(Chapter Thirty) Broken Wings (A Hiei Love Story)

This and the epilogue are all that's left! *squeel* I think I'm going to cry! haha, not really. well, this chappy will be SUPER long (imagine that) so I hope you have enough time and patience to go through the ending process. :)

Created by MiramaroMartin on Friday, September 19, 2008


You awoke to find yourself lying on Hiei's bare chest under the covers. You sigh against him, trying to go back to sleep as realization of what today was started to seep into your mind. But you felt Hiei stir.
"Asia," he asked, his hand finding its way to your back. Which, thankfully, was clothed like the rest of you.
You didn't answer and merely snuggled into him, hoping that he would fall asleep with you. Today came to early and you wished that it was nothing but a nightmare that you could wake up from.
But he knew when you were awake. That stupid jagan of his made sure of it. "I know. I know." His hand ran through your hair comfortingly. "We'll get through this somehow."
The idea of Hiei marrying someone else before you married Koenma made you wonder exactly why you should still live. There was no point if you couldn't be with Hiei.
"No, don't you dare think that!" Hiei's voice was stern as he rose and held you in his arms. "I told you that we'll get through this somehow. Don't you give up." His voice softened as he saw the tears that threatened to start coming from your eyes.
"What are we supposed to do, Hiei?" You felt asob brewing inside you and almost escape, but you swallow it down. "We're getting married today. We step out of either of those marriages' rules, it'll be shown as treason and destroy the peace that Koenma wants so badly. And you would..."
You couldn't go on as you remembered him getting whipped by Mukuro once again, not sure if you could take seeing that again.
Hiei's thumb and index finger took ahold of your chin and lifted it to where you could look into his crimson gaze. "Listen. I'll figure something out. Don't worry." His lips pressed against yours and you welcomed them as you wrapped your arms around him; keeping him there, with you and never intending to let go.
Suddenly, a knock was heard at the door and you pulled away with a gasp as you wiped away the flowing tears that seemed to have started during the kiss.
"Hiei?" It was Kurama. You looked over to see Hiei stuck in a thinking state. HieiContempleting.jpg
He looked up at you and then asked, "What?" He didn't move his gaze from you as Kurama slightly opened the door.
Kurama smiled when he saw you as if expecting to see you in here. "Hello, Asia." He then looked to Hiei and became serious. "Koenma needs you to report to him so you can get ready for the wedding."
When he said "wedding", you winced.
Hiei growled and asked, "Right now? The wedding isn't for another..." He looked to his window and saw the sun's position before continuing, "Five hours."
"I know. But Koenma also needs to speak with Asia." Kurama looked at you two apologetically. That's when you noticed his weariness. He looked as if he had been up all night.
"About what," Hiei asked while rising slowly and grabbing his katana.
"Their wedding."
You noticed Hiei freeze slightly at that. He didn't say another word as he hung the strap connected to his sword's hilt over his shoulder.
Your heart felt like imploding. You didn't want any of this to be happening. Everything seemed to be coming down on you all at once.
Everything came back into focus as you felt Hiei's lips on yours. You kissed him back, putting as much passion as you possibly could, not sure if you would ever be able to again.
Your hands tangled in his hair as his hands held your waist. Both of your bodies were unbearably far apart, even though they were right against each other. You felt a few gems fall onto your legs as teardrops followed them, making you realize that this really was it.
Hiei kissed you harder, trying to drive out the negative thoughts apparently, as he picked you up to deepen the kiss even more.
After a few minutes, you were forced to part for breath. Gasping for air, you two kept each others gaze.
"Everything will be alright. Trust me."
You felt more tears as you finally made yourself believe him. "I trust you." And then, his lips joined with yours before him and Kurama left.
The sob from before finally came out as you grabbed his pillow and held it close. You buried your face into the pillow, taking in his scent as you imagined that he was still there with you. "Why," you muttered. "Why did this have to happen?"
You let out another sob as you felt a hand on your shoulder. "Asia, don't cry. Please."
Jerking up, your eyes meet Koenma's. Growling you throw the pillow down and get in a ready stance to attack him.
"YOU! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" You took a menacing step toward him, but he didn't seem to be intimidated at all. "Asia, listen to me."
"NO!" Tears slowed their pace as you felt sorrow take over more than anger. You fell to your knees and sobbed. "Why? Why can't everyone just leave us alone?"
You heard Koenma sigh and merely reply, "Look, I tried to look for replacements for you and Hiei. But I wasn't able to find anyone that could fit your role or his in the peace treaty that my father and your father have established."
Your crying slowed as you listened to him. "I looked through the agreements that the treaty covers and it seems that you are specifically mentioned." He gave you an apologetic look and continued, "But it says that one of the strongest warriors that fights in the Spirit World must marry another warrior from another team that came from earth."
You thought that over and tried to think through everything, but Hiei's absence in your life just came pulsing back to life each time you tried to focus on something else.
"I couldn't find anyone else that could fit the specific qualifications that was mentioned," he said, his apologetic look still not moving.

