25 Ways To Make A Straight Guy Gay Rule 1

Finding Your Guy- This guy is not your weekly crush. It's someone you are head over heals for and you can't see a day you don't want them right there. Do not take this lightly, this is someone's life!

Created by GayAndHappyAboutIt on Tuesday, October 07, 2008

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My longish black hair created a tangled veil as i peeked over to see Joey shimmering into his light blue gym shorts. I sighed. I'd been watching him change for like, a year and a half.

I turned away from Joey to pull my shirt over my head and i was engulfed by a momentary blindness as the black cotton slipped over my head. When my shirt was over my head and off i threw it in my gym locker and looked over at Joey.

Damnit, he was already fully dressed and was now sitting down on the thin wooden bench, pulling on his gym shoes. I sighed and reached into my gym bag, pulling out my gym shorts and my gym shirt.

I yanked my gym shorts up and on and took my time with my gym shirt. No body but the uber sports kids wanted to go out into gym on time. I liked slacking around in the gym for a good extra ten minutes. Like any emo kid who thought gym was a hell hole of forty five minutes for sixth period on days one, two, and three.

"Did you ever notice how your always dressed after i am,'' Joey asked me out of nowhere as i sat down on the bench and started pulling on my gym shoes. The ugly white and gold things from American Eagle. I hate that store. It was so friggin generic.

"That's cause i don't like gym,'' i said and i yanked the shoe laces on my left shoe as tight as i could until my foot started falling asleep. I tied it in an agressive knot and started on the other shoe.

"Why, Mr. Jackson's really cool,'' Joey said and i turned my head and looked up at him through my very emo died black bangs. Joey shrugged as if forgetting my emo-ness, which was understandable considering i had to dress like a normal person for gym or i failed. Stupid rule.

I started putting way to much attention on my shoelace and ended up kicking a locker door when Joey called my name.

"Sean," he yelled and i looked over at him. Damnit i had to start tying my shoe all over again.

"WHAT," i screamed at him and Joey laughed. He paused a second, and then turned around.
"Do these shorts make my ass look fat,'' he asked sarcastically and i looked at his ass, which was pushed so you could see the boniness of it.
"Yes, your a fucking heffer. Lose some weight you friggin cow!!! THis is a school, not a barn,'' i said sarcastically and i started tying my shoes again. Until i heard the way to loud to be real sob. I looked over at Joey who was dramatically "weeping" in his hands with his long, five-eleven body slumped up against the bright red lockers that signified our school colors.
"You are so rude,'' Joey fake wailed into his hands and i rolled my eyes. "You are so not my best friend anymore,'' he cried agian and i couldn't help but laughing. If he wanted to play that game i could play it.
"Well I"m sorry you big tub of GOO but there are no fat people in the modeling business, your gonna have to go anorexic or something or you fired you fatass,'' i said and Joey lifted his head out of his hands and smiled at me.
My heart skipped a beat... just thought you should know that. You know, the smile on the tan face kinda sent me into a miny heart attack every time it went off in my direction.
"You really think i could be a model,'' he asked me and i glared at him as i started tying my shoe again. I finished tying my shoe before answering him.
"shut the hell up joey,'' i said and he laughed at me. Stupid tall preppy person. Five-one people who emo it up have feelings too.
"I'll see you out there,'' his voice cracked from puberty as he said it and i watched him clumsily run out to the gym. I leaned against a locker and could only think of one thing at the moment. How did someone who was five-eleven still be going through puberty. It was impossible.


