30 minutes in heaven [dirty] [very][for girls]

Created by smarterthanyou on Sunday, August 24, 2008


You reached down to the bottom and pulled out a small sliver ring with a purple heart on it. I looked at you in a way that said, "I'm sorry you might not be able to have any fun." You looked at the guy who had stood up. (or you looked at all you could of him) and you couldn't believe it. No one had ever even seen this kid's face. he was always facing the ground and never talked to anyone. You wondered who had even invited him. he trudged gloomily to the closet and you followed. You heard a few people whisper some things out of pity and you sighed. I shut the door behind you two. You just stood awkwardly there for a few minutes, but his silence for some reason started to make you angry. You frowned over at him as he started rocking back and forth on his feet. "What's your problem?" You asked and you started freakin out on him, waving your hands all over the place, looking frantically around the closet. "Why are you like this? Do you realize that you freak, like, the whole school out? No one has ever even seen your face, dude! Much less would have invited you to this party. Why are you so quiet and depressed all the time?" You finished your rant and finally brought your eyes back to him and you gasped. he had stopped rocking and had looked up at you. Shock and hurt across his face. Your mouth hung open. His eyes were.....the deepest, brightest, most beautiful shade of blue you had ever seen. He blushed like mad as he quickly stared back down at the floor. "I'm sorry." He told you. "that you and your schoolmates feel that way." his voice was melodious and sweet. He slowly got up the courage to look up at you again, but decided against it and hung his head once more. (probably because you were still looking at him with your mouth wide open.) He actually chuckled a bit though, a sound that made you shudder. "You're drooling, love." You snapped out of your trance and wiped at your mouth. You glanced down, sort of embarressed. "sorry." you said. "i wasn't quite--expecting that." You looked back up at him and he stared into your eyes. You shuddered again. It was like he was looking right through you. "Jeez, you're a creeper." He smiled and looked away from you. "I'm sorry. You're just......really beautiful." he sort of whispered the last part so you had to lean in really far to hear him and then he turned back to you. Your faces were just centimeters away because of your leaning though. You tried to get back to your original position, but you tried it to fast and just ended up falling all over yourself (and right on top of him). You gasped and then turned the brightest shade of red ever. "I'm sor-" but before you could finish your apology, his lips crashed into yours with unimaginable fervor. He took you into his arms and held you tight to him as he pressed his lips hard into yours, kissing you with a passion you had never even known to exist. He slid his tongue over your bottom lip and you opened your mouth to let him explore every inch of it, just as his hands were conquering your figure. He pulled you up to stradle him and you placed your hands against his chest to balance yourself. You could feel his heart beat, faster and faster, and his warm, sweet, ragged breath on your neck as he politely waited for you to regain a healthy oxygen level. "How could you see enough through your hair to know if I was beautiful or not?" As you asked this question he chuckled again, causing you to tremble. his hands squeezed at your thighs. "practice." He told you in his angel voice. You blushed and stared into his eyes as he looked at you, smiling. "I'm Abel, by the way." "I'm _________." You smiled at his name. You leaned in to kiss him again, but I knocked on the door lightly. "um....It's time to get out guys." I opened the door and freaked out seeing you on top of that kid like that and guffawed when he looked up at me and I got a look at those blue eyes of his. (actually pretty much all the girls did) You two shyly got up and he actually, to your surprise, grabbed your hand, smiled and whispered in your ear, "come with me." We all watched you as you left, totally jealous. He brought you over to a gray corolla. "Do you wanna come back to my place?" You nod, not really able to say much more. He smiles and you can't help but do the same. his smiles look so sincere and innocent. He bites his bottom lip you notice as he opens the passenger door for you and you get in. he shuts it behind you and walks quickly to the driver side. He steps in and starts the car, driving off to a house not too far away from where you live. "hey! i live, like two blocks from here." he blushes and something tells you that he had already known that, which makes you kind of blush too. He pulls into the driveway of a creme, two-story house and turns the car off. You both kind of wait there awkwardly for a second, before he lets out a nervous, shaky breath and gets out, letting you out too. he walks you up to the door and you are in his house. you don't get a real good look around before he grabs your hand and almost drags you upstairs. You laugh. "Such urgency." and as he shuts the door to his awesome room and you turn around to smile at him, the feel of his lips crushed against yours once again becomes the center of your focus. He picks you up as you wrap your arms around his neck and drapes you across his bed. He stops kissing you for a minute to stand straight up and pull off his hoodie and his shirt and throw them to the side. You blush, looking away from his bare chest and he smiles at your reaction as he lays down on top of you. He kisses you like there's no tomorrow and slips your shirt off as well, working his way down to both your pants, you helping of course, you both struggling to keep your lips locked throughout the whole process. You bite his bottom lip as you roll on top of him, working your way to stradle him once again. He moans lightly as you grind against him, and you can feel him rise and press against the light fabric that is the only thing that stops him from entering you. You quiver and your breathing comes out short and hot. "Abel?" "Yes, _____?" "Do you have...like, a---" "a condom?" he finished for you and you nodded. He smiled at you and nodded as well. He kissed you quickly before you got up and dug into one of his drawers, pulling out a small square package. He ripped it open and put the condom on, picking up your legs and pulling down the covers from underneath you, getting in and pulling them over the two of you. He presses his soft, raw lips against yours again and you two slip off the rest of your clothes. He pulls you closer to him, stopping his kisses for a brief moment while he brings himself slowly to your wet center and presses into you with a gentle push. Once he was inside, his lips continued and he slid in and out, in and out, ripping against your core with a fiery need, all the while getting faster and harder. Your breathing turned into moans and low screams and whispers of approval into each others' ears. After a while of this shaken frenzy you sensed his exhaustion as you neared your end as well. You both let out simultaneously loud groans of erupting pleasure as he let go inside you. Slowing his thrusting to a tender and finishing assault. he then stopped and you held each other, staring into one another's tired eyes and smiling. You pecked him delicately on his soft lips and you two fell asleep in each other's arms.

the end............

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