My whole family are Vampires, so why do I have to be a Witch?

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Created by Essy450 on Monday, September 01, 2008

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I’d woken up to yet another empty house. Stupid vampires drinking stupid blood. In case you haven’t noticed my family are all vampires. Except for me. I’m a witch. Don’t ask me why because nobody knows. The only company I had was my familiar Kemper, part of my soul. His name meant Warrior. The one who would protect me and understand me. Only witches have familiars as far as I know.

They were all out hunting and usually got back before dawn. All my life I had been the odd one out, the one on the sidelines. Whilst my brothers and sisters were at expensive boarding schools for vampires I had always been at public schools with demons and werewolves who couldn’t afford to go private. Of course we had to be separated into different schools soon after because of various wars between the different species.

Just then I heard Raymond, one of my brothers, come into the house. I can tell who it is by the footsteps. He came up to my door and hesitated before knocking. Ray was always the closest one to me in the family.

“Come in.” I said turning the page in my magazine as Ray entered my room.

“Hi.” He mumbled before coming and sitting on the bed with me.

“Did you catch anything?” I asked putting down the magazine “Oh and you’ve got blood there.” I said wiping it away from the side of his mouth with my fingers and smiling.

“Thanks. And yes we caught a few humans but I won’t go into detail.” He said as nicely as possible so he didn’t gross me out. I nodded.

“You know you people could leave a note once in a while.” I joked laying on my back. He laid back with me and looked at my amazingly painted roof. It had so much detail. It was a fantasy world. With unicorns and other amazing beings.

“What have you been doing for the past few days?” He asked.

“Well apart from being bored out of my brain and looking up my family tree to see if I really am related to any of you. Nothing really. I just wish that mum and dad would explain why I’m not vampire.” I explained.

“Well maybe they don’t know…” He trailed off.

“You’re not telling me something I can sense it. Nothing new really. I should expect it from this family.” I said as normally as I could. He sighed deeply.

“I have to go…” He muttered quietly as he avoided what I just said. He got up and left without saying anything more. Ugh sometimes I hated that family. It’s like they are all in on a secret but because I’m not a bloodsucker I can’t know, even if it’s about me. I pushed Ray and the other six people in my family to the back of my mind. I got up and went over to the computer. I got up Google to do some research on my own kind. It mostly came up with stuff about burning us at the stake and some weird rituals like eating kids and sacrificing animals which was a load of rubbish. Everyone knows that witches aren’t really like that even in the past. T here was one quote that caught my eye on Wikipedia. It was about raising the dead. Maybe this was true? Anyway it said,

"Witches still go to cross-roads and to heathen burials with their delusive magic and call to the devil; and he comes to them in the likeness of the man that is buried there, as if he arises from death.” I had no idea what that meant. To me it meant that is a Witch goes to some (maybe hypothetical) cross roads then somehow they conjure the devil and he comes alive in the body of the person who died. So it seems like he has risen from the dead but really the devil is in his body? Weird. This was getting confusing and strange so I shut down the PC and put some music on.

“Kemper become human.” I said, if anyone had of seen me they would have thought I was talking to myself. The tiny puppy laid in the corner of my room nodded and took human form. He had jet black hair and purple eyes. He was very good looking and of course he was naked but we had already been through that. Animals including humans are born naked. He strongly believes that if we were meant to wear clothes we would be born with them. Kemper has no need for clothes when he is always changing form. He sat on my bed.

“What is troubling you Lakeisha?” He asked genuinely worried. I hate my name for one reason and one reason only. The meaning is ‘the favourite one’. It’s like my parents just wanted to push the knife in even further. I thought they must just hate me. I had the smallest room in the house, the crappiest computer, the smallest mirror (yes I do care about how small my mirror is), smallest bed and to top it off I had the worst name.

I knew that in actual fact just because I didn’t have the best stuff wasn’t a reason to be ungrateful but as I grew up I cared less and less about my family. Apart from Ray, we had a bond. Me being a witch could always sense his feelings because he let me. The others didn’t let me in. In fact I barely knew anything about them even though they were my brothers and sisters. Their names were, Zaci (My father, his name means God of Fatherhood), Giselle (My Mother), Darcy (My Oldest sister, her name means dark one), Deiree (My sister, her name means desired), Raymond (My brother) and Dante. Then of course there was me. The seventh one. Maybe I was an accident?

Then a thought hit me like a truck. Did my mum have an affair? Is that why I was a witch? Is that why none of my family liked me?

“Lakeisha? Hello? You know I don’t like the human form so can you wake up please?” I heard Kemper say waking me from my thoughts. I shook my head to wake me up.

“Sorry what?” I asked slightly dazed.

“I was asking what is troubling you.” He repeated. Where to start?

“Well I was just thinking over the usual stuff, why I’m a witch. I’m starting to think that mum had an affair…” I answered.

“Do you think that’s true?” He asked a little shocked. I nodded slowly.

“Maybe… it would explain why everyone hates me and I’m not allowed into mum and dads quarters and everyone else is. I’m so glad that I have you Kemp.” I admitted walking over to him and letting him cuddle me. I had decided that him being naked didn’t bother me…he was part of my soul.

“You will always have me Lakeisha. Maybe one day we will get your family to accept you.” He soothed. I could feel the tears coming. I sometimes got really depressed about my family.

“Kemp…I think I need to confront my parents. I mean they are my parents and they are supposed to love me.” I confessed letting the tears freely flow now.

“Lakeisha I’m with you all the way.” Kemper comforted stroking the tears from my cheeks.

“I love you so much Kemps.” I said hugging his waist tightly. I don’t love him in a lover way, I love him like a best friend and a brother. Like a twin.

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