The night he took off my pants( Info)

Emo, sex, sexual intercourse

Created by saladfingersYAY on Thursday, August 14, 2008

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Catherine Fret-Shy 14 year old virgin.
(lives with sis and mother in old cottage home)
Daniel Smith-Outgoing 14 year old sex fiend(jk virgin)
( lives with brother father step mom and 2 younger step sisters)
Michelle Roberts- Lives with mom and dad but has 2 older sisters who are both having terrible lives
(has a huge crush on Daniels older brother)
Ashley Davis-best friend always trying to look out for her friends
Just got out of a residential home now living with her brother
Lynne Richards- x best friend becuase she now has an extreme drinking problem
lives with cousin but is constantly screamed at to get emancipated

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