Hold onto me(Ichigo and Rukia)Chapter 4

Created by Ryuichi1 on Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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"No!!" Ichigo screamed. He sat up and started panting. Again the same dream as last night. He thought to himself. Whats going on sex with Rukia why are they condeming me for that, I haven't had sex with anyone? Rukia walked out of the closet and sat next to Ichigo.
"Another bad dream?" She asked. He nodded. She brushed some hair out of his face. "It's ok the offices of the forty-six have no reason to kill you, you didin't do anything." Her hand lingered on the side of his face, her put his hand on hers. She leaned in slowly and kissed him. He put both of his hands on the side of her face and kissed her passionately. She fell backwards and he fell over her. He held himself up with both hands from falling ontop of her. They looked each other in the eye.
"I love you." Ichigo told her.
"I love you too." She answered. He kissed her again softly this time. "We have to school."
"Oh right."
Ichigo got off her and they got ready for school. They came downstairs seperately so Ichigo's family wouldn't get any ideas. Rukia and Ichigo left the house and headed for school. Ichigo took Rukia's hand in his and smiled down at her. They walked in silence, when they got to school Ichigo gave her a kiss before they went inside.
In class Rukia got called for check out and Ichigo ran after her.
"Where are you going?" Ichigo asked.
"I have to back to soul society for alittle while, sorry Ichigo there's nothing I can do about it." Ichigo grabbed both of her hands and pulled her into the hallway.
"Promise me you'll meet me somewhere."
"I can't."
"Ok, I promise, I have to go."
"Meet me at my house."
"Ok." She started running down the empty hallway.
"I love you." He called after her. "I love you." He walked slowly back to class and sat down. He stared out the window all period long not paying attention at all.
Rukia, he thought to himself. Why did you have to go? I'm gonna miss you so much. If only you knew how much I really do need you.
"Mr.Kurosaki!" Ms.Ochi called to him. "Since you seem to be so interested in our lesson why don't you tell me what I was just talking about?"
"I'm sorry Ms.Ochi I haven't been myself lately."
"Talk to me after class." The class laughed at Ichigo.
After class Ichigo walked up to Ms.Ochi's desk.
"Ichigo what happened in the middle of class today? You came in so happy and after Rukia left you came in depressed. Whats up?"
"I don't know Ms.Ochi, I'm really sorry."
"Is there anything I can do?"
"I don't think so but thanks anyway."
"No problem Ichigo."
He walked slowly out of the classroom with his head hanging. Outside Orihime was waiting for him. He walked slowly toward home and Orihime followed behind him.
"Kurosaki-kun whats wrong?"
"Nothing Inoue-san, I'm ok."
"Are you sure?"
"Where do you think Kuchiki-kun is?"
"Soul society, she said she had to go for awhile and doesn't know when she'll be back."
"Oh, you must be really upset."
"Yah tell me about it.I'll talk you later Inoue." He ran up to his front door and went inside.
"Hey son! Where's the little lady?" His dad shouted.
"Gone for some time."
"You two have a fight?"
"No we didn't."
Ichigo went up to his room and closed the door he fell on his bed and remembered how only a few hours ago he told Rukia Kuchiki that he loved her and she had said that she loved him too.

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