You turned away from him so you could think without looking at his face or the pillow. "So, all can say, is that me, you, and Hiei will have to think over what we could possibly do after this."

"What if there is no 'after this'?" Tears didn't fall anymore, now that you felt as if all of them were gone. "What if all of our possibilities end with the marriage?"

"Don't say that. There's always a way out of something. Good or bad."

You felt Koenma pick you up, but you didn't fight it. You had given up now. Hiei wasn't going to be there always. He would be for Theory, but not you.
You look up to see Kaeko and Botan staring at you wearily. "Asia?" You shake your head, knowing what was on their mind. After looking at your wedding gown and knowing of you and Hiei, who would think what they were thinking?
"I don't want to talk about it."
You didn't hear the two speak as you put the flowers down in disgust and grab the crown on the nightstand next to you. Then, you heard a knock.
"Kaeko? Botan? Time to go." You felt your heart skip a beat as you realized that Hiei would be getting married soon. Was he already at the alter?
Kaeko left with her eyes looking to her feet. But Botan merely stared at you. "Koenma placed guards in front of the door to keep you from coming to the wedding." She smiled encouragingly. "Please, don't cry. And please, don't cause any trouble."
At that, she left.
A few minutes later, you had finally stopped crying and you could hear the guards murmuring outside your door. But then...
"Move aside. Koenma has told us to take over." You heard shuffling as if someone was walking away from the door.
"R-Right away, sir!" And then, you didn't hear anything else. You walked to the door and tried to open it, only to find that it wouldn't budge.
"Asia, can you hear me?" Yusuke!
"Yusuke? What are you doing?"
"Me and Kuwabara are here to let you out. But don't touch anything."
"Yeah, the door is enchanted where it can't be opened from either side unless by Koenma or Botan." Of course Koenma would think of that.
"But... why?" You could see Yusuke being the righteous one, but you didn't really see Kuwabara coming to your aid.
"For love," Kuwabara exclaimed, earning him a silencing hit from Yusuke.
"Yeah, Hiei hasn't always been the best friend to us, but you two don't deserve what Koenma's been putting you guys through."
You smiled, feeling appreciation flood your body as you realized how much these two cared for you and Hiei, even if they hadn't been around as much.
"Thanks, you guys," you reply as you step back. "I'll repay you some day."
"No need," Yusuke said as you heard shuffling, like they were backing away from the door. So, you waited until you heard someone yell, "Spirit Gun!"
Before you knew it, the door was engulfed ina blue light and disappeared, leaving a pile of ash on the floor to replace it.
You looked up at Yusuke to see him and Kuwabara dressed in tuxedo's for the wedding. "You two sure know how to dress," you commented, trying to ease the tension in the air.
But nothing seemed to be able to get rid of such a thick oppression.
Either way, Yusuke and Kuwabara laughed slightly before pushing you through the doorway and out the hall.
"Go! Before it's too late!" They didn't have to even finish the sentence before you bolted down the stairs, looking up with excitement. You and Hiei would be united, not in matrimony of any kind, once again. No matter what "Baby Breath" or you father had to say.
