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Naruto: "Come on, Rei-chan!I have to know SOMETHING about you to take care of you, ya know!"You sat down on Naruto's couch and looked down at the ground.

You: "I'm not sure if I want to tell, Naruto-kun"

Naruto: "but-why not!You can tell me anything, Rei-chan, really!"His smile stretched from cheek to cheek.That smile made you feel so warm and safe inside so you guessed you could tell him something.

You: "promise you won't leave me?I can't be out on the street again, Naruto-kun, I just can't!"

Naruto: "the street?"

You: "*sigh*Maybe, I should start from the beginning"

I was born a servant of the hyuuga clan.Of course, I AM a hyuuga, but my father was the youngest out of all his brothers, thus renduring me a servant and to top that, I did not posess the byakugan.
Hayashi: "Alright, Rei, instead of doing your normal chores today, you are to help get the ceremony ready for your new partner."

You: "p-partner?"Hayashi nodded.

Hayashi: "You will meet your new partner at the ceremony, but for now, you must get ready and set up everything we will be needing"You nodded.

You: "Hai, Hayashi-sama!"

It's alright, Naruto-kun...take a lucky guess who my "new partner" was.

Naruto: "I have no idea, Rei-chan...just get on with the story!"You nodded.

You watched as the curse mark was sealed onto a small boy about your age.He screamed in pain and fell to the ground.It was like having to relive the day you had yours, except yours was much worse considering you had it sealed at a very young age.When he was healed and a bandage was wrapped around his head, he was brought over to you.

Hayashi: "Neji, meet Rei, your new partner"

You: "nice to meet you, Neji-san"You bowed slightly, only to have it back in return.

Hayashi: "he will be helping you with your everyday chores and such"You nodded and he pushed Neji towards you.

You: "Hai, Harashi-sama"He left so it was just you and Neji...alone...

Neji: "So you're Rei, huh?"He smiled brightly.You nodded.

You: "Don't worry, Neji-kun!We'lle have so much fun!I promise!"You put your hand over your heart and closed your eyes, smiling.

We DID have so much fun, Naruto-kun!We really did!Even though we were cooking and cleaning all day long, we still had fun because were with each other.In other words...I had made a friend.

Naruto: "neji?Neji was the one?"You nodded.

You: "hey, Neji-san...w-would you like to be friends?"He looked up from the floor he was scrubbing and smiled.

Neji: "sure, Rei-chan!"You laughed.

You: "it's funny,'re the only one who'se ever actually agreed"

Neji: "well, that would be impossible!You're great, Rei-chan!"

You: "thanks, Neji-kun!Thanks for that..."

Naruto: "I don't see what the problem is, Rei-chan...I mean...what happened?"You shook your head.

You: "Everything happened, Naruto-kun...everything.But the hell didn't start until we turned 13 in the chunin exams"

You breathed deeply.You couldn't believe he just said those things right in the middle of a battle!He told them all abouthis past, but...none of weren't in the picture at that moment.When he was whisked away to the infirmary, you silently followed.You needed to know that your best friend was going to be okay.You stopped outside the door because you heard voices, but what you didn't know, was that the little talk that was going on between Harashi and Neji would change both of your lives forever.
You: "Harashi told him the truth about his father and he no longer dispised the hyuuga clan"You looked down."I suppose I should be happy, right?"

Naruto: "What happened to you, Rei-chan...that's all I want to know"

You: "In time, Naruto-kun.Just listen to the story"

The time passed slowly without a partner or a best friend.You never even made eye contact with your former best friend any longer...He was becoming a higher up in the hyuuga estate.He was becoming more of a master and not the boy you trusted so much.

Harashi: "Neji.Go tell Rei she skips dinner tonight.I just found a smudge on my good robes"He nodded.

Neji: "Hai, Harashi-sama"He walked throughout the estate looking for you.He finally found you preparing the dinner.You looked up and saw him standing in the doorway.

You: "oi, Neji-sama"

Neji: "You won't have dinner tonight, Rei, Hayashi found a smudge on his robes"You nodded and a tear fell down your face.
You: "alright, Neji-sama"He left the room without another word.How he could do that so easily beated you.

