{She's Like Heroin} ||Synyster Gates|| [17: Drunken Words, Sober Thoughts]

When hope begins to fade...

Created by XxXsaxoRikuXxX on Tuesday, September 02, 2008


“Brian, you’re drunk.” I started, trying so hard not fall for his cheap tactic.

“I’m so not!” he argued. “You know I’m not that drunk.” His lips moved about my collarbone, going higher, tracing my neck with the tip of his nose.

“But you’re starting to speak nonsense!” I snapped, ducking from underneath his arms.

“Maybe I am... I... I feel weak...”

“You’re Synyster Gates!” I snapped. “You’re not supposed to act like that!” I was standing, staring at him, as he still faced the wall. “Don’t blabber, don’t think, and you’ll be fine.”


Another stake through the heart.

He’s lying, isn’t he?

“Just shut up!”

He stiffened, and then turned around. “What?”

“What are you saying?” I asked him, crossing my arms onto my chest.

He sighed; a weird emotion fleeting in his eyes. Defeat? “Nothing...” he walked past me, brushing me off lightly as he passed.

I couldn’t stop him, and I couldn’t follow him. I just stood there watching him walk away. It wasn’t the perfect season, but it started raining, halleluiah! I loved rain, but right now, it was depressing me, if possible, some more.

I cried.

I had to.

I felt lost, defeated, confused, trapped, and so much more. I felt regret. ‘Cause I absolutely wanted him, more than anything else. But it still wasn’t enough.

We were completely different.

From complete different worlds.


I don’t know how to feel.

I’ve never been rejected, and it just felt weird. It felt mean.

Why’d she do that?

I pushed into the suit I was sharing with Zacky and her. Zacky was already in bed, but not asleep yet.

“What’s up, man? Where’s Fox?”

“Down.” I shrugged out of my jacket, throwing it onto a chair.

“What happened?”

“I told her I loved her...” I lay on the other empty bed.

“WHAT?” he sat up straight.



“I’m just... I don’t know...” I placed my arms beneath my head on the pillow, picturing her face.

“Well, do you?”

“Do I what?” I snapped outta my reverie.

“Love here!”

“I can’t tell...”

“Why’d you tell her you did?”

“I don’t know...”

“Could you answer me with a proper sentence, other than ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I can’t tell’.”


“Urrrghhh.” I smirked. Pissing him was so much fun. “Tell me; is it the sex that you want or her?”

“Zack, just sleep.” I muttered.

“Answer me, first.”

“I just wanna be with her...” I ducked under the sheets, hoping sleep would engulf me right away.


I gave up, after Syn pretended to want to sleep. It was getting late anyway, and I was kind of worried about Taylor. She didn’t come back, while it’s pouring rain like a river down there.

The minute I stood, ready to go down and get her, the door made a clicking sound as it opened. She walked in, her hair melting on her face, eyeliner streaming down her cheeks, looking paler than Jack Skellington.


She kept walking towards the armchair, and she plopped down on it.

“Fox!” I snapped, rushing to her side. “What’s wrong with you!?”

It seemed like she was shaking; I held onto her forearm, and it was as cold as ice.

“Shit!” I hissed. “Talk to me, dammit!” she seemed to be in some other universe. And her coldness was creeping the hell out of me.

“I...” she started.

“What’s wrong?”

“...can’t breathe...”

Ehhh? “Umm... I’ll get you some water...?” I had no idea what to do, so I just did that, and shoved it into her throat.

I ran to the bathroom, fixed her a warm bath but when I went back, she was almost drifting.

“Foxy, I fixed you a bath...” I mumbled.

“Aww, sweety, you didn’t have to...” she whispered. “...too bad I’m too frozen to move. Could you dump me in there?”

I gulped. She looked too high to realize what she’s saying.

“I’ll get her there...” Syn slid his legs down the bed, stood up, and scooped her in his arms.

“Uhh... ok... umm, take care of her, Bri. She’s...”

“Yeah, yeah.”

So, he wasn’t asleep after all... cheap!


As soon as I touched her, I winced. She was awfully cold. I embraced her every spot, well, as much as I could, to spread my warmth into her. I noticed her teeth were shattering and she just squeezed her eyes shut. I sat her aside the bathtub, slowly taking her clothings off. Her whole body felt like she was thrown into a freezer.

I unhooked her bra, sliding the straps down her icy arms. I placed her as carefully as I could into the hot waters, and as soon as her body adjusted to the warmth, her eyes shot wide open, and she gasped, shivering uncontrollably.

“Hey, try and relax.”

She jumped in fright. “S-Syn...?” she stuttered. “I-I’m s-sorry about-t ear-earlier.”

“Don’t mention it.” I mumbled.

“I... wanna s-sleep some...” she leaned her head back, closing her eyelids.

“Ok, I’ll keep an eye on you...”

“Thanks, Brain. You’re awesome...” and she soon was out.

I didn’t leave her, not a minute. I just watched her, lying there, fast asleep, mumbling... I wasn’t sure if I was hallucinating, but... it sounded like she mentioned a Syn.


So, to make this short... well, its gonna be long! Sorry, guys.

I have NO IDEA what to say, or how to express how happy I am! My god, you guys... I just love each and everyone of you so much! You're like... my insperation and the reason I keep updating gradually, cuz... before this, I was a REALLY lousy updater... so... thanks to all the bellow:

xVampyraxHavocx - Who never failed to message me. I love you darling!

XxmsblackparadexX - Pushes me further by her sweet messages!

LiliexVicious - Who cracks me up, and makes me wanna crack you up, as well.

SynKataAnime - Who is too sweet and very lovely, and keeps me throwing those chapters at you!

kaiandkaia - Who messages me every now and then XD but still gives me amazing feedback!

xiheartgerardwayx - The one with a very cool story, that I'm pretty much addicted to.

CourtneyRose623 - Adorable creature, with such kawaii feedback!

OhMyFrankingGee - The most awesome person on the fucking universe! She just keeps me Syn-lized!

PapayaStrife16 - Hehe, I love you, chika! This one's for ya!

Folat - Amazing messange, kawaii person, and great feedbacker!

silentscreambrokendream - Last but not least, this creature here, made an account, especially to message me on my story, and for that, she'll be my special star for this lovely evening! *hugs her*

I LOVE YOU ALL! Keep messaging me, and I'll keep them coming!

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