Ben 10 Fanfiction: Part One, Chapter Eight

Alice White is a former assassin, forced into her job after the death of her father. When she finally decides to escape, will she ever be a normal girl again, or will her actions in the past live with her for the rest of her life? Read to find out!

Created by suki-chan-456 on Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Gwen quickly greeted her aunt with outstretched arms, and then practically glided over to Ben and me. She looked so graceful, I could immediately tell she was either a dancer or a martial artist, like me.

“Hey, doofus! Looks like you’re still shorter than me,” she gloated. But it was not a tone that most bullies use. It was more playful and teasing than anything – Ben just got to worked up about it.

“Oh, yeah? Well, you’re still just the same know-it-all dweeb that I remember,” Ben snapped. Now I could really tell that he took Gwen’s comment the wrong way.

“Well, at least you don’t smell bad... for once,” Gwen shot back, noticing me then for the first time since she came through the door. “I’m sorry! I haven’t even introduced myself. I’m Gwen, ben’s cousin.” She shuddered slightly at the word ‘cousin’, and then held out her hand toward me. I shook it.

“I’m Alice White. Nice to meet you,” I replied somewhat politely, and somewhat indifferently. She seemed nice enough, despite Ben’s obvious dislike for her. I guess I’d better stay on her good side, or else Ben’s mom might not let me come back here, I thought. “Are you a dancer? You’re very graceful.”

She looked pleased that I noticed, thankfully. “Yes, I am! I’m flattered you noticed. I actually take martial arts, too – I’m close to getting my black belt,” she announced, almost smugly.

I couldn’t help but tell her just how trained I was, after she said that. “Oh, really? That’s cool1 I do martial arts, too. I just got my fourth degree last week.”

Her mouth immediately hung open, and Ben almost laughed at his cousin’s defeat. “Holy crap! Already?” Gwen nearly shouted, earning a disapproving look from her mother. She lowered her voice. “I heard it was so hard to get, people don’t usually get it until they’re, like, twenty! How did you do it?”

“I trained for hours every day from when I could first walk up until a few months ago. I only train four days a week now, for two hours at a time.” Only then did I notice that Gwen was taller than both Ben and me (we were both about the same height). I suddenly felt short. We talked more as the late afternoon progressed into early evening, and after thirty minutes or so Ben’s mother called everyone to the table. She’d purposely placed Gwen at the opposite end from Ben and me, obviously to avoid a food fight.

In a vocie nobody else could hear, Ben said to me, “I can’t believe you just willingly spent the past half-hour talking to that dweeb! Are you sure you’re really Alice, or are you some kind of alien imposter?”

I laughed. “I actually don’t think she’s half bad, but I can understand why you two don’t get along. You both have such fierce attitudes.” For that, I earned a scowl from him. “I’m sorry if that sounded offensive,” I said apologetically. “If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn’t change your attitude for anything.”

“Good,” Ben said, failing miserably at making his voice and expression seem upset. He was obviously pleased by my statement. I then poked his stomach, and he caved and started giggling uncontrollably. I grinned at my triumph.

Dinner was lively among the adults, and partly with Ben and me: we would be having a quiet conversation one minute, and then he would be hitting Gwen with spit balls the next. I imagined that Gwen would’ve spat right back at him if she wasn’t at a family gathering at the moment. And so, due to his ignorance of the situation, Ben received a good talking-to from his parents. When dessert time finally came, I couldn’t believe the enormous appetite Ben had been saving all throughout dinner – he’d already inhaled half of the cake I’d made before anyone else had a chance to try it. No wonder he barely ate anything at dinner.

After dessert, the three of us headed downstairs into the rec room while everyone else stayed on the main level to talk. Poor Ben had to lie down on the couch because he had a stomach ache. “Serves you right for eating all that cake,” Gwen had said, earning a wide grin from Ben.

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