Motorcycle accident

I didnt write this (everything else of mine I write). I thought it was cute so i posted it. RATE> MESSAGE> READ MY OTHER STUFF

Created by Artluva on Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Girl: Slow down!!!!
Boy: No! It's fun!
Girl: No it's not! Please slow down!!! I'm scared.
Boy: Fine. Give me a hug first.
Girl: Okay. *Gives him a hug.*
Boy: Now tell me you love me.
Girl: "I love you." Now SLOW DOWN!
Boy: Take off my helmet and put it on your head, its bugging me.
Girl: *She puts it on.*
CRASH!!!! The next day the local paper's headline said "Two are in a motorcycle accident, one is dead". The police said that halfway into the ride the boy knew the breaks weren't working. The boy purposly asked his girlfriend for his last hug andan "i love you". He had her put on the helmet to save her life even though he knew he would lose his.
Love like this is amazing. Most girls just want a guy togive her his coat when she is cold,but this boy gave up his life to save hers.

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