i'm with you {naruto shippuden love story} chapter 13: new teammate

Created by bakugangirl148 on Sunday, September 07, 2008


Recap: Sasori looked at me. I looked at sasori and smiled. Then i released him and said.
Aimi: Even if there human or puppet. They still have a heart. you just can't see it. and trust me. i known how it feels to not have a parents.
Sasori looked at me. He did a small smile i gave him 1 last hug. But the thing i didn't expected. It a kiss on a forehead from sasori. (he can move his head.) I released him and looked at him. I could feel sakura and chiyo have shock faces right now.
Sasori: Hmm. i wanted to do that.. but i'm going to do something pointless too. For an reward for defeating me..
We looked at sasori.
Sasori: you do want info on orochimaru don't you?
I flinch and then i faced him and looked at him.
Sasori: Go to the tenchi bridge from the grass village. At noon. ten days from now.
Sakura: what did you...?
Sasori: I have a spy from orochimaru's trops. i'm surposs to meet him there... aimi if thats your name...thank you..
Then he said nothing. As soon after that. i walked over to them and picked up sasori's headband and held it.
Sakura: that was amazing chiyo, you did it..
Aimi: Chiyo, you did it. ^^
Then i put the headband in my pocket.
Chiyo: no, the one who really got defeated.. was me.
We looked at her.
Chiyo: sasori saw the last attack, somehow, he couldn't avoid it. It gave him a small opening...
Sakura looked at sasori so did I.
sakura: then..
Aimi: he still had feelings for his parents, even if he was a puppet..
Sakura nodded, then chiyo scream quietly in pain.
sakura: chiyo! we need to go back to the village and make a new antidote! I'll go make one right away.
Chiyo: no..
Aimi: NO! but chiyo! if we don't get an antidote soon! you'll die!
Chiyo: No i have to do something important...there is something i most do..
WE nodded, still a it worried. then we help chiyo up. Me and chiyo helped chiyo walk by putting her arms over our shoulder.
Then we left the cave.
may you rest in peace sasori...

>>Aimi's (your) POV< <
Soon after that. We followed kakashi's and naruto's chakra. For some reason. Naruto's charkra was diffrent. It was full of... anger and sorrow.

Then when we went into the forest. then we saw naruto and kakashi.
Sakura: we finally cought up to you.
Kakashi: you girls find this place well.
Sakura: we saw the enemy fly here before we got here.
Chiyo: it seems you still have trouble.
Then naruto turn to me and sakura.
Naruto: Aimi, sakura, you two did it?
Aimi: yeah.... but what about gaara?
Naruto flinch. when i looked behind me. i saw gaara, out cold.
Chiyo: alright.
Then we heard kunais crash together. we looked and saw deidara ate some of the clay from the clay bird. Then he began to grow big... really big. Then Neji yelled.
Neji: Hurry! We most get out of here!!
Then team guy ran to us. All of us couldn't get out in time. But then. The explosion began to disappear. In front of my eyes. Then i saw kakashi panting. Did he save us?
sakura: W-What happen?
Kakashi: I sent it and him.. to another dimtion..
Then kakashi collapse. But naruto caught him.
Naruto: Are you alright kakashi sensei!
Kakashi: yes i'm fine, but most importantly... is everyone ok?
Then naruto's clones came down withGaara.
Naruto: Sakura?
Sakuranodded. I just hope gaara will be ok...
--Out in a feild--
As soon as sakura was done checking gaara. She had a sad face.
Naruto: Sakura, is he ok?
Sakura shook her head no. I was shock, but most of all... sad.
I was over to Gaara next to naruto. Naruto looked at me. I fell on my knees. And touch gaara's cheek.
Aimi: Hes cold....gaara.. please wake up..please.....
Then i began to cry. Why... why does it has to be gaara.. why?!!!
I looked at Naruto. He was also crying. Then he spoke up.
Naruto: Why, whygaara? Why does he have to die like this! He just became kazekage. His the kazekage....
Chiyo: relax, naruto..
Naruto: SHUT UP!!
I began to cry more. When I also looked at everyone. With my eyes full of tears. BUt i let naruto go on.
Then i cry harder.
Then naruto wipe his tears away.
Naruto: I couldn't save sasuke, i couldn't save gaara.. I've been training so hard for the past 3 years.. and nothing hadn't change.. nothing..
I also wipe away my tears. Then chiyo walk besides me and started up that 'jutsu' that saved me.
Sakura: Chiyo! thats!!
Then all she did was smile.
Then i remember what she had said before. 'there is still something.. i most do'
Naruto: What the hell are you doing?!!
sakura: Naruto, she is being back gaara!
---Keep going, it's not the end!--
Naruto: Bring him back?
I looked at the senseis'. They new about the jutsu.
Naruto: can you really do that?
sakura: this jutsu, is chiyo's alone..
Aimi: chiyo....
Chiyo: Oh no... not enough chakra..
Naruto: Please use mine!
Chiyo looked at naruto.
Chiyo: but i need 1 more person...
Aimi: i'll help!
Chiyo looked at me.
Aimi: please!
Chiyo nodded, then naruto and i put our hands on top of chiyo's. Chiyo was quiet.
>>Chiyo's POV< <
When i remembered what kakashi said before. I looked at them.
-Quick Flashback-
Chiyo: Kakashi, why does Aimi and Naruto care about Gaara so much, there not even from the same village as him.
Kakashi thought about it for a bit.
Kakashi: Well Naruto and Aimi know how gaara feels about being alone.
Chiyo: what do you mean?
Kakashi: well naruto also have a jincuuriki inside of him. And as for Aimi, well, she used to have parents. But they died. When She and naruto meet. They became bestfriends. They act like they are already siblings.
I was shock. Then i thought about it. There is something i can do..

