Love Bites, Love Bleeds//Supernatural//002//If I Should Die Before I Wake It's Cause You Took My Breath Away

So here's the next instalment of the new Supernatural one, thanks to everyone who read and rated the first part, fingers crossed for some feedback this time *giggles* no Sammy and Dean in this part unfortunately, it's more of a back story about the town and its residents just so we know everybody's situation. Thanks to my baby Jen for letting me borrow the idea of vamp Pete saving the character, i love you more than anything and anyone baby, even Ryan and Pete and Sammy and Pada lol this is for you, hope y

Created by rockbarbie01 on Monday, September 01, 2008

A/N Cont'd: this is for you, hope you like xxxxxx I know vamp Pete and the dandies had their own story in the A Little Less Sixteen Candles video but i'm not following that story at all i've created my own so I hope all the fall out boy fans enjoy too. As you've probably guessed I have a major vamp Pete kink going on lol. Also the Ed and Chace mentioned are in fact the yumsome Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford xoxo

Lana's POV

"Goodnight darlin', you sure you wouldn't rather just stay the night?".
I quickly dismissed the discomposure lacing Ed's heavy british accent with a roll of my eyes, pressing my lips against the welcoming, velvety softness of his briefly as I stepped out onto the porch. The sun had long gone down but a deep, pricklish heat still lingered densely in the night air, ghosting across my skin teasingly as I pulled my cropped jacket around my shoulders to shield my sun burn. A wretched silence hung morosely over the sleepy, undisturbed neighbourhood, not so much as the sound ofa child playing or teenagers brewing mischief tainting the air. A result of the discovery of another three bodies just a few days ago totalling seven in the last month. With each new one the town sank deeper into fear and the waste of space that call themselves the authorities grew further from finding the cause. Or should that be the truth.
"Hmmm let me think about it, a night on the sofa watching some bad b-movie while you and Chace suck face or my own nice, comfy bed, sorry no contest" I grinned in response, successfully ducking out of Ed's grasp with a giggle as I retrieved my car keys. A few curtains twitched scrutinizingly at our raised voices and laughter, giving way to a few disgusted looks for our refusal to let recent events dampen our spirits. I firmly stood by the belief that if this thing or things were intent on taking out the entire town we should be making the most of whatever time we had left.
"You make it sound so dirty, but whatever, your loss". Our laughter ceased instantaneously as my radio began blasting a random instrumental at full volume, I was quick to brush it off as a result of the key being inserted into the ignition but the realisation that it had never happened before filled me with deep dread. Ed's eyebrows had receded towards his hairline, his fright as evident as mine as I finally managed to silence the radio.
"What are you scared? I probably just forgot to turn it down last time I listened to it, nothing to lose your panties over" I protested with a forced smile in an attempt to maintain my sense of calm. I was beginning to feel like one of those paranoid old biddies hiding behind their curtains. Ed didn't seem as convinced, his hand lingering pleadingly on the door handle as I shoved the car into gear.
"Just promise if it happens again you'll turn straight back yeah?". I nodded my head in agreement knowing there was no way i'd get out of here tonight if I refused, giving Ed's hand a reassuring squeeze before driving off into the night. I cast a quick glance in my rearview mirror, thankful that traffic was sparse tonight guaranteeing a shortened and hassle free journey home. My foot slammed down heavily on the brake bringing the car to a screeching halt as I acknowledged the deep, caramel eyesstaring back at me.
"Christ on a stick Pete! What the hell are you doing sneaking around in my car?! and f**king with my radio? so not funny!".Myhead thumped against the back of my seat, half in frustration and half in relief, as I waited for Pete to finish cleaning what looked like pesto from between the set ofteeth that barely managed to conceal his fangs. His full lipscurved upwards into a satisfied grin as hefinished and my expression softened a little, once you got used to his vampire traits they were actually kind of adorable.This is probably the part where everyone starts ranting about necrophilia etc except he's notwell, dead. Nor does hefeedon human blood,he's not at all likethe cliched picture of him painted byall the lore and ghost stories, he's the best friend I've ever had.
"You're kindacute when you pretend tobe p***ed and not all pleased to see me. Look I know what you're thinking but I didn't kill those people, I can't tell you who did without putting you in danger but I need you to trust me on this. Can you do that?". I shivered softly as Pete's chin came to rest on my shoulder, his fingersbrushing through my hair as Inodded my consent. I'd known Pete since I was twelve, i'd be attacked by agang of guys intent on raping me,luckilyit happened to be just outside Pete's den and welllet's just say the assholes met a verygrizzly end. Aside from that, which was necessary, he'd never once harmed a humanbut hewas also harbouringsome deep secret as to how he'd gotten this way and as you heard refused to reveal it in fear ofendangering me. We often joked he was my guardian fallen angel and having kept the secret for so many years I had no reason not to trust him.
"It never even crossed my mind, you know I trust you" I confirmed, resting my cheek against his enabling him to inhalemy scentso that hewould know I was telling the truth.
"Good girl, now drive.We gotta stop by the butcher, that pizza was tasty but nowhere near enough to fill me".

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