Shapeshifter, Warlock, or Vampire? [What do they look like?]

All I've supplied you with is anime pictures. Today I shall reveal their real faces! (Or at least as close as I could get to the picture in my mind) Disclaimer: I give all the credit of these guy's goodlookingness to them. I don't know these people, but I thank them for lookin good for my quiz!

Created by rawrteddybearsrule on Saturday, September 20, 2008


Toby (:
He's the vampire of the trio. Toby is also the oldest out of the bunch. He's pretty cute too.

It's Indigo foo! (sorry for the little box that says Tristan, apparently that's the guy's name)
He's the funny sweetheart shapeshifter. He is also the youngest. Awwww.

Ben! (ok I'm a little pissed off because this kid isn't what I imagine Ben to be. have u ever tried finding a picture of a hot guy with silver hair that isn't over 50 years old? it's tuff. if anyone finds a better one tell me. I'd really appriciate it!)
He's the shy warlock sandwiched (agewise) between Indigo and Toby.

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