I looked out the window in the art room and i sighed. They should not have windows in the art room. I mean, they shouldn't have window's in school altogether. Think about it, windows are made to distract you, your meant to pay attetion in school. Don't those two things kind of contradict each other???
Anywho, i watched the rain pelt against the windows that took up the far side of the art room and as my mind drifted off into nowhere and my hand flew across the sketch page, i completely blanked myself out against the noises of the classroom and even the loud table less than five feet away from me.
Luckily i had my own table in art class... it wasn't really my table but people knew not to disturb me during art class, cause i always kind of relaxed in art, i let my mind wonder and do whatever it wanted to do for that briefe briefe period of time where i didn't have to worry about me slipping up and coming out of the closet.
I was safe in art class. I was safe.
I focused my mind more on the window. It was blurry, the pletting down rain made it impossible to see any specifics outside the window and all you could see was the dark blurry green of the wet hill that was on the left side of BelleVille High School and the dark gray sky, just more proof the pouring rain wasn't going to stop for a while.
That was a plus, and a negative. It was Friday so Joey had a soccer game which i was forced to attend.
Option A: the game is canceled so i don't have to sit in the pouring rain from six to eight watching Joey play a sport i can't stand.
Option B: i watched Joey run around for two hours in the rain. Either way i went over to his house to spend the night. God, it was great being best friends with the guy you've been in love with for four years, ever since the fifth grade.
"Sean, may i see what your working on,'' i jumped a good three feet in the air off my chair and i looked over to see Mrs. Parker standing besides my table. Smiling her usual smile and looking at my notebook.
Okay, let me give you a break down of Mrs. Parker, the best teacher ever. She's short, only a couple inches taller than me, and she's a little over weight with a permant orange tan and short blond hair cut in a crew cut.
She's an average art teacher, which mean's she wears the most outrageous things like the outfit she had on now which were flourescent pink platform sandals with plastic straps, denim overals, and a white shirt with flowers that were neutral yellow and green on. She obvious, dressed to the extreme.
But Mrs. Parker was cool, she didn't mind swearing or gum, and she gave Free Friday's that let her students do whatever they wanted and she just sat back at her table sewing little bags or bracelts that she sold at the market on Saturday's or Sunday's.
Plus, she doesn't MAKE you show her anything. If you don't want to show her it she simply gives you a fifty and says some of the greatest artists in history were shy about there work in the begining.
I looked down at my sketch book and swallowed. It was Joey. He was in the locker rooms bu thank god he had all of his clothes on. It was when he was stretching and leaning up against the lockers and there was no doubt that it was him. It was like a spitting image.
"umm, sure," i sullenly hand her my sketch pad and she flips right to the front of the packet and starts flipping through the pages one by one. When she gets to the end she smiles and shuts the notebook.
She drops it down on the table and she sits down on the chair.
"So, have you actually seen that or is that from you imagination,'' Mrs. Parker asked and i knew she was talking about the sketch of Joey.
"I saw it,'' i murmured embarrassed and Mrs. Parker laughed.
"I knew it! Sean, your sooo good at drawing, your amazing. But your limiting yourself to what you see! Sean, you have an amazing mind and if you put it on paper... your art will soar. Next time, i want you to draw something impossible, something that will never happen."
"Umm, okay,'' i said confused and she smiled and stood up.
"Now I have to go, i'm behind on my crafts today,'' she said and i watched as she walked over to the sewing table she used. I turned back to my table and jumped. Joey was sitting there, eyeing my notebook that i never let anyone look at. It was private.
"You let Mrs. Parker see it,'' he said hurt, as a best friend should when his best friend has a secret notebook he refuses to let anyone but the art teacher see.
"Go away Joey, you know that i like being alone during art class,'' i said and Joey sighed.
"Well, i was actually wondering if you'd like to come sit with me and MY table for the rest of period considering you've already been disturbed,'' he smiled and i looked over his shoulder at "his" table. Full of loud, obnoxious preps that never did anything but talk about how much more awesome they were than from everyone else. Sickening.
I leaned in slightly so i was only a couple inches away from Joey's face. "Go away Joey,'' i said with a smirk and i straightened back up.
Joey leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest, and huffed. "well it's a free country and maybe i'll just sit here,'' he said and i shrugged.
"Fine, i'm done anyway but i'm not going over there,'' i said and he smiled at my defeat.
"JOEYYYY, OH JOEY!!!!" Kendra McFly, the biggest slut in the ninth grade yelled, and i looked over to see her and all her red head and freckles waving excitedly at Joey to go back over.
He smiled at me, nodded toward Kendra, and took off toward his table.
That's something i could draw, me kissing Joey. Something that would NEVER happen.
I looked over at his table and watched as Kendra started leaning in closer to Joey, like she was going to kiss him right in the middle of the class which the slut probably would do considering how hot Joey was.
That's also what i could draw, me strangleing Kendra cause i couldn't draw me and Joey...
Cause that could happen.
Cause that WOULD happen.
But all i had to do...
Was Turn Joey Zinger...
One Of The Straightest Teens Alive...
I had to turn Joey, Gay!
Keep In touch for 25 ways to turn your straight guy gay Rule 2: Finding His Type.
Pic Of Sean Weller (close image to him but Sean has black hair)
Pic Of Joey Zinger (close pic but Joey Looks a bit younger)
Pic Of Zoe Shammer (friend of Sean's... Sean's TYPE of Friend)
storyonwebsitepic.jpg(i know her in real life!!!)

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