Different{One Piece}--A Luffy One Shot

My Second Luffy One shot -gets shot- I know i was supposed to make a Sanji one shot((which i'm working on)) but this idea popped into my head and i had to post this. SORRY SANJI,YOUR NEXT I SWEAR!!!!! But anyways Enjoy =)

Created by MsMurdere on Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ok well anyways Id you've read my other Luffy One shot then you should know what you look like, but just in case you havn't! Here it is....
This is You

Name: Hoshi
Age: Fifteen
Personality: Your Like Luffy, but a tad more Serious.
((Ok lets start!))

-Your Pov-

Remind Nami that Sanji stole her Bra Last night when she was sleeping...

You wrote down the note on a scrap of paper that was floating across the ship. It was a clear day outside,but with a slight breeze.You smiled and stuffed the reminder down your shirt, your pockets were full already so down the shirt was the only place left. You layed down between the horns of the goats head. It was a perfect day.
And down the hole it went. You sat up and saw Luffy walking towards you.
"What do you want Luffy!" You shouted back at him. He pouted up at you from the deck.
"You stole my spot! Thats where I sit" He whined. You grinned
"First come first serve!" You snickered. Luffy glared at you and climbed up the neck of the goat until he finally reached you.
"Its my turn and your turn to get off!" Luffy said. You frowned.
"Make me!" You stuck your tongue out at him. Luffy tried to push you on to the the deck, but you sat there, glued to the head. Luffy grinned and takled you.
"AGH LUFFY!!YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME FALL!!!" You clung to him trying not to fall of the head. Luffy snickered. He was about to throw you, but before he could you grabbed him and flung him back onto the deck.
"Haha! I guess i win this time! Better luck next time" You grinned. Luffy stared at you for a long time. You glanced at him. What was he doing? It wasn't a glare, it was a stare. He scratched his head pondering something.You raised an eyebrow
"Uhhh Luffy you ok?" You asked a little confused.
"I'm thinking..." luffy mumbled,in hard concentration. You jumped of the goat head onto the deck and walked over to Luffy. You sat across from him,legs criss crossed.
"Sooo whacha thinking about?" you asked a little curious yourself. He stared at you.
"Well i just noticed when we were fighting on the goats head.."
You were definatly curious now.
"Yeesss?" you urged on.
"Well it's just that your.....different" Luffy said thinking hard. You looked at him. Different? What the hell was that supposed to mean! Luffy noticed that you were a little offended.
"Nononono! When i mean different, i mean that your different from you know Nami and Robin"
Luffy said trying to put it in the right words.
"Well you know, Nami and Robin they have..." he went silent for a minute and glanced down at something. You followed his eyes and he was staring directly down at your chest. You turned red. Luffy noticed that you caught him and he turned away blushing madly. You to were silent for a minute until he reached his hand out to you with something in his hand. You took what was in his hand and looked at it. It was the reminder you wrote earlier.
"How did you get this? It was down my.......LUFFY!!!" You shouted finally noticing. Luffy turned even redder.
"I DIDN'T MEAN TOO I SWEAR!!" Luffy yelled.
You sighed and stood up. You glared at him for a minute then walked away

-Luffy's POV-

Damn it. Now he would have to do something to make it up to her. Luffy looked at Hoshi as she walked away,but then his eyes trailed a little downwards down her back. Luffy grinned
"I found something else different"

Luffy You Perv! Nah just kidding, but mmaaaannn!!! WHY CAN'T I WRITE GOOD ENDINGS!!!
-bangs head against wall- What should i doooooo!!!!?!?!?! -sniff- Well anyways i'm going to try to finish the Sanji one soon so stay tuned.

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