Deidara Love Story Part 45

second last chapter 0.o

Created by Sakusasu4eva on Saturday, August 16, 2008


RECAP: All Akatsuki members had gone out to look for you and some found, but never captured you. You saw Deidara and revealed yourself to him after seeing how sad he was. You walked back into a village and rented a hotel room where you both fell asleep, feeling glad to be with the other.

You opened your eyes to see a still sleeping Deidara, which was how you expected to wake up, after guessing he hasn’t slept in the past three nights you were gone as he searched for you.

You smiled, noticing his peaceful yet happy expression. His arms tightened around you, pulling you up against his chest where you rested your head and closed your eyes. You felt the blanket slide off of you as though someone had grabbed it but it couldn’t have been you or Deidara.

You lifted your head up and sat up as soon as you saw all of the other Akatsuki members standing around the bed, Pein being the only shadow formed one. You blushed, "W-what exactly are you guys doing here?" A few of them snickered or chuckled at you while Pein had a small glare with a frown.

You glanced at them all and then at Deidara as his grip tightened around you still. "Have a nice sleep?" Hidan smirked. Kisame crossed his arms, "Well, they never had sex again." "That's surprising." Sasori snickered inside of his puppet.

You frowned, "Seriously Sasori, we-" "They have only had it once and-" Itachi rolled his eyes but Sasori corrected him, "Twice! They have had it twice." You glared at Sasori and he snickered in amusement. Deidara shifted his arms around your butt and waist before slowly opening his eyes.

"_______? Un." He sat up with drowsy eyes and you glanced at him with a fading glare. Deidara looked around and once he noticed everyone, his eyes went wide, "What the fuck are you guys doing here?"

"You're horny." Hidan said with closed eyes and a grin. "Uh… What? Un." Deidara gave Hidan a look. You sighed and turned back to glare at Sasori. Pein growled, "Enough about that. _______, why did you leave the base like that?"

"I don't know." You said with a 'how am I supposed to know' tone. Pein scowled, "You weren’t planning on quitting Akatsuki were you?" "Uh, no." You answered with a smart ass tone. Pein glared before his shadow hologram form disappeared.

Deidara laid back on the bed and looked at you and couldn’t help feeling horny so he blushed lightly. Konan looked at you both with a smirk, "So how does Sasori know that you have had it twice?"

Deidara sat up, "What?!?" Everyone besides you, Itachi, Deidara and Zetsu, snickered at Deidara's response. Zetsu walked to the window and jumped out to head back to the base. Kisame smirked, "Sasori told us you both had it twice."

"What?" Deidara hissed. Sasori chuckled, "I guess having it in the base in the room that also belongs to me doesn't work very well does it?" Deidara growled and glared coldly at Sasori. You looked over at Deidara before falling out of the bed for some unknown reason.

You sat up, "What the hell?" Everyone chuckled and Deidara got up and bent down next to you. Sasori informed you, "I attached chakra strings, to both of you." Deidara flew back and stood at the edge of the bed and wasn’t able to help you up.

You stood up and glared at Sasori before walking backwards, into Hidan's arms that wrapped around you tightly. You gave a wide eyed look of embarrassed anger and irritation, "Let go or else you'll regret it after I get out of these damned chakra strings!"

"Fuck! Sasori you bastard! Un." Deidara glared at Hidan and Sasori as he attempted with no prevail to get out of the chakra strings. Hidan smirked and bent his head down to rub against your cheek.

You scowled with wide eyes, "Fuck off you bastard!" Everyone could tell that both you and Deidara were pissed but the only ones on your side were Konan and Itachi. You glanced down at yourself with wide eyes as you unwillingly turned around and leaned against Hidan. You attempted to squirm but the chakra strings wouldn’t allow you to move.

"Sasori. Hidan. I would stop what you are doing immediately if I was you." Itachi spoke with an emotionless face yet a hard voice. Sasori smirked, "Why? What will you do about it?" Itachi smirked, "It isn’t me who will do anything as well as shouldn’t be the one you both should fear."

