The Best Thing In Life

A Shane/Mitchie fluff-fest. Enjoy.

Created by megamanacsess on Sunday, August 17, 2008



Author’s beginning rants: Hey! And welcome to my first Smitchie fic! Hope I was up to standards and please enjoy. And yes, the title is lame. I couldn’t think of anything else so blah.


The Best Thing In Life

There were things about Shane Gray that Mitchie Torres loved. But the one thing she loved the most his smile: toothy, beautiful, kind, bright. When some days were gloomy, Shane’s elated grin would always be the sunshine to her.


It was a dark, rainy afternoon at Camp Rock and most campers had turned into their cabins after lunch instead of lazing around.

‘How cliché’, thought Mitchie as she idly toyed with her yellow songbook that rested on her legging clad lap. At the moment, she was spending her free time writing a new song, but only had the first verse down so far. Mitchie picked her pencil up again and scribble down a couple words before angrily erasing them and chucking her pencil at the door. Pressing her fingertips to her temples, Mitchie lied down on her bed and wished she could pull inspiration of out something. Anything. After a few minutes of moping, she heard her cabin door open then slam shut.

“Oops, sorry Mitch.” Came a silky voice, Mitchie looked up to see her boyfriend of three week, Shane, smiling a sweet, crooked smile and sitting on the corner of her bed. “What’s wrong?” Shane’s smile faded and was replaced with a worried expression. Mitchie looked up at him through her coffee-colored bangs and said in a pathetic tone,

“I have no inspiration.” She groaned and flopped her head in Shane’s lap. He laughed and stroked her head gently, pulling his fingers through her hair. Mitchie couldn’t resist the urge to touch him much longer so sat up and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Help meeee!” She whined, doing her best impression of him. Shane snorted, a habit of his.

“Write about something you love.” He suggested, then he stuck his tongue out at her. Mitchie pouted and thought for a moment. And idea bubbled into her mind and she grinned hugely at Shane. “What?” he asked, puzzled at why she was looking at him like that.

“Your smile.” Mitchie responded simply. Then she kissed him gently. Shane was surprised at first, but responded to the kiss with enthusiasm. Mitchie pulled away and Shane chuckled at her pink face. “Now let me write,” She said playfully. Shane pouted and pretended to be hurt. Mitchie rolled her eyes then grabbed her songbook and sat in Shane’s lap. Shane blushed as she leaned into his muscled chest and hummed a soft tune, probably for the song she was working on.

“That sounds nice.” Shane whispered into her ear, making hairs on the back of Mitchie’s neck rise and goosebumps run down her arms. Shane chuckled and ran his hands down Mitchie’s bare arms. “Cold?” He inquired jokingly.

“That’s hilarious, Shane.” Mitchie rolled her eyes. “And thank you.” She said seriously. Shane nodded and rested his chin on Mitchie’s head, looking over the words she wrote. He smiled approvingly and kissed her cheek. Mitchie sighed contentedly, and put her book down. “I love you, Shane.” She blushed lightly and allowed herself to be turned around gently by firm, tanned hands.

“And I love you, too, Mitchie.” Shane replied, his dark eyes boring into Mitchie’s chocolate ones. Mitchie closed the small space between them and brushed her lips against his. The kiss was gentle, yet full of passion and love. When both pulled away, breathing harder than before mind you, they noticed more light in the room and confused, looked out the cabin window and towards the sky. The sun had come out.

(End flashback)

Yes, Mitchie Torres was in love with Shane Gray and Shane Gray was in love with Mitchie Torres. And that was never going to change, for his smile was forever her sunshine: her love would hold him together. Nothing could tear them apart.


Author’s ending rants: Wow. That was like the most cute/happy thing I’ve ever written. And I LOVE it. So review and favorite, if you want to.

And thanks for reading!

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