Fairy Tales DO Come True - Yuri Lowell Romance (Tales of Vesperia)

Created by DantesDevilAngel on Saturday, September 13, 2008


Aiko: 18
(this is what she looks like after she cuts her hair, so read on to find it out!)

-Chapter One-
“So this is the place?” Yuri asked, staring down at the town from a hill. “Apparently so. The castle is the same in the picture.” Kairi said. Yuri sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Fine. Let’s go.” –he said as he began to head down. “Right!” Kairi grinned, bounding after him.

A girl with long flowing black hair, sat at a mirror, brushing her hair boredly. Her name, is Aiko Miharu. Next heir to her father’s fortune. Sure, the money would be nice and all, but she’d rather live a normal life outside the castle. Away from this town. Somewhere she wouldn’t be recognized.

That girl…was me.

“Aiko? Are you ready dear?” my mother’s called from the other side of the door. I sighed, putting my hair up in a messy half pony tail. “Yes mother.” I called as I stood. I knew it was stupid to believe in fairy tales that would probably never come true, but I believed, ever since I was a child, that my REAL prince charming was somewhere out there. I was still waiting for him to come to my window and steal my into the night. Not this stupid jackass I was apparently marrying today. “Oh honey you look beautiful.” My mother cooed, flattening out my dress. “Seymour is going to love you.” She said as she took my hand. I mentally rolled my eyes. Seymour this, Seymour that. Everything was about him nowadays. He only agreed to marry me so he could get to the money. Oh dear god, where is my charming when I need him?

Kairi looked around as they walked up to the castle. “Looks like some kind of wedding or something.” She said, looking around at all the decorations. “Looks like it.” Yuri sighed. “Guess we have to crash it.” Kairi said. “You almost sound disappointed.” He stated, looking down at her. “Well weddings are supposed to be perfect. A bond between two people.” She said, clasping her hands together and looking up at the sky dreamily. “Oh please not now.” Yuri mumbled as he walked ahead. “Ah hey! Wait up!” Kairi complained, running after him.

“Okay dear. This is it.” My mother said. We stood outside the large oak doors, leading to my new life. Music started. My mother quickly scurried off. The doors opened and I began my decent down the aisle. Seymour held his hand out for me once I reached the alter. I gagged, mentally of course as I took his hand, stepping up beside him. The priest began his speech when there was a large interruption from outside the doors. My head instantly shot to the doors. There was a few moments of silence when they burst open. A girl with long blonde hair and a guy with long purple hair, holding a sword. The crowd began to panic. “Please stay seated! Guards, take them away!” Seymour demanded. The two were instantly surrounded.

“Now what?” Kairi whispered as she was forced to drop her weapon. “Get captured. There’s no other choice. I’ll figure a way out.” He told her as he placed his sword on the ground, standing again as he made eye contact with the bride, for a mere second before she was taken away, more than likely back to her chambers. Kairi nodded lightly, letting the guards take her away. Yuri didn’t like the idea of going to the cells again but had to anyway.

“Master Seymour gives his apology miss. He asks if you can continue the wedding tomorrow.” A guard said, bowing as he came into my room. “Oh its fine really. And just tell him yes. I don’t mind.” I told him, smiling. He bowed again before exiting. ‘Take all the time in the world.’ She thought to herself as she changed from her wedding dress, into a comfy pair of jeans and a bunny hug. Staring out a window, my mind wandered to the purple haired man from earlier. Then…something clicked in me. This was my ticket out of here! It was now or never. I rummaged through a drawer, pulling out a pair of scissors as I took a seat in front of my mirror, taking a deep breath before I started.

Kairi looked up at her purple haired partner who paced continuously around the cell. “Yuri-“ “I’m thinking.” He cut her off. She rolled her eyes, slumping back again the wall as she stared up at the ceiling. Then she heard voices.