Hidan smirked while looking down at your pissed face, "I can see why Deidara finds you so attractive." You glared and continued to attempt to break free against the chakra strings. Deidara was trying to do the same, "Hidan if you fucking do anything to her I swear that-" "What are you going to do? I'm immortal." Hidan smirked at Deidara.

Hidan looked down at you before leaning in. You attempted to move back, away from him but never moved an inch, "Don’t you dare." Hidan smirked before pressing his lips roughly against your own.

Deidara's eyes widened in anger as he tensed, "GET THE FUCK-" Sasori threw Deidara back against the wall but Konan stopped him from actually hitting the wall and without getting injured herself.

Hidan pulled back, "Open her mouth Sasori." "Fuck no!" You protested. Hidan bent down again and Sasori opened your mouth for him. Hidan's tongue explored around as Deidara yelled in anger and you tried to bite down but couldn’t.

Kisame glanced at you and Deidara, "Alright Sasori and Hidan. I think that's enough." Sasori snickered, "What? I thought you hated her guts. Why do you care?" Kisame glared at him, "Because I overheard your plan. I think she is annoying but that that doesn’t mean I absolutely detest her."

"Oh?" Sasori smirked, 'The plan to have Hidan rape her, maybe even in front of Deidara?' "Well then." Sasori attached chakra strings to him and made him walk over to where Deidara was and touch Konan who scowled as chakra strings were attached to her. Hidan grabbed your butt and you were able to bite down on his tongue as Sasori watched Konan and Kisame.

Hidan pulled back and ended up having his tongue sliced off which you spit out on the ground before spitting out some of his blood. "What the FUCK was that for bitch!?!?" You snickered, feeling disgust, "What the hell do you think you ass!"

Hidan pushed your form against the bed and walked over. You fell back and struggled to get up but couldn’t still. "_______! FUCK YOU HIDAN! SASORI LET HER GO! UN, FUCK!" You closed your eyes but opened them when you felt Hidan's hands on your hips.

You tried to kick out at him and to knee him but nothing worked. Itachi walked over and grabbed Hidan before throwing him back, "She is my cousin so if you really think that I will let you rape her, you have another thing coming."

You sighed in relief before focusing on breaking out of the chakra strings. Sasori scowled, "Then, I guess I will just have to control you as well." Konan smirked, "I would suggest you let me go or else you will definitely regret it." Sasori smirked, "No because you are not on my side."

"Sasori. That is enough!" A loud voice made even the puppet shake. Sasori glanced back to see Pein's angered shadow form glaring at him. Hidan got up, "I'm not done! Sasori, let Konan go after helping her out the window but get Itachi in the strings and do not let go of ______."

You sighed and relaxed and took a deep breath before focusing all of your chakra into a single hand that tore free of chakra stings. You opened your eyes and wiggled your hand before glancing at the other which was still under control by Sasori.

Sasori gaped in surprise before letting Konan go and focusing on you again. Kakuzu grabbed Konan's shoulders, "Let me escort you out." He pushed her out the door before shutting it and walking over to Itachi. Pein disappeared as well.

Itachi glared at him and Sasori made Kisame walk out the door as well before removing the chakra strings. Hidan walked over to you and placed a hand on your covered privates (You are still in clothes) which made you yelp in surprise.

Hidan applied pressure with a smirk as he stared down at your shocked and soon flustered face. Sasori made Deidara stand up so he could stare in what at what Hidan was doing. You bit your lip and added chakra to your free hand and punched at Hidan and even though you couldn’t reach him, he still went flying back because of the chakra's force.

Kakuzu grabbed at Itachi before they began a small battle. Sasori frowned and glanced at his partner who had clenched teeth and tightly closed eyes. Sasori smirked before leaving the room and removing the chakra strings from his partner.

Sasori whispered to himself, "The true meaning I teamed up with Hidan, is about to begin." Deidara looked down at his hand and bent it and moved his body a little to prove to himself, he was in control again.

