke: i will be back after work around 5:30, just in time for dinner! Love you sakura! Sakura: kay sweet heart i will stay and watch the baby of course! Be safe!!! To sasuke.....

sasukecute.jpg i wonder why my life is so much more better when sakura came in? Well she is the best but i wonder why. At home at 5:30...

PDVD_011.jpg baby i'm home! GeezLucy.jpg hey babe! 1167966588_sukesasuke.jpgwhere's my little uchiha baby? 1040168335_ktoppinkie.jpg asleep! let's eat! PicForNewsletterJapan2005KinosakiDinnerPlate1.JPG *BOTH EATS LAUGHING AND TALKING* love.jpg sasukecute.jpg dinner was great! i am going to work on my motorcycle for a bit. Sakura_Haruno.jpg kay sasuke-kun. (Sasuke is right about out the door) love you!!! 1167966588_sukesasuke.jpg love you too! *SHUTS GARAGE DOOR*

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