Birthday Present [A XanxusXSqualo Fanfiction]

Birthday present for my cousin. As the leader in XSF (XanxusXSqualo Fanclub) I thought this would be a fitting part of the birthday present ^^ It isn't very long, but I think it ended quite good... Or at least I hope so ^^' Fourth and last part of the birthday present for my cousin.

Created by Kotuo-chan on Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Xanxus walked into his room, sitting down at his chair, as normal. Was it something about that day that weren’t normal anyway? Xanxus was sure it was something, but he didn’t bother enough about to start thinking about it. Xanxus looked down at his paper work. Being the leader of an organization was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Even though Xanxus still was annoyed because of the “Ring-battle accident”, he had other things to think about as well. “As long as no one died, everything is fine”. Xanxus laughed a little for himself. “Yeah, right…”

Xanxus always thought while reading those words. He would have liked it a lot better if Tsunayoushi had died back then, but of course, it was nothing Xanxus could do with it. He started working, not really thinking about this “Special day”

Squalo sat on his bed, thinking. That itself made this day special, but it was something else as well. Yes, this was indeed a special day. Not that Squalo really cared about it, but today was the day Squalo turned 24. It was the 13.04, his birthday. No, Squalo didn’t really care about his birthday, but it was one person he hoped remembered it, even though he weren’t aware of that himself.

Xanxus looked up from his work and up at the calendar. The annoying feeling of forgetting something made it almost impossible to work, so he decided to just check it out, and get it out of his head so he could continue working. When he looked at the calendar he noticed the words “Squalo’s birthday”. Xanxus sighed. Yes, Xanxus knew Squalo was special, but he was special in a way that made Xanxus not giving a shit about him.

Xanxus remembered the day Squalo said Xanxus wouldn’t regret taking him in. Sure, he didn’t regret it, but he weren’t sure about if it were the perfect choice either. Xanxus knew it wouldn’t be possibly to find a person who was as good a swordsman as Squalo, and after all, was it someone in the Varia that didn’t annoy Xanxus? The biggest difference between Squalo and the other members was that Squalo was able to be on the edge between being enjoyable and being irritating, even though it most of the times ended being the last. Xanxus also remembered the feeling he had got when he thought Squalo was dead. It was a weird feeling he had never got before. Back then he had shaked it off with laughing and lying about that he didn’t care, but afterwards he had started thinking about what it actually meant.

Squalo stood up from his bed, and walked into the shower. Feeling the hot water against his naked skin was really comfortable for him. It made him relax. While standing there Squalo remembered a way to get to know what you care about the most. Not that Squalo actually cared about it, but he might as well try it out. Squalo relaxed, and tried not thinking about anything, but it was one picture that always returned to his mind. Or rather, it was a person that always came back into his mind. Did that mean he was the one he cared the most about?

Xanxus was finally finished with his work, when he started thinking about if he should do something for Squalo. After all, it was his birthday. Why did Xanxus care so much about it anyway? He hadn’t done anything when it was Belphegor’s birthday. Was it because it was Squalo, or was it something wrong with Xanxus that day? Xanxus continued thinking about it, and somehow he was able to find an answer. He probably wouldn’t do anything… Unless it was something that made him think otherwise.

Squalo walked out of the shower, without being completely relaxed, as he usually was after taking a shower. That would most probably mean bad news for the other Varia members. Squalo walked out of his room, not really paying attention to the scenario around him. He didn’t know where he was going, and he didn’t really think about anything while walking, but somehow he ended up outside Varia’s living room. He walked in, still not paying attention, when he saw Belphegor and some of the other people from Varia hanging up decorations.

Even those underlings were there, helping out. Squalo sat annoyed down at the sofa, looking at the Varia members. Then Squalo noticed Belphegor sitting next to him.

- Shishishi, I bet Squalo can’t wait till we’re finished~ He said.

Xanxus walked over to the living room, knowing they were making everything ready for Squalo. He weren’t sure if he should do anything for Squalo yet. Even though he had decided that he wouldn’t, he always ended up wondering if he should anyway. What did Squalo mean to him? He just couldn’t find the answer to that question. Was Squalo only another annoying member in the Varia, or did he mean something more? Xanxus seriously didn’t know. He walked in without really thinking about anything, when he saw Belphegor irritating Squalo. Xanxus sighed.

- Bel, leave Squalo alone… Squalo, I want to talk to you… Xanxus said, looking at Squalo.

Squalo stood up, and walked after Xanxus.

Squalo looked at Xanxus, wondering about what he wanted to talk about. Both of them simply stood there a while, looking at each other. Why did Xanxus say he wanted to talk with Squalo? He hadn’t planned anything like this…

- Were you going to tell me anything at all? Squalo said annoyed.

Xanxus grabbed Squalo’s arm when he was starting to leave.

- Did I say you could leave? Xanxus said, before he dragged Squalo into a kiss.

Squalo was surprised at first, but was able to calm down. Somehow…

Xanxus gently licked Squalo’s lower lip. Squalo understood the message, and opened his mouth a little. While starting making out, Xanxus lightly took a hold on Squalo’s manhood.

Squalo broke the kiss and looked up at a smirking Xanxus.

- We’ll finish this tonight… Xanxus said, and walked in to the living room again, again with his serious look.

Squalo looked weird after Xanxus, before he joined the living room as well. And through the whole birthday party he thought about how the night would be. And when it came, all his wished were fulfilled

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