John Cena (?)LOVE(?) story! Part 1

Created by RocioCena on Monday, February 13, 2006


Name: whatever u want it to be.
From: St Louis, Missouri
Age: 24
What u look like: Well, i want u girls to relate to this story so, u can look like urself or watever... U DECIDE!
INFO: Well, u r rlly good friends with Randy Orton... uve been friends since u guys were young...he's like your brother.
in my story, Randy n John r both on RAW....ok?
About ur life:
Randy Orton is ur best guyfriend... (DONT GET IT WRONG! ur JUST friends ! ! )... u guys r so close that u moved in with him when u were 18... ur parents know him very well n they know ur safe wit him....
Since he's always traveling with the WWE, ur usually by urself at home... (the house u guys share) he comes home whenever he can so that ur not by urself ALL THE TIME. Most of the time, he brings his wrestling friends over with him, so, ur prity much friends with a lot of wrestlers... (cool, huh?)
When he went out with Stacy Keibler, he used to bring her over all the time, so she's ur best friend now. Since they broke up... you dont get to see her as much as u used to, but u still call her n she calls u and u hang out whenever u have a chance.
Randy and Stacy are still friends. They have been training u since u first decided u wanted to become a diva... (u decide that because u hated being home alone all day n wanted to hang out with Randy + Stacy more often) They r both working on getting you a contract with the WWE.
One day, they both come home...TOGETHER... they call u when they r on their way over there n tell u they have GREAT news 4 u. (u probably already know wat i mean)
Once they get there... Randy's setting up the speech... but Stacy can't wait n she spills it out:
( S= Stacy R=Randy )
R: "STACY!!"
S: "sorry! but i couldnt make her wait!"
You: "r u serious?? OMG!"
R: Yeah, CONGRATULATIONS BABE! (he calls u that all the time)
S: im sooo happy 4 u! we're gonna work together now!
U cant say anything cuz ur 2 shocked.... all u do is start crying....
Randy gives u a hug... he squeezes u rlly hard so u cant breath....
S: Randy! stop! i dont think Vince would want her 2 sofocate on the day they're gonna sign the contract.
You: thnx Stacy! but...WAT?? u mean... im signing the contract today??
R: YEAH! thats why we came home... u gotta get ready... get all ur stuff cuz ur coming with us to the arena today (its Monday, n RAW's tonight) n i dont think you'll be bak home any time soon.
You: That is sooo cool! im soo excited!
R: Oh God! that sounded so corny... cuz ur supposed to think that...not say it out loud! haha
You: SHUT UP! leave me alone or ill kick ur ass! (u said sarcastically)
S: yeah! leave her alone! she's a WWE wrestler now, n she has a license to kick ass! haha (she was playin along wit u)
R: well, SORRY! i didnt mean it like that! please dont hurt me! (he was just being funny... HE WASNT SERIOUS!)(u guys always joke around like that)
You: Watever...
Then, u go to ur room n start packing.... Stacy goes with u n helps u pick which outfits to bring with u.
Randy stays in the living room watching some tv.... After about 45 minutes, he gets tired of watching tv n goes into your room....
R: Wats taking u so long?
You: Sorry, but im a girl! n i have a lot more things to bring than u do!
S: Randy! u gotta stop taking her shopping cuz she has A LOT of clothes! haha
R: Yeah, actually, I DO!
You: Stacy! no! dont give him any ideas! Randy, i luv u! n i luv it when u take me shopping! haha (u said that so that he changed his mind n didnt listen 2 Stacy) He just laughed n started looking around ur room.
You: Wat r u doing? Go away! (u hate it when people go through ur stuff...even if its him)
R: Y do u have a pic of John next to my picture?
You: i have urpic cuz ur my best friend! n i luv u! haha
R: aww! thats soo cute! (he didnt mean it) but i wanna know why u have a pic of him!
You: CUZ! He's ur my best friend n he's UR best friend! (the truth was that, John had been over ur house a lot of times... n he was rlly nice 2 u... so u considered him a rlly good friend... but didnt want Randy to know anything cuz then, he would get the wrong idea)
R: That doesnt make any sense! im taking this picture! haha (he was usually rlly jealous with u) (he didnt want anyone to mess with u, n that was exactly why u were single at that time)
You: i dont care... i didnt rlly put it there anyway! the housekeeper did, n i forgot to throw it out!
R: Ill do that 4 you right now! haha (he knew you rlly well so, he knew u had a crush on John (u did) n was just teasing u)
S: (who had now stopped going through ur closet) Randy! _______! Stop! We're ready to leave now, so LET'S GO!! (she always got u out of everything) (thats why u loved her)
You: Yeah! Lets go! i cant wait to get to the arena n sign my contract)
