Akatsuki Truth Or Dare,Or Both! {.::Uchiha Itachi::.}

Heres a truth or Dare akatsuki thingy!! our contestant of tonight is Uchiha Itachi

Created by SagaUchiha13 on Saturday, October 04, 2008

You sighed. "Brother,I wanna do something fun today." you told him,Hidan sighed. "I said Tobi has to f*cken pick the damn game,so shut the f*ck up."
"Hell no."
"F*ck yes."
"TOBI FOUND A GAME!!!!!" Tobi cried,tackling you to the floor,Hidan smerked. "What is the game?"
"Truth or dare!!"
"Sweet,let do it!!" you cheered,going and collecting everyone.
{~I5 Minutes Later~)
"F*ck!! wheres Itachi?! damn pretty boy!!" you growled,they all looked nervousely to each other. You had collected everyone,sat them in the living room,but Itachi. "Hes on a mission,hmmm." Deidara said, you sat down and sighed. "F*ck it all then,lets f*cken go." Tobi and Hidan looked at you oddly,the others just tried to ignore you. "Truth or dare Hidan?" Deidara asked.
"F*cken dare,b!tch."
"I dare you to not do your ritchual for 1 whole day,hmm." Hidan started rolling on the floor,sucking his thumb. "Ok!! Jashain will forgive me!!" he cried,you smiled. "Your f*cken turn brother." he sat up and pointed to Pein. "Truth or f*cken dare." pein smerked. "Dare."
"I dare you on your turn to dare Kamai to...." he whispered something in his ear,Pein smerked. "Ok."
"Kamai,Dare,or both?"
"F*cken dare."
"I dare you.......to wait for Itachi in your bra and underwear,on his bed,and try to suduce him,and video tape it."
"F*CK YOU ALL!!!" you screamed getting up. "Chicken?" Hidan asked,you glared. "Hell no,Im going to change." you smiled,pulling off your top,Hidan growled. "Not here!!! f*uck,who trying to get everyone here f*cked over???" but you already had your pants down too so you were standing in front of everyone,todally in only a bra and underwear. "Here,hmm." Deidara handed you a video camera,you started cussing like hell. "See ya." you said,walking twords Itachi's room. "Damn....she f*cken hott." Sasori said,Hidan gave a curiouse look to him.
{~Itachi's Room~}
You had set the camera on Itachi's high shelf. You were also now sitting on his bed,reading on of his books with his glasses on. "Hey Itachi." Sasori greeted,then there was silence. The door knob ringeled a bit,you smerked. "Kamai,what are you......." Itachi came in a stoped dead,you pulled off his glasses and layed them down with the book. "Thats an interesting book,Itachi-sana." you said,he closed his door and gave you a curiouse look. "What are you doing in my room?" he asked,you stood up in front of him and felt his cheeks. "Nothing..." you whispered in a sexy tone,he stared at you for a moment, sighing. "Who payed you?" he smerked,you rubbed your hips agenst him,smiling inncoently. "What do you mean? I cant see my Sama?" you sounded really upset,he didnt move. "Not when they're in their underwear." he yawned,you layed your arms around his shoulders and licked his cheek. "Awww,but I thought you'd like this."
"I do,but your brother might kill me."
"Ooohh,I wouldnt worry about him,hes.......an idiot.." you sighed,unbuttoning his cloke. "Hnn..." he mummbled,watching you curiousely. "What? I just want to get to know my Sama..." you trailed off, meeting his gaze. "Somehow,I dout that." he grunted,you finnished unbuttonning his cloke and pulled it to his hands.
"Really? I thought you would like to know me too." you sighed,sliding his cloke back up. "........I do.." he answered,tugging his cloke off,you steped back and smerked. "Really?" you asked,he grabed both of your hands and pressed his lips to yours.
You pulled away and started to lick his neck,he pushed you agens this bed and climbed ontop of you. "Where do you think your going?" he asked,kissing your neck. "No where,Sama."
"Hn,good answer." he growled,fining your weak spot,you moaned and arched your back. Forgetting the camera,you slid his shirt off and threw it twords the camera,it missed. "Sama..." you moaned,he smerked and kissed you again.
Lets just say,that no one played that game for awhile,and that they were scared of you and Itachi now.
{~~~~~What They Thought~~~~}
Katazu:*counts money* strange...
Deidara:why dose he get the girls,hmm??!! *cries*
Konan:Im disturbed.
Pein:She actually got something out of it....
Zetsu:I wanted her to chicken out,I would of ate her!!
Tobi:Itachi-sama and Kamai-chan are baaaddd peoples!!! *shudders*
Sasori:Damn...... *stabbs Itachi puppet.*
Heres what you look like:

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