Deidara turned to Hidan with a cold glare before jumping over and punching him hard in the stomach. Hidan coughed up blood as he flew against the wall and cracked it before bending over again as Deidara's fist whammed into his stomach again.

Hidan broke through the wall and Deidara grabbed him and pinned him against the ground before punching him again and again, ignoring the cracking floor that was luckily the main floor.

Sasori let you sit up and you saw the wall and Deidara's back and Hidan's legs. You saw Deidara's fist raise with blood covered all over it before lowering again and going out of your sight. You also heard the cracking of the ground and saw cracks getting bigger and bigger in the floor.

Itachi and Kakuzu had stopped to watch as well. Deidara continued without losing any strength, "YOU FUCKING IMMORTAL BASTARD!!! Un." Hidan smirked but also winced at each blow because even to him, this pain wasn't enjoyable.

Everyone was quiet as they watched Deidara get his revenge. Soon three people who were two maids and the male manager, ran over. The manager shouted, "That's enough! If you don't stop then you will be permanently banned from this hotel!"

A blood puddle formed around Hidan's stomach and stained Deidara's pants as well as some blood soaking Deidara's knuckles. Deidara punched Hidan a few more times before the manager walked over saying, "Enough!"

Deidara punched Hidan across the face before standing up hesitantly. The manager yelled, "You are banned for life! Never come back here again!" Deidara ignored the manager who continued to yell at him as Deidara walked over to you and hugged you. Deidara tightened his grip and made you stand up, "I'm sorry… Un."

You smiled at Deidara before hugging him back. Hidan trembled as he sat up with tightly shut eyes, from the feeling of the pain. The manager walked over to Deidara, "Did you hear me? Get out! Or I'll call upon our guard! He's a ninja! Get out now!"

You gave the manager the evil eye and that made him shut up. You smirked at his expression before looking at Deidara whose eyes weren’t visible as his head went over your shoulder. Sasori chuckled.

Deidara swung back with an arm still around you, "You fucking puppet! Why the hell would you do this?" Sasori smirked, "To prove a point to Hidan and Kakuzu. And to teach them a lesson that I know Hidan will never forget."

You smirked and cracked your knuckles, "Deidara got Hidan, but I get Sasori. One second." You kissed Deidara on the cheek before standing next to Sasori's opened puppet with a now, headless puppet master inside. Sasori's body flew to the side and skidded against the floor, no longer inside of his puppet.

You smiled with closed eyes and Deidara frowned and glared at Sasori. Kisame and Konan stared at Hidan or Deidara as Hidan couldn’t get up. Itachi smirked before jumping out the window, to return to the base.

You walked over to Deidara before he and you left the hotel and headed back to the base.


2 years later…..

You are 19 1/2, Deidara is 22.

Sasori was dead, and Deidara and Tobi were out on a mission. You were at the base because you had annoyed Pein to the point he punished you by making you do dishes for a week.

You sighed in annoyance as you finished up the last dish before Zetsu walked in and tensed as he saw you. You glanced over at him with a confused look before he walked over to you.

His voice was filled with sorrow, "I am sorry _______." You narrowed your eyes to indicate that you had no clue of what he was talking about. He glanced down, "Deidara's dead." Your eyes widened and you dropped the plate in your hand and it crashed against the ground.

Zetsu gave you a sympathetic look, "He fought against Sasuke Uchiha and used the mouth on his chest which caused his death. He died in his final explosive. I'm sorry." Tears formed in your eyes and you bolted out of the room and out of the base and ran all the way to where you saw the huge trench in the ground that went on for miles.

You dropped onto your knees in front of it, "D-Deidara…" and screamed, "NOOOOOO!!!!" You set your head in your hands that rested on the ground and began to cry uncontrollably.

NOT LAST CHAPTER!!!!! Bet you can't wait until the next one! I'll update the next chapter tomorrow! or i'll atleast try!

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