Cedric Diggory ****Everyone hates you**** One shot

Ok so I am suprised by how fast I did this, but its from my new liking of Cedirc (and partly robert pattison). So rate and message cos not many people have been doing that. And if I don't get feed back i'll just stop writing. Well I might. Enjoy. XD.

Created by demoltionstarfall on Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cedric Diggory - Everyone hates you

I walked down the long corridoors attempting to hide my face with my hair. No way was the rest of the school seeing me blushing and starting to cry, espically the gang of Slytherins coming up. I pushed my books up right over my chest clutching the sides. I kept my eyes down with my enchanted ipod playing 'Letterbomb' by Green day. I was almost running desperate to get back to my dorm. Someone was against me today, I rounded a corner and BOOM. Draco Malfoy trips me up, I go flying books land by the way, me flat on my face. I think I snapped. I pulled my wand discretly from my pocket. He was laughing his pefectic head off with two of his croonies and his latest girlfriend.
'Stupefy' I yelled aiming my wand directly at his disgusting body. And yes target hit, he flew backwards down the corridoor
sending a few first years flying with him paper went everywhere due to the sheer speed. I rushed to pick up my books realising my ipod was missing. I flipped round looking along the mess of the corridoor for it. I would either get in trouble for that stunt or having an ipod. And if I didn't get out of here fast it might be both.
"Looking for this?" A heavenly voice asked. I flipped round again and came face to face with one of the most georgous boys I
had ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on. Cedric Diggory. I knew who he was, he was in my year and a few of my classes. He never noticed me. I of course noticed him.
"Um yeah thanks," I smiled tucking it into my robes along with my wand.
"Come on lets get out of here," he smiled taking hold of one of my hands and running back along the corridoor.
"Um my common rooms that way," I pointed towards where I knew the enterance to the Ravenclaw common room was, the knocker.
"I know a short cut," he smiled continuing to run in the opposite direction to my common room. I let my feet carry
themselves. He was touching my hand. Holding it in his. Eventually he pulled me behind a tapestry. He slowled right down, didn't drop my hand, and walked along the small short cut. "So what was that all about Amy? I've never seen you blow up like that before." I had no clue he knew my name.
"Bad day, I just blew up," I sighed feeling stupid for my reaction to someone simply tripping me up. A stupid Muggle prank
that I would normally use my wit and ignore. Sometimes resulting in a discreet come back.
"I would have gotten revenge on your behalf but you sort of already took care of that," he turned back and threw me a smile.

I would have stopped and documented this exact moment in time if he wasn't pulling me along. "So whats been going on?"
"Nothing," I mummbled using my spare sleeve to quickly check my eyes. Dry. Good.
"It isn't nothing," Cedric said stopping and spinning around to face me. He looked stern? Concerned? Worried? It didn't take
anything from how perfect he looked. "You can tell me we have all day. Not even the twins know about this place. Or we could go to the lake?" He suggested. I slid down the wall slient tears and all. I felt so stupid.
Cedric was instantly next to me
wrapping his strong arms around me. I just felt more stupid and perfetic. I heard one of my favourite songs 'tears don't fall' playing from my ipod. For some reason it made me cry a little harder. "Your not ok are you?" I just shook my head listening to Bullet for my valentine. "I like this song whose it by?"
"Bullet for my valentine," I sniffed. "Its one of my favourites, just after Letterbomb."
"Letterbomb?" Cedric looked confused. I chuckled slightly.
"You don't listen to any muggle music do you?" I asked still smiling, I could tell I was a mess, eyes red and puffy, hair
sticking out, clothes everywhere, tear tracks.
"Not really," he cringed, "how did you know?"
"Cos everyone likes Green day," I smiled.
"Thats that top you were wearing last weekend," Cedric said partly to himself.
"You remember what I was wearing?" I asked, slightly creeped out, slightly intreegued. Slightly hopeful. I looked up at him
through slightly watery eyes.
"Yeah," he blushed, "now come on whats wrong?" He asked tightening his grip slightly.
"You don't want to hear my sad boring laugh. No one does," I sniffed tears flowing more now. I was blushing slightly as tears
still ran down my face, "i'm just a perfectic Ravenclaw who should just end her perfectic excuse for a life." I cried a little harder. Cedric pulled me onto his lap arms still tightly around him.
"Tell me," his voice was soft and perfect. I almost kissed him, but I controlled myself.
"Well basically, I have pretty much no friends, i'm bullied by just about everyone, my mum died last year, my dad left me
with my cousin and I just don't see the point anymore," I cried, Cedric gently pulled my head into his chest. I let out a little sob as he started stroked my hair. I felt even more stupid and perfectic, "i'm sorry I should go." I tried to get free my Cedric held me there.
"I am sorry you feel like that. But I will always be here for you. Always," he said so passionatly. He leaned down and
planted a kiss on my cheek, he slowly made his way along to my lips. I almost collapsed. I couldn't believe it. Not everyone hates you was my first thought. "I don't hate you. I love you."
"I love you too Cedric," I smiled slightly, he kissed me again this time a little more rougher. But I had no complaints. From
that momment onwards he never let me feel down while he was around, and even when he wasn't he'd send little notes and presents. I loved him. And I could tell he loved me.
Summer came. It was the day we were leaving and Cedric hugged me nearly the entire way home knowing that I didn't want to go
room. Knowing that I was going to the opposite of how I felt with Cedrics.
"I'll see you whenever I can," he whispered. I sobbed another time. He might see me but still. "I promise."
And he kept his promise whenever we could we'd meet up. But I started to feel prefetic again, I cried all the time. No matter
how much he told me I wasn't I just felt even worse. I think he could tell as well.
"Look I can tell somethings up," Cedric sighed pulling me next to him on a bench in a park near his house. "You feel like you
used to, perfectic." I just nodded. "Why?"
"I just feel like such a loser, i'm always crying, always feeling down, always feeling like I need to be around you," I
sniffed leaning on his arm. He put an arm around me.
"Well your not always crying, your not a loser and I love being around you." He said softly, "we go back to Hogwarts soon and

you'll bee 17. I'll get a job, and we can move in together. Promise." I smiled as he leant down and seeled that promise with a kiss.
We went back to Hogwarts about a week later. I was so happy. Hogwarts didn't used to feel any better than home but since I
had made some friends and Cedric was around it felt much better.
Then it happened Tri-wizard tournament. And of course Cedric
entered. Infact I did too. I was worried every second while he was doing the tasks. He told me not to, to trust his abilities. And I did. It didn't stop the worries. He entered the maze and I could tell something would go wrong. I could just tell. I sat in my seat biting my lip. I couldn't sit there much longer. I got up despite the calls of my friends. I charged to the edge of the maze and paced there for a little while. Something had gone wrong. None had doen anything since Fluer and Krum had come out.
"Where is he?" I asked myself. A shooting light came about five yards from me.
Harry was holding the cup and Cedrics lifeless
body. I let out a cry and rushed over. No pulse. I collapsed into his chest. Crying. He was gone. I had nothing left to life for. He promised me something. And he would never keep it. I cried more and more. The first thing I could think of was to just jump in the lake and drown right now. Tears were streaming onto his face. "Whats the point?" I cried. Why did it have to be him. I kissed his cheek, it was starting to go cold. I pulled away tracing his features with with my fingers. I had lost him forever. I heard a gasp from somewhere. I blinked through the tears. He was blinking. He was breathing.
"I promised didn't I," he smiled. I smiled back at him.
I still don't understand why but my willingness, my tears, my love and his strength saved him.

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