Too Cool (A Camp Rock Epic): The Ninth

Tess makes a plan...and it backfires.

Created by kweenofallmcfly on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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So a few weeks have passed and I've been hanging out with Mitchie and Caitlyn more than usual. Final Jam is coming up for tonight and I am alllllllready for it. I am in the kitchen assisting the girls (more like giggling) while we all work on our own dishes. Caitlyn's got this wicked pancake flip going on, Mitchie's stirring up the macaroni, and me? I'm just making baloney sandwiches and stacking them strategically on this huge orange plate. Mrs. Torrez joins us, as well as two unwelcomed guests.
"I know they took it!"
I roll my eyes as Perfect Tess enters the kitchen, putting her acting skills to the test. She has Brown at her flank and she's probably just framing the three of us for some random crap. She places her hands on her hips and blathers on about her charm bracelet being stolen. My eyes catch a golden glint underneath a few cookbooks. My jaw drops. This is so freaking uncalled for. Brown eyeballs the bracelet, too, and withdraws it from between the books.
"That's it."
"Don't even try, Tess Tyler," I growl, stepping towards my stupid sister.
"Try what, Madison?"
"To frame us for this. What is your problem? I used to love my little sister. Now she's a stuck-up, spoiled brat. What happened to you? Why? Why can't you be nice and innocent and let me be the bad girl again?" She sneers at me. I get in her face. I'm not afraid of her. I'm not. "Look at me, Tess. I miss the old you. I was friends with the old you, I loved the old you. You were my confidant, my best friend. I trusted you with all my heart. Now I can't even let you be around my real friends." This speech feels extremely impressive to me, apparently not to Brown. He shakes his head at Caitlyn and Mitchie. As soon as he opens his mouth, I'm the one that's talking. "It's not their fault, Brown." He whips around to look at me. I put on my best acting face. "I stole it. I stole her bracelet. They had nothing to do with it." Tess's jaw drops and she folds her arms over her chest. Her plan failed.
"I am totally zonked," he says disappointedly.
"I really am not, though," I reply, staring at my sister. She stares back at me for a moment.
And then she turns around and walks out of the room.
"I have no choice, Maddie. I have to ban you from all camp activities. Until the end of Final Jam."
"But--!" Mitchie protests.
"Until the end of Final Jam."
And then he's walking out of the room. I shake my head. Mitchie and Caitlyn turn toward me.
"What did you just do that for? Now you can't do your song at Final Jam!"
"I don't care. Tess failed. I shut down her stupid little plan. She was trying to get Mitchie out of doing Final Jam. She wanted to get Shane away from her. Don't tell me otherwise, I know it's true."
"But you sacrificed yourself for me!" Mitchie shouts, grabbing my arms. I shrug.
"You still don't get it, do you, Mitchie? She was trying to knock you out of Final Jam. It didn't work. You can do it now. I beat her. I won." My face is triumphant but my tone is defeated. I am glad, though. I finally found a way to get around my sister. Mitchie glares at me. "Don't even give me that look, Mitchie. Shane is yours for the taking. Your summer is complete." There's a whole awkward silence. "Guys. Just work on the song. I'll finish up kitchen duty. Go."
They reluctantly take off and Mrs. Torrez and I finish the food.

"Maddie!" Jason yells as I walk into the cabin. He swings me over his shoulder so I'm forced to stare at Shane shaving in the bathroom. "How was your day today, m'luv?"
"Today was terrible. Now could you please put me down, Jason?" He sets me down, his face crestfallen. I sink down into my bunk and stare at Jason's above me. "I don't get it. She was my best friend. And now...everything's different. She tries to sabotage my friends. And now I can't do Final Jam tonight."
The end of Final Jam...the end of Final Jam!
"I gotta go, Jason, I'm sorry! Bye, Shane, bye, Nate!" I call, and dash out the door. I have to see Caitlyn and Mitchie.

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