“Aiko. You cut your hair!” the cell guard said, looking up at me. I smiled lightly at him, running a hand through my hair. “I thought it was time for a change. It was getting in the way.” I said, handing him a cup of tea. “Oh your too kind Ai.” He said smiling as he gratefully took the tea, sipping on it. I held placed the tray on the desk, carefully taking the cup from him as he slumped against the desk. “Forgive me..” I whispered quietly, unclipping the keys from his waist as I headed down the rows of cells, stopping as I looked in at the two.

Yuri stopped as he looked at her. “Hey. You’re the girl from earlier.” Kairi stated, standing up as she walked over to her. “Sorry about crashing your wedding but we were looking for someone.” She said, smiling apologetically. The girl laughed lightly. “Honestly, you couldn’t have come at a better time. I’d rather not marry that ass.” She muttered as she looked away. “Really? You don’t love him?” She scoffed. “Hardly. He just agreed to marry me so he could get to my father’s fortune.” She said as she stuck the key in the hole. “What are you up to?” Yuri asked, coming to stand beside Kairi. “Getting you out. But on one condition.” She said. “What is it?” Kairi asked. “Take me with you.”

The guy looked at me. “This is a trap right?” he asked skeptically. “Not at all. I know a secret passage out of here. I want out of here. I want to live a different life, a normal life.” I told them. “Seems fair enough. She’s serious Yuri. I can tell.” The girl said, looking at him. Yuri sighed. “Fine. Just get us out.” He said. I grinned, turning the lock as the door swung open. “I’m Aiko by the way.” I told them. “Kairi. That’s Yuri.” She introduced. I smiled at the two. “Nice to meet you. Now let’s go.” I said as I headed back down to the door. “She’s like you.” Kairi giggled as they followed her. Yuri rolled his eyes. “So where’s this passage?” he asked as they walked out the jail doors. “Right along here somewhere…” I said, knocking around on a wall, soon finding a hollow spot as she pushed on it, opening as it revealed a spiral staircase leading down. “There.” I said. “Where does it lead?” Kairi asked, looking down it. “Outside. I’m guessing. I havent tried it yet.” I said, smiling. Yuri began to walk down. Kairi and I looked at each other, grinning as we quickly followed him, closing the door behind us. “Do you know anyone by the name of Flynn Scifo?” Yuri asked as we reached the bottom and began heading down toward the other stairs. “Flynn…oh yes! He was here yesterday.” I said. “Is he still in town? We’re looking for him.” Kairi told me. I shook my head. “He left town this morning. You just missed him.” I sighed. Yuri looked down the hall they were walking. “Do you know what direction he headed in?” Kairi looked at me. “He headed to the west.” I told him. “I guess that’s where we’re headed then.” Kairi said, grinning. “It might take awhile. It’s all the way on the other side of town.” I told them. “Eh we’ll survive.” Yuri said, smiling lightly. I nodded, smiling back as we began to head up the stairs to the outside. We soon found ourselves on the side of the castle. “So now what?” Kairi asked, looking around. “Climb.” Yuri stated simply, jumping onto the vines of the wall around the castle, seating himself at the top as he looked down at the other two. “Well that works.” Kairi said, smirking as she readied herself to climb up when guards came around the corner. “Ah great.” Yuri muttered, jumping down as he pulled out his sword. “Get them! They’re kidnapping the lords daughter!” they yelled. I hated that name. My name was Aiko, not lords daughter. I pushed past Kairi, taking down some of the guards with a sword I stole from one. Yuri finished taking them down, looking back as I bent down, picking up a bow and a case of arrows. “You know how to use them?” Kairi asked curiously. “Yup. My father put me in archery lessons and I learned pretty quickly.” I said grinning as I slung them over my shoulder, sticking my foot in a vine as I heaved myself up the wall. “She might actually be useful.” Yuri said as he watched her. “Well it’s a good thing we came here eh?” Kairi said, looking up at him grinning. “Hey you guys! Come on!” I called, standing on the wall as I waved down at them. “Coming!” Kairi called, hoping up and climbing up beside her. Yuri shook his head, sheathing his sword as he climbed up, looking out at the city. “Well lets go.” He said as he jumped down, followed by Kairi then myself as we began our adventure…as I began my new life.

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