With Hiei
Hiei stood at the altar with his normal, expressionless face plastered to him. He would hide away the pain, the hatred, and even the slight sadistic scheming going around in his head as much as he possibly could.
When the Wedding March started playing by the band in a slight alternative rock feel, he looked down the aisle, shielding the feeling of resentment toward Koenma as he did so. The rows in the garden were filled with demons of every shape and color and humans of different varieties. Yukina was seated, alone surprisingly, in the front row.
Usually, Kuwabara would've taken the opportunity to sit in the vacant seat next to her, but he wasn't there. Neither was Yusuke. This made Hiei nervous in a way. Exactly what were they up to now?
He centered his focus away from that idea and turned it to Theory, walking down the aisle in her white gown. She didn't look thrilled either. Kurt and Theory's own little admirer looked more sullen than her.
Hiei smirked at the thought that they might kidnap her from the altar. Which wouldn't bother him in the least.
But when he smirked, he heard a few people "awww" and some cameras flashed. They must have mistaken his sadistic smirk for an adoring smile. Which was reasonable, seeing as many didn't witness him smile.
Except for Asia. She always knew what was on his mind, even when he did his best to hide it.
Theory finally made it to the altar, making the ogre in front of them start the stupid "We are gathered here today to join...." speech that was well known throughout the human realm.
With You
You ran around the corridors, trying to find the door that lead to the stairwell that would lead you outside.
But how were you going to do this? After all, the whole "I object" line was way past its expiration date.
You breathe harder as you round another corner. "Someone help me!"
Suddenly, you bump into someone and almost fall back. Thankfully, you catch yourself on the wall behind you.
You look up, not expecting to see who you saw. There, standing with an expressionless face was Eric. He looked at you, still with a certain possesive glint in his eyes. But he didn't advance toward you.
"E-Eric?" You remembered that Hiei would've died because of him. Anger seemed to flow back into your veins, forgetting that the wedding had already started. "You almost killed Hiei!"
You swung your fist toward him, only for him to catch it easily. "Asia, I'm not here to fight." And he was being honest. He was dressed in a tuxedo.
"No one invited you," you spat out, shaking his grip off of your wrist.
"Actually, someone did. Kurama."
"What," you asked, not bothering to hide your shock.
His smirk grew. "Your red haired friend invited me to both weddings. X, too."
You glare and then decide to walk off, but as if called, X appeared out of a room and blocked your exit.
"That's not the way to the wedding ceremony."
"Then where is it," you growled, realizing that you didn't have the time for all of this.
And obviously, they knew it. Before you knew it, they were dragging you through doorways and then down a stairwell. Just in time to hear Kuwabara and Yusuke....
With Hiei
Hiei growled slightly under breath when the ogre got louder, hiding it easily.
Theory had heard it though. He knew it when she jumped.
"If there is anyone who has reason as to why these two should not be joined, speak now or forever hold your peace."


