forgot which chapter I'm on (please dont play with me) emo love story

Sorry, I REALLY did forget what chapter I was on. I just like, had the HUGGEST charle horse ever!(If you dont know what it is, ask) and it wouldnt go AWAY! *sob sob* but I'm better now, I might have strep *groans* anywho, our band preformance ROCKED! *does little dance! WOOOO! Sorry for misspellings, I am a horrible speller

Created by pandasxness on Saturday, August 30, 2008

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read the memo before I shoot you!

She yawned, streching her arms above her head in a cat like motion. Arching her back. How cute.

The feelings I felt in my stomache when I was around her were unusual. Like, butterflies, or ...something. Weird.

"I'm a little tired."

I wasnt, and never would be.

"Why dont we head off to sleep? mmm-k?"

Uh, how was that suppost to work?

"You can have my bed, and I'll take the chair in my room. I want to keep an eye on you, incase you get worse."

She looked at me. And eyebrow raised.

"I think I could carry you, I dont want to you getting up the stairs and dying on me."

I wouldnt die, unless there was a spring loaded stake and shredder.

I smiled, her, lift me, ridiculous.

She moved over to me and put her arms under me.

And I almost screamed when the couch flew out from under me. She actually lifted me. But the box, was litter than me. Wait what age was she again?

Oh, maybe.....crap.


She carried me up the stairs, a little strained, but relativley easy. I cant say that I didnt enjoy the ride. It was so wierd, having people take care of me. But it felt nice. Sorta, in a sorta creppy way.

She layed me on the bed, pullng the covers up over my shoulders, and kissed my forehead. With out realizing it. She looked a little taken aback at her casual gesture.

"You warm enough?"

I noded 'weakly'. She smiled to her self. And head of to her chair.

"If you need anything, dont heasitate to ask, ok?"

I whisperd 'yes'. And she curled up in her chair, and fell asleep quickly.

This wasnt right.

I wasnt even sick and I was in the big bed under covers.

Messed up.

So I lightly got to her now sleeping form and picked her up as gentelly as possible. She stirred, and I stiffend. She burrowed her head into my shoulder. I sighed. I need to eat. Badly. I sat her on the bed, covering her up. She snuggled under the covers absentally.

I would be back in time before she wakes up. So I'll go fed.

I jumped out of her bed side window. Leaving it unlocked, so I could get back in easlily. And was off. Again.

The cool wind on my face felt better than the warm of the house. Not that I was going to complain. I needed something big. A deer if I could get one. I couldnt fight the urge to feed anymore. I wouldnt want to hurt her.

I took a doe. No need for discription. But it made me better. Sight clearer, smell better. Hearing stellar. Yes. I was about to drop the doe and leave whe I heard a crunch of leaves behind me.


It was a weak and shocked voice. And I turned aroung painfully.

It was her.

"Listen, Amelia, I can explain."

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