-End of flash back-
When i looked at naruto and Aimi. i spoke up.
Chiyo: I'm glad that some like you appeared naruto.
Naruto and i looked at chiyo.
Chiyo: In the past us old shinobi made. I made many mistakes. And in the end i finally did something right.
I looked at Aimi, and made sure Sakura listen as well.
Chiyo: Aimi, sakura, not many women is chivalious spirt just like the men. Aimi, next time done save an old had like me, save someone that is important to you. And sakura, next time when someone is about to died. save them with your life.
Sakura: Chiyo...
>>Aimi's (your) POV< <
I looked atchiyo.
Chiyo: Naruto that mysterious power kakashi said about. My change the future. And unlike any hokage before. Naruto, Aimi, can you do a request for an old hag?
We looked at her.
Chiyo: Can you please save gaara from the lonelyness he is in right now. Naruto, Aimi, you two knows how it feels being alone and being in pain. And gaara knows how it feels to also be in pain and being alone. so please help gaara.
I looked at her then closed my eyes to i can reach him in my mine.
Aimi: Gaara...
-in my mind-
When i had the image of me and naruto with everyone who ever cared about. When i glanced back. I looked at naruto. He looked at me back. Then we ran past the people who was behind us. Me and Naruto yelled "GAARA!!"
Soon after we saw gaara crying. me and naruto went over gaara. Naruto put a hand on gaara's shoulder, and i was next beside him. He looked at us. I said sofley: Gaara..
-real world-
When i said gaara. he looked at us.
Gaara: Naruto.. Aimi..
Then he looked around. saw alot of people from the sand.
Naruto: You have no idea what you put us through! ^^'
Gaara looked at naruto. Then me. I smiled. Then kankuro came.
Kankuro: For sure, Your my little brother, and you ave no ieda how much you worried me.
Then temari came.
Temari: Hey! don't get all complacement! Gaara's still kazekage so don't be cheeky, you underlings.

Kankuro and Naruto anime sweetdrop. and had an anoyying look on there faces. i anime sweetdrop. Then temari went over to gaara and ask "how are you feeling gaara?" While naruto had been shove over. Gaara tried to move. but he goan.

Temari: you shouldn't move to much. you not fully healed yet. Aimi, can you heal him??

Aimi: Well i used up alot of chakra, i can only heal him a little bit.

Temari nodded. I kneed down next to gaara and heal himabit. I looked at gaara and smiled at him. and said "Glad that your ok now. ^^" Soon after i was done healing him a bit. I only let him move. I hugged him. I could feel some girls glareing at me. I released him. I saw him had a tint of pink on his cheeks. but doesn't show it. I smiled again.
Then i stood up and wentover to sakura. I saw chiyo.. dead. My face went pale a bit.

