NarutoxSakura A Love Story

Naruto and sakura!! Narusaku!!! There has been some evidence in recent episodes that sakura has finally developed feelings for naruto in my story shes gonaa admit them!!! All narusaku fans you are welcome to read!!---I dont own any characters or anything in this story by the way--- Please ratemand mesage me if you want another otherwise i wont make one.

Created by twilight5137 on Wednesday, October 08, 2008


"Naruto... I have Something to say... I am in love with you." Sakura said. They stood in the forest the sun bright and high in the sky, staring at each other. They had decided to walk here earlier just as friends wanting to take a walk. But to sakura it was an oppurtunity, an opportunity to see if he could possibly still like her.
When her words were met by silence she blushed an even deeper shade of red " I understand if you have lost feeling for me" she looked down at her feet fighting back tears. She had known he would reject her, he couldnt possibly still care for her. Still she still had to appoligize for all she had done to him so she opened her mouth again.
" I know how mean i have been to you." tears now flowed freely down her face and she could not meet his eyes. " Ive yelled at you and ignored you, when you had been nothing but nice to me. You always protected me even though you thought i never cared about you. But i do care now. After sasuke left i relized something. that my feelings for him were fake he is nothing to me now." she laughed bitterly. "he never even noticed me. But you.. you were always there. And im sorry... i dont deserve you, why would you like me any way? Im ugly, im annoying, im stupid. You should hate me."
"i dont hate you sakura" naruto said. Sakura tried not to let her hopes rise at these words. After all he could just be lying, being that stupid, nice, amazing guy again. She knew that if her hope rose they would just fall twice as fast, and she would be hurt so much more. so she just shook her head no.
" I dont hate you Sakura" He repeated more firmly. " How could I? Your smart, talented, beautiful, kind. Ive loved you since the first time i laid eyes on you. And i feel so.... Elated that you feel the same way now."
Sakura looked up now shocked, could it be true? did he still like her? And then a smile broke across her face At the truth she heard loud and clear in his voice. Her tears stopped flowing, and butterflies began moving around in her stomach.
Naruto took a stepp closer, a look of fondness on his face as he studied her. Hershort pink hair, her green eyes, her red headband,shirt and pants, and the soft blush that had returned.
Suddenly the space between them was no more. Naruto pulled Sakuras mouth to his own. She kissed back imediatly, her surge of passion making him kiss all the harder. Sakura put her arms around his shoulders, leaning into him even more. When the kiss broke off they were breathing hard. thier foreheads were pressed against each other, their eyes looking into the others. Inside they knew what they were feeling, true love. The bliss of the feeling... the intensity... it was overwhelming.
Sakura brought his face to hers again. Naruto groaned in the back of his throat.She was already squished against him but she somehow found a way to press tighter to him, keeping them in a steady embrace.
Naruto ended up being the one that stopped kissing, being in need of air. "Sakura... Ive never felt this way before... I love you." He said. " I know... I love you too." Sakura responded then laughed out of pure joy. "who wouldve thought that we would end up together?"
His arms tightened around the small of her back and they were just about to engage again when someone stumbled out of the trees. It was Sai, when he saw them he stopped walking and just said "Oh...Im sorry am i interuppting something? I saw you 2 walking in here earlier and i was coming to go find you because i was bored and i wanted someone to talk to. Um... Well this is kind of awkward isnt it?"
Naruto and Sakura sprang apart. Their faces were beet red and they both seemed incapable of speaking. " you know i read a book once that said sometimes a boy and a girl that have been friends for a long time can end up together. I guess it was im gonna go get something to eat. your welcome to join me if you want to... or you could stay here and... do whatever you were headed to."
Sai turned and walked back through the trees. Naruto and Sakura looked at each other, grabbed each others hand and ran after him. They were both pretty hungry, and besides they could always pick up were they left of later.

The end
If you liked this mesage me and i might make another!!NaruSaku_Kiss_by_SasuSakuFan1.jpgnarusaku.jpg

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