Hiei had never heard such a horrible sound before. It deafened him, making him die even more internally than he had expected.

When the ogre continued, he wanted to choke someone. Anyone. He didn't care who it was, just as long as he got rid of some of the pent up emotion that was swimming in his veins.


Hiei then turned to see someone burst through the exit of Koenma's building and rush onto the aisle.


Hiei had expected something more grand, like in those stupid movies. As if Asia would burst through, punch Koenma and then say her vows to him.

Yeah, but Hiei had to remind himself for a moment that life was nothing like a movie.

Yusuke ran up to them and merely said, "These two shouldn't be together!"

Koenma rose, his father following, revealing Asia's father. He was still holding his cane while sitting, glaring at Yusuke now.

"Why not," bellowed the king of the spirit realm.

Yusuke didn't shake, nor did anyone else except Theory. "Because this is just wrong! There's no point to this! No love, no peace, nothing!"

Hiei was shocked to see Kuwabara running up now.

Where was Asia?

"Yusuke? Where's Asia," Hiei asked bluntly. He didn't care who heard now.

"She's right here."

Hiei looked up, tired of seeing all of the entrances already. And there, he saw Asia in her wedding gown, walking down the stairs with a large smile.

"I'm not too late, am I," she asked with a smile.

Hiei looked back at the door to see Eric and X smiling in their tuxedos. Seifer&SquallinTuxes.jpg
"Don't worry, man," X replied with a smirk.
Eric didn't look so excited about this but he kept his distance from Asia. Hiei wasn't sure on howto react to everything.
But Koenma's father did. Along with Asia's.
"Asia!" The two stood and glared at the girl rushing down the aisle and into Hiei's arms. It was as if she didn't hear them.
"Hiei? Are you still able to speak?" Hiei looked down at her as she embraced him. He smiled, making a few people gasp. "Yes. Just speechless."
"Tch. Imagine that," Hiei heard Yusuke mutter with a smirk.
"Hiei, let her go." Hiei then looked back up to see the kings of the spirit & human realms. The looks of utter hatred seemed to seeth from their bodies.
Your POV
You looked up at Hiei, knowing how much he was sacrificing and risking by just saying that one word.
"Excuse me?" You turned to see your father, standing in his menacing glory.
"He said, 'no'," you merely say, not letting go of him anymore. There was no way that you were going to let anything come between you any longer.
"Asia! How dare you," he scolded while taking a step toward you. But then, you saw Koenma step forward.
"Your highness, I'll take care of this."
You glare at Koenma, not hesitating to show that you were ready to take on his advances by balling your fists.
He noticed, but didn't stop. Hiei seemed to be ready as well, though his katana was nowhere in sight.
"Asia, Hiei. You two have violated the peace contract that was signed to ensure the realm's peace and alliances. Interrupting such guide lines will result in negative consequences for the both of you. Are you willing to take them on?"
You glare more and grit your teeth, merely replying, "Bring it on."
But instead, you saw him smirk. He turned and shrugged to his father and yours. "Well, since I can't argue with that.... wedding's off." And he sat down.
Your mouth fell open, resulting in Hiei closing it with his index finger.
"KOENMA!!!" You winced by the tremor that his father seemed to make by just a yell.
But Koenma was used to it, obviously. "Look, father, prince or not..." He looked to you and then continued, ".. I can't break up true love."
You smiled, showing your appreciation. Maybe Baby Breath wasn't so bad after all.
Your father and Koenma's then looked at you and Hiei. "Is this true?" Odd that theyspoke simultaneously.
You nod while Hiei replied with a, "Yes."
"You two already speak and act similar. Why do we need matrimony to make the peace final? You already have a treaty typed up. Why not change it up a bit?" You wink to Hiei. "After all, we all came here for a wedding."
Hiei smirked and looked over at the two kings who seemed to be discussing it. Everyone else seemed to be silent, except for the camera shutter sounds.
The anticipation that seemed to take over every fiber of your being seemed to stick out, making Hiei hug you closer and kiss your forehead. Which made a few "awwww's" go off.
Your father rose and began walking down the aisle, looking as if he were in deep thought. He almost made the door before he yelled back, "You have my consent!"
You felt guilt start to seep into your body, making you want to find some way to repay him for his blessing. Even though, you two didn't have the best father-daughter relationship.
"Shhh... it's okay," Hiei whispered, kissing your forehead again. "He just has a lot to think about."
He ran a hand through your hair as you two looked to Theory then. The girl seemed to be happier now that you were there, taking her place at the alter.
"Thank you, Asia. I owe you so much." A tear of joy fell from her eye before she ran toward Ike and Kurt, not leaving you enough time to tell you that she didn't owe you anything.
"They have my consent!" You look to your right to see China in her bridesmaid gown with a smile.
You smile as Kurama spoke up. Then Yusuke. Then Kuwabara and Yukina. Then Koenma. Then Kaeko and Botan. And even Isamu in your head.
The crowd's silence was replaced by screamings of the agreementsfor you two getting married, until the king of the spirit realm held up his hand, silencing everyone.
His eyes narrowed, showing that he had come to a hard decision at last. "I give my consent. But if you two ever divorce, the peace between the realms will cease to exist."
You smile, knowing that you two would never do such a horrid thing. There was no reason to, seeing that you had been through more than most married couples do in a lifetime.
Hiei nods, you following.
"Well? What are we waiting for," he asked as he sat down. "Let's get this wedding underway!"
And then, you two turned as the crowd clapped and camera's flashed. There was no way that anyone could ruin this now. No way.
Okay, everyone. Told you that it was going to be LONG! haha, hoped you enjoy and the epilogue will be soon. Working on it now! :D
Again, thank you for reading all of this. I know it was a lot and it's almost over. I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate all of you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! haha okay, off to write the epilogue.

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