Naruto: "THAT B******!"

You: "Stop, Naruto"He brought his fist from the air and back down to the side.

Naruto: "How could you even think of forgiving him, Rei-chan?He ignored you and treated you like trash!"You shrugged.

You: "The truth hurts, hurts so much..."

Naruto: "so?what's the truth?"

You: "I can't let go.I just can't let go of the sweet, innocent boy he used to be. I don't understand it"

Naruto: "so how'd you end up on the street?You never told me about that"

You hurridly packed your things for the long road ahead.You were leaving.You just couldn't take the hurt and pain any longer...When your bag was packed, you ran down the hallway in a rush. You just wanted to escape from this hell. Why you didn't do this before, you didn't know.The other servants yelled for the head of house, but you didn't care.You were leaving and going straight to the hokage. You couldn't take it anymore...

Naruto: "You left?"You nodded.

You: "believe it or not...I left that horrible place"

Naruto: "weren't you afraid that they might use the curse mark on you?"

You: "I don't know...It was half in half. My heart was telling me toleave, while my brain was holding me back"

Naruto: "So your heart overpowered your brain, huh?"You nodded.

You: "Always listen to your heart, Naruto-kun.Even when you've lost all hope."He smiled.

Naruto: "and you thought I was going to leave you because of that?"

You: "I'm basically a servant and a street child, Naruto.I'm not worthy of your friendship at all"

Naruto: "what are you talking about?I think you're great for doing that, Rei-chan!You disserve to be treated as a person...not a slave"You slightly smiled.

You: "thank you, Naruto"He beamed.

Naruto: "no problem"

You: "Is it alright if I, maybe, take a walk...I need to get my head straight"

Naruto: "You don't have to ask me, Rei-chan...this is YOUR life, not mine"You smiled.

You: "alright, Naruto-kun.I'll be back later, okay?"He nodded.


The wind blew through your hair, blowing it to one side, half of it covering your face.Tears trickled down from your eyes.You missed him.You missed everything about him.His laugh, the look he gave you when he knew he made you happy, you missed his smile and his charm...but most of missed his friendship.You missed all the times you laughed and all the times you cried.All those times you spent together were once in a lifetime, you saw that now.It hurt to know all that was gone.You heard a shuffle from behind you. Acting on instinct, your head averted behind you to latch onto someone elses gaze.

You: "N-Neji?"

Neji: "Why did you leave, Rei-chan?"Tears stained the ground below you.

You: "because...I was sick of it, Neji-kun. I couldn't be a slave anymore...It hurt too much.and you ignoring me just made it that much worse"

Neji: "*sigh*I'm sorry, Rei-chan"You gasped and lifted your head from the ground."I'm sorry for everything i put you through.I completely ignored you and i'm sorry for that, but everything's changed since you left"You shook your head.

You: "I can't go back, Neji"

Neji: "I'm not asking you to come back as a servant"

You: "W-What do you mean?!If I go back, i'll be punished and forced to work as a scullery maid again!I'm not going back!"

Neji: "No you won't, Rei...i'll make sure of that"You breathed heavily.He was asking way too much from you."I've been accepted into the higher ups and..."A long silence filled the air around you. "and if you were to come back as my girlfriend then...things could be different"

You: "girlfriend?"

Neji: "we were meant for each other, you and me"

You: "you want me, to be your girlfriend"

Neji: "I promise, I won't ever hurt you again, Rei-chan"You smiled, but the tears kept pouring down.He walked closer and wrapped his arms around you.

You: "neji-"He pulled you into a long passionate kiss.The first you'de ever gotten and man did it feel so right.Your lips moved in perfect sync with each other.He was right.You were meant to be.

Neji: "
meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control"You smiled into his chest.

You: "I love you, Neji-kun"

Neji: "be mine, Rei-chan?"You jumped into his arms.

You: "yes, Neji-kun!I will!"For once in your life, your shyness were the energetic happy girl you were always meant to be.

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