?*~Passion-Ichigo Kurosaki-~*One Shot*~-Part 1?*~

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Created by MoonAura on Thursday, August 14, 2008

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"There goes Orenji (Orange) annoying many bullies in the school again. Nice another fight,"thought ________
Ever since you was little you possesses the unusual ablilty to see spirits as a consequence of your innate spiritual power. You have been apart of the soul socitey and went to the human world to blend as a usual human who secretly watches a district. You made many friends in this strange world with Ichigo, Yuzu, Karin, Isshin Kurosaki, Chad, Orihime. It has been since you have been in this strange world that immense spiritual power is around the areas Ichigo go.
"Orenji you idiot stop picking fights with other people you wasting useless energy!" you yelled.
"Go do your make up or paint you nail ________, and but out!" yelled Ichigo.
"You Fag! I am only helping you prevent injuries towards your body!!!!!!"
"Oh yea well why do you care what I do!" yelled Ichigo.
"I only being a friend!" you yelled.
"What the hell you say!" you and Ichigo yelled at the same time.
"They are at it again as usual," said Orihime smiling.
"They constantly fight as if they were a married couple," said Chad.
"It is a lovers quarrel,"
"EWW! As if i would ever been a lover with this idiot!" yelled Ichigo.
"The feeling is mutual," you said.
"You too might be married in the future," said Orihime.
"It is lies!!!!!" yelled you and Ichigo.
"They think the same way too," said Chad.
"Stop it!!!Stop copying me," yelled you and Ichigo.
"Like a reflection," said Orihime.
"You know what i dont have time for this if you want to hurt your self so bad then i am not stoping you," you said as you swung your bag over your shoulder."See you at school Orihime and Chad, Bye Fag,"
"Stop calling me that! I am not a fag!!!" yelled Ichigo.
"Going out your way to constantly fight bullies, it tells it all Orenji-Fag," you said as you walked away.
"You want to come back her and say it to my face!" yelled Ichigo.
"I dont have oxygen to waste on you," you said loudly as you walked away.
You then walked to your loft apartment which you currently lived by your self and set your bag down.
"It is still there ever since I have been here i still feel the immense spiritual energy, which proves me deduction...Ichigo is destined to be a soul reaper...or he might be one," said you said.
You looked out the window to see a Hollow flying straight towards your apartment.
"Damn it all," you yelled.
"I thought we were going to be together ___________You promise me darling!" yelled the hollow.
"Soul relase," you said as you turned into a soul reaper.
"________________Come out where you are," yelled the Hollow as it walked around.
You then jumped and took out your zanpakuto and cut it face.
"AHH!!!!_____________, my darling why would do that," yelled the Hollow as it attacked. "Why heart your beloved!"
"Mao...I dont love you and I will never will when we were children you said that you wanted to be with me and i didnt agree, i have more important things to worry about," you said.
"You dont love me! It is my appearance isnt it! Why WON'T YOU LOVE ME!!!!!!LOVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled the Hollow as he attacked everywhere around the house.
"Die!" yelled Ichigo as he appeared out of no where and attacked the beast.
"Ichigo..." you said...
"You can see me," said Ichigo. "Now is not the time for that we have more important business.
"His Soul Reaper form in impressive he is about my level of speed and strength," you thought in shock "His spiritual energy full more than he could contain...it leaking,"
You then jumped in front of the hollow and kissed your Zanpakuto and blew towards it making it started to turn to ice.
"Why darling! Why dont you love me!!!I love you _________!!!!" yelled the Hollow.
"Right....go back to the afterlife," you said as you blew ice on it's head. "Ice smash!"
You then put your hand out and clenched your fist as the ice broke shattering into infinite amounts of pieces. Ichigo looked towards you in shock.
"Long time no see ____________," said Rukia.
"So Rukia you left the Soul socitey," you said.
"Wait you know each other?!" yelled Ichigo.
"Yes Fag," you said.
"And your a soul reaper!" yelled Ichigo.
"Yes Fag..." you said.
"Rukia can we have a moment alone," said Ichigo.
"Oh my goodness her he goes to reprimand me," you said.
Rukia left and Ichigo then turned towards you.
"Who was that Hollow what does it want with you?" asked Ichigo in a angry tone.
"That Hollow use to be a boy who was able to see me and fell in love with me...But i left him since i had to go back to the place i live," you said "He died ina car accident, and i guess he has been looking for me since and found me here,"
Ichigo then pinned you to the wall and looked at you in the eye.
"Thank goodness you are safe...I would never forgive my self,"
"What do you mean Orenji?" you asked.
"Look _________, you are going to need a place to stay we will tell tell police that a robber broke in here and destroyed everything, you can stay with me and Rukia," said Ichigo.
"Um no i am fine, i rather stay here in the comfort of my own home," you said."I dont want to see what you and Rukia do,"
"It is not like that!"
"Right....Whatever you say..."
"Ugh two years with this girl i am still faling for her, annoy baka," thought Ichigo.