Naruto: if it wasn't for chiyo's ninjutsu. gaara's is still alive. once we get back to..
Then kankuro cut him off.
Kankuro: no naruto, that wasn't a medical ninjutsu.
Naruto was confussed. Then Kankuro said.
Kankuro: Chiyo used the tensei ninjutsu, chiyo is dead.
Naruto was shock.
Naruto: what are you saying?
Kankuro: That jutsu can bring someone back to life, for exchange for there life of there own..
We all looked at kanuro.
kankuro: One time on the puppet squad. people reseach on how to bring a puppet to life. Chiyo led on it. but after she was done reseaching it. They said when they have to exchange there life for there own. it was to high. so they called it a forbidden jutsu and they sealed it away.
I had a sad experison on my face. She save me. she gave half of her life to save me. and then she save gaara and gave him all of her life engery... chiyo... I was crying again. but only a little bit.
Then gaara came over to us.
Gaara: Everyone,lets all pray for elder chiyo.
---A Day Later, at Suna's Gate--
When we got alot of rest and the sand siblings came with us to say good bye.
Naruto: well i'm kind of bad at this kind of thing but..
Then gaara held out an hand. We all smiled. Then i noticed that a bit sand was covering narutos hand. Naruto smiled. Them shook his hand. Gaara turn to me. I smiled and gave him one last hugged. he hugged me back. when i released him. Then we all said good bye and left.
--Back to Konoha, 1day later--
I was walking around konoha hanging out with hinata. I ran into her when i was getting some lunch. Hinata let her hair down. I was impress. Last time she let her hair up. But now down? Well i think its better when her is is down. Hmm i think i'll have a hair cut later on. I was snapped out og my thoughts by hinata.
Hinata: So how was the mission?
Aimi: well not sure! It was awsome, but at the same time SOOOOscary!
Hinata giggled.
Aimi: SOO! you still like naruto?
She blushed. I smirked.
Aimi: I'll take that as a yes then!
Hinata: Its not funny Aimi! i-its...*sighes*
Aimi: Hinata if naruto comes back, then just go tell him how you feel!
Hinata: Haven't you seen me before? I tried, but it didn't work..
Aimi: *sighes* oh well. were almost there.
Then when we walk walk through the wooden fenches. I saw Naruto, kiba with akamaru and shino. Then when i turn to hinata. I saw her blushed, squeel/screamand ran back.
Then guys looked at me. I gave them "it wasen't me look" then i walked over to them.
Kiba: Hey aimi! ^^
Aimi: hey kiba. hey akamaru! ^^
Then i peted akamaru. Then i waved hi to shino.Then i saw Naruto walked over where hinata went. Then i could feel hinata fainted.
Kiba: Naruto look what have you done!
Naruto: me it wasn't my fault!!
I sighed. Then the two boys help hinata up and place her againset (sp?) the tree.
I told them good bye and i also told naruto about the meeting place we were going to meet kakashi. When i was walking around. I deicided to go buy some flowers for my parents grave. So iwent to ino's flower shop.
Ino: Hi welcome to-- Oh Aimi! Nice to see you! ^^ Do you need help anything?
I looked around. And saw A White Amaryllis.
Aimi: Can i have 2 Amaryllis Ino?
Ino looked at the flowers. She turn to you.
Ino: Who are they for?
Aimi: My.. Parents.....
Ino knewright away why you wanted flowersfor. She picked two up and brought them to the cash register. Shecover the stem with white abd blue wraper. But the thing is. she didn't say anything about the money.
Aimi: Umm aren't I surposeto pay for the flowers?
Ino shook her head no.
Ino: I think its best if you don't pay for them, don't wory, i'll tell myMom about it. And besides. There good friends arent they?
I smiled and took the flowers.I walked out of the store. with ino beside me.
Ino: well anyway, i got to go meet my team now. bye Aimi! ^^
Then sheran off. I smiled again andwalk to the training grounds.
>>TRaining Grounds>>
Iarrived at the training grounds. I puta flower on each stone with both of my parents names on it. 1 on 'Hakkai'and 1 on 'kikiyo'.

