the night he took my pants off chapter 2

Created by saladfingersYAY on Saturday, August 30, 2008

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I headed off to math class. WhileI sat in class barely listening to the teacher babbling on about intergers or something like that. I heard a knock on the door,the class turned around and stared ."Catherine can you please get the door?!?" demanded my teacher. I got up and slowly walked towards it.I reached for the door and opened it, and realized that the person standing on the other side was amazingly gorgeous. He had the mostamazing eyes , long brown hair which i wasnt to fond of, he had a gauge in his left ear and a shirt that said " Vote for Pedro.He walked inside and i moved over tolet him in,i walked too my seat as he stayed in the backof the classroom waiting for direction from the teacher. The teacher looked up and finally realized he was a new student. She pointed to an empty seat and said " Pleasetake a seat, what was your name?"
He firmly repplied, " ImDaniel.." He sat down in the seat right next to me and dropped a text book. " SLAM!" I swore out of the sudden noise, the teacher obiviously hear me andthreatend to send me to the office if she heard me swear in her classroom ever again. For the next 34 minutes we listened closely to the lecture. The teacher was very pleased with our coporation and gave us the last 5 minutes of class to talk. Figuring we have the next 5 minutes to socialize, i might as well talk to him to pass the time. " hey..." i said. He replied with a quiet hello. I asked " where are you from? He said " Well im from new york , i moved here because my dad met a women on the internet and married her.. so now were here...sadly" I told him "this place isnt that bad , eventually ull learn to like it." He said " yeah maybe." The bell rang and the class scattered to the door. I must have missed it but when i turned around he was gone. I went to my locker and headed twords the bus.
Today wasn't as horrible as i had expected....

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