"Hey Ichigo put me down!" you yelled as you hit his back.
"No," said Ichigo "You are not going to live in that house until they fix it back,"
"Why not!" you yelled "Why do you start caring about where i live and about me!"
"Since two years," thoughtIchigo."Besides ever since my mothers death it influences me to fell guily formy inability to protect those close to me and i hold you dearly,"
Dad i am home!" yelled Ichigo.
"What this _________? You both dating?" asked Isshin.
"AS IF!!!" Ichigo and you yelled.
"They love each otherwith a passion," saidYuzu.
"Stop it!" yelled the bothof you.
"Let me down," you yelled.
Ichigo put you on the ground and watch you.
"Dad is it ok if __________ stays the night her house was in a robbery and she needs a place to stay," said Ichigo.
"Sure," said Isshin.
"Wow you need a name on your bedroom door you dont know where your own bedroom is?" you asked.
"Shutup!" yelledIchigo "Now there are some rules you must stay hereand not leave the house only forschool,"
"AS If I am listeningto you!" yelled Ichigo.
"Youare annoying!"
"Dont do it Ichigo your to young todie," said Rukia as sheopen the door looking at the quarrel.
"FINE BYME!!!" you yelled as you three him out the window.
"I meant both of us," yelled Ichigo as he fell to the ground.
"That wasrough," said Rukia.
"He deserves it,"you said.
"What the hell is your problem," said Ichigo.
"I will tell you myproblem! My problem is you if you hadleft me in my house then we wouldnt have to go to this, i am going to take a bath!" you yelled leaving.
The water touching your body as you being a shower head started to sing. Ichigo passed by the bathroom door and listened. You turned off the water and grabbed a towel andexit the bathroom to Ichigo falling ontop of you.
"What the hell where you on the door for?" you asked.
"I...heard you sing," said Ichigo blushing sighlty.
"You are starting to look like your name with that blush," you said.
"I am not blushing it is the steam it is getting to me," said Ichigo.
In the position the both of you in ti was awkward. Ichigo legright near yourhips. Him over you you started to blush as so did her.
"Uh...Um sorry!" yelledIchigo as he got up and youdid to. "Here you can use my shirt and these.
"Wow, so big," you said. "Now you may leave i need to change idiot,"
"Fine by me you have nothing to see anyway," said Ichigo as he walkeddown the hall.
You gotmad and three something from the bathroon at his head and quickly closed the door before he could react.
"________________!!!!!!OPEN THIS DOOR!"
You laughed evilly and changed into Ichigo's clothesand open thedoor as Ichigowas about tocharge towards the door.
"What do you want?" you asked.
Ichigo then looked at you to see his shirt hanging from your right shoulder and pants to your knees. He then blushed and turned his head.
"Dont through things at me!" yelled Ichigo.
"That is right because if you have paybay it wouldnt be man like,"you said.
"HN!" yelled Ichigo.
"He so funny when mad," you thought as you snickered.
You went to his room and then laid on the floor.
"Hey you shouldnt be laying on the floor you are the guest," said Ichigo.
"It is alright Ichigo i am fine,"you said.
Ichigo sighed and then got out hi bed and carriedyou. Youpounded on his shoulder. He putyou on his bed and then took some sheets and laid on the floor.
"Dont worry I am fine you probably dont want me sleeping with you anywayso just go to bed,"
"Arrogant,if you listen you well know that you may sleep with me if you want," you said
Ichigo then got up off the floor and laid on the bed with his back the other way.
"Ichigo dont you think the can ever grasp the moon?" you asked.
"What are you talking about?"asked Ichigo.
You then made your hand into a cshape which made it look like you were holding the moon.
"You can hold the moon," you said.
"I see," said Ichigo as he did the same thing as you and your hand was close together.
"Look Ichigo we formed a heart," you said smiling.
"Isee..." said Ichigo as he turned towards the crook of your neck as you turned towards him. You btoh looked in each others eyes.
"So after all this time you are the spiritual energy i sensed, you have absorded most of Rukia spiritual energy," you said.
"I only did it beacuse my family wasendanger,"
"I see, the Soul society will have an intrest with you..."you said.
"I said to much i am not revaling any more information, in good time you will know for yourself," you said as you turned around but Ichigo turned you back.
"I want you to faceme," said Ichigo.
"Why?" you asked."I mean there is nothing intresting to look at,"
"You know __________, it has been two years sincewe met, you have always been there and try to stop me from fighting bullies,"said Ichigo.
"But we get in fights ourself,"you said.
"Everyone suspects us that we will get married since we fight like a pairof lovers," said Ichigo.
"Yes," you said.
"I was wondering if we could hang out, just the two of us," said Ichigo.
"Are you asking me out on a date?" you asked.
"If you want toput it like that,"said Ichigo.
"Alright Ichigo it must of took you a lot ofguts to say that i guess we could hangout," you said as you started to fall asleep.
"Nice start, maybe we could be more than friends and possible let everyone be right andprobably on day we will bemarried..." thought Ichigo as he pulledyou close to him andfell asleep him self.

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