Aimi: I miss you guys so much.. Mom... Dad... i wish you were here with me right now..
I felt like i wanted to cry. But i couldn't. i only let a tear drop fell. I closed my eyes and prayed for there peace. I open my eyes and looked at the neckless that they last gave me before they went away. I held my neckless. I should have known at the beginning that they gave me the neckless because they knew that they were going to 'die' *sighes* i guess i should go meet the team now.
I stood up and teleported to the meeting spot.
--Meeting Spot--
When i Got there. I saw an Angery naruto and Sakura. And two unknown people. One of them was around my age. and the other was around kakashi's age. Then they noticed me.
Aimi: umm hi?
Sakura: hey aimi, how come your late?
Aimi: well,i want to viset (sp?) my parents grave.
Naruto: Oh, alright then!
Guy 1: Umm I'm guessing your aimi?
I nodded.
Guy 1: Well i'm going to be filling in for kakashi till he gets better. Well lets interdouse (sp?) are selves
Naruto: Naruto Uzamaki...
Sakura: Sakura Haruno.
Aimi: Aimi Himoto, sakura's cuz.
???: And I am sai. ^^
Guy 1: I'm yamato. Now let me explain the mission.
Aimi: A misson already??
Yamato: Alright the five of us will be heading to tenchi bridge capture the akatsuki spy who has infiltrated orochimaru's organizion, and then bring him back here. This is our best chance to gain information on orochimaru and sasuke uchiha. The information we can then use to plan orochimaru's assassination and sasuke's retrival. So keep that in mind. Now as soon everyone's gear is ready and all pack. we will all meet at the main gate. Then will leave. dismissed.
Then he and sai left. soon after sakura ask me a qustion.
Sakura: hey aimi, you wanna walk with me and naruto?
I said quiet. Then said "No thanks, i'll go get my stuff ready... and get a new hair cut."
Then i left Sakura and Naruto alone.
>>Sakura's POV< <
Soon after Aimi left. Me and Naruto went for a walk. IT is NOT a DATE! Anyway. I was kind of worried about Aimi. Maybe because of this mission. or more.
Naruto: Hey, is Aimi alright?
Sakura: yeah, i think she jsut has alot on her mind.
Naruto: Anyway. That sai is such a jerk!
sakura: tell me about it. I wonder why he hadn't made fun of Aimi yet.
I laughed.
Sakura: well sasuke is a little cooler then sai.
>>Aimi's (your) POV< <
I was getting my stuff ready. Soon after. I saw a little book. I picked it up. I opened it. It was some small pictures of me, my parents, and my friends. I looked at the picture of me and sasuke. My face went pale.
-Flashback At the Park-
I was hanging out sasuke. It was kakashi's falt that i need to know him a bit better.It was quiet. Then he spoke up.
Sasuke: well this is getting us no where..
I sighed
Aimi: Well,all kakashi wantedus to do is to know eachother. So should weget to knoweachother now?
Sasuke sighed.
Sasuke: fine. but you go first.
Aimi: Fine.. mr emo. ^^
Sasuke glared at me. I giggled.
Aimi: well anyway. My name is Aimi Himoto. I'm also sakura's cuz. My likes are sweets, flowers, training, and making new friends. My dislikes, well. I hate mean people. and fanboys. And my parents.....
I stayed quiet.
Sasuke: what about them?
Aimi: well, lets say.. there gone...
Sasuke looked at me shock.
Aimi: Well, that doesn't matter now. now does it.
Sasuke: How could you say that about your own parents! Aren't you going to revenge them!---
I cut him off.
Aimi: No, i'm not going to revenge them. if i revenge them. I'll end up with nothing. nothing at all. Now its your turn.
i said pointing at him. Sasuke sighed.
Sasuke: fine. I'm sasuke uchiha. I dislike alot of things and i like a few things. i have no dream like the rest of you. My goal. is to revenge my familys death..
I nodded. I smiled.
sasuke: What are you smiling about?
I grabs his shoulder. and took a picture of us.
Sasuke: HEY!!
Aimi: :P bye! ^^
Then i ran off. while sasuke was chasing me.
-end of flash back-
I closed my eyes and closed the book. i opened my eyes. and thought.
Aimi: This is our only chance to get sasuke back. our only chance....
I packed up the rest of my stuff, and my journal with a pen. Put 1 half of my stuff in 1 side of the waist bag and 1 on the other. I looked at myself at the mirror. and looked at my hair.
Aimi: hmm, maybe i should have a new hair style.
I got a pairsissicor (sp?) and trim my hair.and lyered it. I got2 white ribbons and tie my hair in two pig tails. I smiled and looked at my new hair
(it has two pig tails for the hair style, and its PINK not purple)
Soon after. I left the house living a note for sakura that i already left.
-At the Gate-
When i got there. I saw Sai there first. I sighed. and walked over to him.
Aimi: hey sai.
Sai looked at me and had a fake smile.
Sai: well hello Aimi. Nice hair. ^^
Ismile,then noddedand sat beside him. it was akward. I sighed and looked at sai.
