Hellboy )( 2 )( Coffee, Cats and Cereal Bars

Ok. New chapter. clearing this up.... Kia is from London, England, so when this goes American, expect me to know nothing. Good good. Let the Love commence...or the story, anyway! xx

Created by XXStraightEdgeSinnerXX on Thursday, October 09, 2008


Hellboy’s POV

Recently we found out about some teenage chick, about 15, who is some sorta cat demon. She isn’t meant to be causing any harm. Well, she’s in England and we’ve all been packed off. Once we arrived at her home address, well, clearly there was no-one alive in that house. Abe was wandering around, doing the old fishy psychic thing, nosing around in her room, when he came downstairs and told the rest of us that she had run away to somewhere called Camden Market.

Once we got there, we saw a skinny chick in the distance look around, shiver and slink into a shadowy alley. Following her, and trying to be as quiet as possible, we saw her curled up in a small ball, sleeping like a baby. Picking her up and cradling her in the crook of my stone arm, I climbed into the garbage truck. Well, this would be fun.

Kia’s POV

I slowly woke up, although I kept my eyes closed. Stretching my muscles out, and shaking my tail, my ears picked up the sound of people talking in hushed tones. I could feel the truck move around on the road – wait! I went to sleep, dossing in an alley, not a truck. What the fuck was going on?! Opening my eyes, I screamed. Loudly. They all looked around. There was some sort of fish person, a woman, older than me but not like, old, and a big, red…person of some sort, smoking a cigar.

“What. The. Hell? Where am I? What’s going on? Who are you?”

Big red guy says “Hey, I’m HB; this is Abe, and Liz. Myers is driving up front.” He has a thick New Jersey drawl, and points to Liz and Abe. “We’re from the BPRD; the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence.”

“It’s ok, we know about you’re ears and tail. Don’t be frightened, we’re here to help. I know what it’s like to be left out. I’m a pyrokinetic, a”

“Fire-starter.” I finished Liz’s sentence. “Yeah, that.” She agrees, smiling. I smile back.

“HB, or Hellboy, is a well, we don’t really know. Umm, kinda the right hand of doom is all we’ve picked up, but it’s not all bad! He’s a good guy, really he is.” Liz had to add that, after seeing the look on my face – o_O – but hey. “Abe here,” she says, gesturing to Fishy man “is some sort of fish man. His full name is Abraham Sapien, generally Abe.”

“Cool.” I said nodding.

“Can we, umm, see?” Liz wasn’t sure what to say. “Sure,” I said, pulling off my beanie, my tail, which had been previously wrapped tight against my leg, uncurled and I stood there, not sure what to say either.


“We’re here, Kia,” Liz said. She was really the nicest. HB didn’t really speak to me at all, and Abe, well Abe was, well, Abe I guess. Grabbing all my bags I turned the volume down on my I-pod, which had been playing Avenged Sevenfold’s the Beast and the Harlot on full blast. Following Liz through the gates, I pulled my hoodie up. It was freaking cold!

And that’s all folks! J

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