U left n Randy drove you to the airport.... Once u got to the airport, u got out of the car n Randy went to get the tickets n to do all the paperwork so that he would be able to get his car taken to ur destination.... in this case, Massachussetts.
U n Stacy went inside n sat down on a bench.... While waiting 4 Randy 2 come bak with the tickets, u talked...
S: So, wat was all that about?
You: wat r u talking about?
S: The picture of John on ur dresser?!
You:Nothing! i told u already! the house keeper...
S: ______! im ur best friend! u can tell me! n please do!
You: fine! well, i think i have a crush on John! (u told her right away cuz thats how u guys were, u knew u would end up telling her, so y not do it right away?)
S: I KNEW IT! i knew u liked him! i knew u were lying 2 Randy! haha
You: i rlly like him! but, unfortunately, its not gonna happen!
S: How do u know? Have u guys talked about it already?
You: NO! he has no clue i even consider him my friend! Well, when he went over our house, he gave me his # so that we could keep in touch but, i never called him, so, we havent tlkd since then!
S:Wat is wrong with u? i cant believe it! i know u! n THATS NOT U! ur usually rlly fresh n go 4 it! haha
You: i know! but everytime i do that, i end up getting hurt! PLUS, i tried to call him... but everytime i picked up the phone to call him, i got rlly nervous n never actually went through with it!
S: oh! Randy's coming... but, once we land in Mass. n get to b alone, we're gonna tlk about this again!
You: Stacy! i dont wanna talk about it!...... oh Hey! (to Randy) did u get the tickets?
R: yeah, the plane leaves in 2 minutes! we're kinda late! lets go!
S: wat? why didnt u get the next plane? i cant run in heels! lol
R: want me 2 carry u? haha (he had a smile on his face)
S: no, its ok! i was just kidding (she said while smiling bak)
You:----???---- AWW!!... Randy!
R: wat?
You: NEVER MIND! haha (u laughed cuz u thought he was flirting wit her) (u thought they made the cuttest couple ever, n u wanted them to go out again) u dint wanna say anything cuz u knew Randy was rlly shy when it came to showing his feelings... n u thought u might ruin everything if u said anything...
U literally ran to the plane n once u got in, u sat by the window n asked Stacy 2 sit in the middle of u and Randy because u didnt wanna tlk to him now, since the last time you guys talked, u were tlking about John (u didnt want him to ask u anything about him).... (n u also wanted them to sit next to each other.....haha)
After a while, u fell asleep. About 3 hours later, Randy woke u up because Stacy didnt want to...
R: _______, get up! we're here! the plane's about to land!
S: No! Dont wake her up! She looks like an ANGEL!! haha
You: OMG! wat time is it?
S: It's almost 4 o'clock! (pm) aww!! u look soo cute like that! haha
You: WHY? why r u laughing?... -u get a mirror from ur purse n realize ur hair's rlly messed up, u fix it, n get kinda mad cuz they were laughing at u without saying anything....
R: AW! she's mad now! ______, dont be mad! it was just rlly funny!
You: w/e! ... U GUYS! now, im gonna b on tv every week, n i dont wanna b carrying a mirror with me all the time, so u gotta make sure i look good 4 the cameras ALL the time! haha
S: i promess i will
R: well, that was funny so, im not promising anything...haha
You: thats not funny!.... u know wat? lets just get out of this plane b4 i beat someone up! -u laughed
S: Yeah, let's go!
You got ur luggage n went to the first hotel u found there. U got 2 rooms... one 4 Randy n one for u and Stacy.
U each took a shower and got ready for RAW... it was almost 7:30pm when u guys were ready to leave.
You wore a pink mini-skirt with some black shoes and a black tank-top that said SPOILED in pink.
Once u got there, u went to Randy's locker room and waited for him to get ready for his match (he was wrestling against Chris Benoit for the #1 contender for the US title) it was still really early, but he was getting ready then because he was gonna go see n talk to Vince with you. His match was gonna be the one before the main event.(of course, John was in it)
Once he got ready, you both headed to Vince's office. Vince was busy at the moment so, you decided to walk around the arena (backstage of course) so that you could meet more superstars. You first went to the Women's Locker Room because Randy wanted to see all the divas. (typical) When u went in it, u saw Trish and Ashley talking... u were friends with Trish so, u went and said hi to her. She was rly happy 2 see you there. She Introduced you to Ashley and even though u thought she was a little weird (Ashley), u ended up talking to her for a few minutes while waiting for Randy to come bak to where u were... (he had gone to talk to Stacy.....yay!)