Aimi: well since your my new teammate. we should get to know eachother while we wait for the others. is that ok?
Sai nodded. Then he face me.
Aimi: Well i'll go first. My name is Aimi Himoto. I'm also sakura's cuz. My likes are sweets, training, and animals. Oh yeah! and i love hanging out with frineds, and making new friends. ^^ my dislikes. well, i only dislike mean people.
Sai: what about your parents?
I was taken back by the qustion. That what sasuke said 2 years ago..
Sai: whats wrong Aimi?
Aimi: M-My parents... A-Are.... Dead...
Sai looked at me. Shock. I wasn't sure if he was even shock. or is it fake like his smile. i wasn't sure.
Aimi: the only thing that was left of my parents was this neckless.
I showed him the neckless that was around my neck.
Sai: that neckless....
I looked at sai
Aimi: What is it?
Sai: nothing. nothing.. anyway. My name is sai. My likes are art. um i really don't know about my dislikes. and i have a brother.... who died....
I looked at him. HIs just like me. Then i saw Yamato coming.
Yamato: you two are early. You guys aren't fighting, are yu?
I shook my head no.
Aimi: were just getting to know eachother. Sai isn't that bad after all. ^^
I had a cute smile on my face. Yamato smiled.
Yamato: well at least someone in the group is calmful.
Then Naruto and sakura. Then me and sai stood up.
Yamato: well since everyone is here. we can leave.
Four of us: HAI!
Then we left.
-2 hours later-
We were walking in the woods on the dirted path. it was quiet. I sighed. Me and sakura was talking a little. soon after. i looked at naruto who was glareing at Sai.
Sai: What?
Me and sakura turn to naruto and Sai.
Sai: If you keep looking at me. I will hit You.
Sai: Look, i really don't have anything personal againset you.
Naruto: Yeah right!!
Sai: I'mjust trying out a certain personality type.
Yamato: Thats enough naruto! Sai is your teammate now, so evven if you don't get along. You're still going to have to find a way to trust eachother. I know kakashi sensei taught you better then this.
Naruto: NO! He is NOT one of us! The fourth momber of this team. is sasuke uchiha!!
We all looked at naruto.
Naruto: even on his best day, all this loser is all he could be is a sasuke wanna be! He will never be our teammate!
Then sai did a smriked.
Sai: fine by me. The last person i'd ever wanted to be compared to is some tratorous cockroach. Who abandoned his village for orochimaru just to get stornger.
I stood there stun what he just had said. But... he got a point.
Naruto: how dare.
Naruto clench his fist and about to hurt sai. but me and sakura stop him.
Aimi: What yamato said it ture. all we need the most. is teamwork.
Sakura: Naruto doesn't know you all that well. but thats no excuse for him to judge him. I'm sorry. please forgive naruto.
Naruto: S-Sakura..
Yamtao: Whewe. goodm there at least two levelheaded people on this team.
Sai: Hey, like i said. Fine by me.
Then sakura smiled.
Sakura: really? oh good. ^^
Then she punch Sai right in the face. All of us were shock. But sai.
Sakura: I don't care if you forgive me.
Sai: Ah, a fake smile.
Man! this is getting out of hands.
Sakura: You don't even know sasuke. so don't even speak to him about that! Just keep your bad mouthing sasuke. and next time i won't hold back.
Sai: oh ho, i'll keep my bad mouth shut, but that was clever use of a fake smile. I'll remember that.
Naruto: what are you talking about?! How stupied you are!
Sai: "The best way to defused some situation is by smiling. even if its a fake. itwill fool more people then you think." orso i've read but it seems it doesn't work for me.
Then Sai Stand up. Sakura got mad again, so did Naruto. Sakura rasied her fist and was about to punch Sai. But i ran infront of sakura to take the hit. They were shock.
Sakura: AIMI! Why did you do that?!!
I looked at sakura. i was about to fall over. but Sai caught me.
Them Yamatodid a wood element. I was shock.
Aimi: Wood element? i thought opnly the first hokage can do that. But how does he do that? W-Who is he?

Yamato: Now. i'll give you two choices. 1) spend the rest of the day crammed inside a wodden box reacquainting yourselves with the meaning of teamwork. or. enjoy a night at a comfortable inn with a relaxing hot spring.
We all looked at yamato. Then Yamato did a scary face.
Yamato: You don't really know me either. I prefer the kind and gentle approach not againset methods when necessary.
Naruto nodded because he was scraed to death. and we all just nodded.
Sai helped me stand up. I looked at him and said thanks. Sakura came over to me and said sorry a millionof times. I nodded. Then we went to the hot springs.
Thats all for now!! Please rate, comment, or message me if you like it!! ^^ chapter 2 of OKBS is coming soon! (or today maybe!! ^o^) ^o^

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