After that, you headed to the men's locker room. (btw, Randy had his own locker room because in the storyline he was in.... he wasnt friends with anybody, so just in case the cameras had to go in the men's locker room, Randy couldnt b there) The first person u saw was Carlito... u thought he was prity "cool" (haha) so, u decided u were gonna talk to him from now on.... (because he was one of the many ppl u werent sure you were gonna tlk to when u got there) then, u met Shawn, n u lovd talking to him because even tho he's older (a lot) than you, he was really interesting n he was really nice to you.... he welcomed you to the WWE, and said that u could go to him if you needed anything (he has a lot of experience)... u thanked him n kept looking around to try to find the ONE PERSON u were looking for (u know who im talking about! hehe) Randy showed you around a little more and u met... Shelton, Big Show, Kane, Chris, Chavo, Romeo, Viscera, Ric, RVD, and Edge... u saw everybody but "HE" wasnt there! u wanted to ask Randy if he knew where John was but u knew u would have a long conversation about it afterwards so u decided not to say anything. When u were about to leave the locker room, Lita came in... when she saw u there, she smiled n u smiled bak.... u were really good friends with her about 2 years ago.... you hadnt talked to her in a long time, so you didnt know how to react.... She hugged you n u hugged her bakk..... then, Randy realized you guys were gonna talk for a while, so he told you he was gonna go get something to drink n that he would be bak in a few minutes. U agreed to wait for him there and sat down with Lita.
(well, i used to hate Lita! but after wat happened last monday on raw, i hate Maria now! n i like Lita cuz she's the only diva that actually has a problem with her n is most likely gonna kick her ass)

L: OMG! wat r u doing here? i missed you soo much!
Y: i missed u 2! i missed tlking 2 u everyday!! and OMG! Guess wat?? IM GONNA WORK HERE NOW!
L: r u serious? omg! that is soo cool! we're gonna get to hang out now!
Y: i know! im so happy! (Lita used to be your best friend and u told her all your secrets)
L:we gotta catch up on our lives! ill tell u wat.... Me & Adam r going out clubbing today after Raw, n theres a few ppl coming with us... U WANNA GO?
Y: well, i would have to ask Randy, but i dont think he'll have a problem with that.
L: Randy? omg! is he still like ur daddy? haha
Y: No! he's not my daddy! i just live with him, n he buys me a lot of stuff so, wouldnt it be the right thing to at least tell him wat i do?
L: Yea, watever, but im just telling u... He's Controlling Ur Life!
Y: W/E! well, im gonna go look 4 him now, he's taking a little 2 long... n i still gotta talk 2 Vince!
U had gotten kinda pissed off cause she was wrong! Randy isnt controlling ur every move! She was SOO wrong! (well, at least that's wat u thought!)..... U went out to the corridor to find Randy... u went to the front lobby n there he was! but, he wasnt alone.... he was talking to.... JOHN CENA! u ran to the bathroom n checked urself.... thn, u got ready to go talk 2 Randy about going clubbing tonight n to say hi to (ur secret crush) JOHN!
R: Hey babe! (remember... He always call u that!) Over here! I want you to meet somebody!
Y: im going!
u said while walking towards them... (they were sitting down... n John was facing the other way, so he didnt c u until u walked up to him and Randy) .... u looked at Randy and gave him a kiss (on the cheek) cuz you wanted to show John that you were rlly good friends with Randy 2! (SHOW OFF! ..haha)
John: OH! Watt up? (he smiled @ u)
You: Hey! (u smiled bak)
IF YOU GUYS WANNA KNOW WAT HAPPENS WHEN U START TALKING, what u say, wat he says to you, if ur gonna go out clubbing with ur friends, and how things go with Randy n Stacy.....then, u gotta wait til PART 2! haha....itll be out soon! I PROMESS!

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