24. Introduce a little anarchy [joker love story]

A lot of people debate wither or not heath's joker was better than jack's joker but honestly...they can't really be compared. Now understand that The Dark Knight's joker was going towards a different feel than jack's joker, more dark and jack's was more funny and comical. They were almost two different people, now i say that with love because both were amazing, i just don't think that ones better than the other. with love-xharauku6x

Created by xharajuku6x on Sunday, October 12, 2008

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"Alfred can you hear me?" Bruce talked through the mask's microphone.

"Yes Master Wayne." Alfred reasured.

The batmobile sped silently through the back roads of the city. Gordon had given in his call on where the Joker was hidden, and this time he promised himself he would bring him in even if it cost him his whole life. Since Joker had gotten out, the body count continued to rise in Gotham. And it was because of him, that Batman, was no longer had the chance to be the symbol of hope he could've been. Taking the blame for what he had turned Dent into had taken away any chance he had at the title of a hero, but it was okay with him. He didn't want to be a hero, he didn't need to be.

"I'm coming up to intersection."

"I see." said Alfred."Gordon said it was in Downtown, from where you are..." Alfred took a glance at the tracker on the computer screen. "...make on left on Revine, its the 37th, on avenue H."

"That's what I thought."

"Your coming up on the turn." Alfred warned.

Buildings became identical after the turn on Revine. Each was made with dark brown bricks each with the same structure of 4 stories. At the end of the road came a rusted green sign with the words Avenue H printed on the side. He sped the batmobile faster even past the house they were heading for...but on purpose. He knew the police would come. He continued to head father down the street until he was far enough that on coming police cars wouldn't notice he was there.

The batmobile slid into the corner, hidden by the shadows overcasted by the buildings. With careful grace, he jumped onto the fire escape and climbed to the roof, being sure to be silent. The roof tops were the easy part, quick jumps across. His feet gave off quite crunches as he ran across the rocky concrete roof.

"Check the report again Alfred. Are you sure this is the right spot?" he asked through the static. He got low on his knees, aiming towards one window covered with nothing but glass. An easy opening.

"Positive sir."


You sat alone in the unfinished rooms corner, with your unfinished thoughts, with your unfinished life horror story. You hugged your legs and laid your head on your knees. What could he have meant. Your thoughts of how to survive through this had been replaced with thoughts of just him. You couldn't tell wither they were thoughts of hate, thoughts remorse, thoughts sympathy, or thought of...it didn't matter.

"would you come with me then?"

The words rang throughout your thoughts like a broken record.

"would you..."


Your screams became lost in the loud sounds over glass shattering and wood splintering that echoed throughout the hollow room. You instinctively covered your face with your hands to flinched. When you opened your eyes there he was, with black armor and cape. You felt your stomach drop and the thought came to your head that he was real, you had known he wasn't an urban legend all along but, he was standing in front of you, and he was going to save you.

"Where's the Joker?" A raspy voice came from his mouth.

You barely found it in your power to point to the door at the end of the room with a shaky finger. Gotham's dark knight walked towards you and knelt down.

"Stay right here." He warned. "I'll come back for you."

With that he left, and you felt tears start to welt up in your sore eyes. It was happening, right now! What you had prayed for for the days, the weeks, the months. No more nights crying alone, no more wishing you were dead, no more mushy slop crap for breakfast, no more Joker....no more Joker. And back to your life, of working hard for nothing...nights alone...back to wishing you were dead...maybe much hadn't changed.

'would you...'

"ALICE!" the door swung open and Hotoma ran in.

"ALICE WE HAVE TO GO!" Hotoma grabbed your wrist, and you pulled away.

"No...no, I WON'T!" You started crying harder.

"No Alice you don't understand. We have to go NOW!" He grabbed your wrist again tight so you couldn't pull away. You were surprised at how strong he was.

"No YOU don't understand." you sobbed.

"Alice, please. You don't understand. They can't protect you from him...your his obsession Alice! He's not gonna let you go until your dead Alice!"

"IF THAT'S TRUE THEN WHY SHOULD I GO WITH YOU!!" you screamed louder than needed.

"You just got to trust me. I won't let him hurt you, but if you leave I can't protect you."

He let go of your wrist and held out his hand for you to take hold of. There was a long silence before you grabbed his hand for him to pull you up. He gently swung you around and put you on his back piggy-bag style. You rested your head on the back of his neck.

"Hotoma, what ever happened to your sister?" You said loud enough just so he could here you he ran with you down the hall. You regretted saying anything the second you made your sentence. Again there was a long silence before he answered.

"She died, she was walking home and was hit by a drunk." Hotomas voice shook.

You closed your eyes as you were shaken up and down by Hotoma running down the stairs. You could here from above your head through the thin floors the sounds of heavy foot steps. Hotoma took you through a back door and helped you on top of a black motorcycle. He handed you a black helmet with tainted glass over the opening for eyes. Your heart raced when he revved the engine and you took off at at least 60 miles per hour down the street. The sounds of the engine competed with the echoing sounds of police sirens roaring back at the hide out.


"Long time no see commissioner." He licked his lips taking in the smell of the oh so familiar questioning room.

Gordon opened the door and let it heavily slam back into it's frame. He held a cup of coffee in his hands and keys in the others. He looked older than usual, more tired.

"Can't say I'm disappointed with that." Joker tried to hold back his obvious grin at Gordon remark.

"So..uh...whatcha got on me this time, I see you finally got your coffee." He pointed to the cup in his hand.

"Well," Gordon sat down. "We have 7 homicides-"

"Only did 3" Joker interupped.


"Yup." Joker gave an automatic response.

"Kidnapping-" Gordon continued.

"Dolly? Yeah." he interupped again.

"Police evasion-"


"Conspiring with the mob-"

"Hey...Maroni came to me." He lied with a grin.

"and aggravated assault on said kidnapping." Gordon looked up from the list for a response.

Joker swished around his checks, obviously thinking for a response.

"Well actually, you have no proof. Well do ya?" He asked in with his funny tone.

"Look we have witnesses that saw her in that building alive. Now im going to ask you where is she." Gordon persisted.

"Legal witnesses? Ooor..." He gave Gordon a look that he obviously knew who he was taking about. "See, depending on the witness, you can't prove much can you." He gave a raspy giggle flashing his yellow smile.

"Listen Joker...I want to know where that girl is, and I want to know now."

"What if I gave you a choice?" Joker choed.

"What could you mean by choice."

"You let me go, I give you said kidnapped girl, you don't, she dies." Joker pressed together his fingers. "I can't actually guarantee how she's gonna die, wither its shooting, cut to pieces, poison, being fed to dog, or getting hit by truck." he said 'truck' with an erie up beat tone.

"You never getting back on the streets I'm telling you that RIGHT NOW!" Gordon yelled, but Joker just tried to hide the grin on his face. "Why the hell do you need her anyway!?"

"Well I just kinda thought of her as an insurance policy." Joker said as if it were obvious.


"Yeah, kinda like a get-out-of-jail-free card. If I always have her, I'll always have a betting chip, a way to negotiate out of here. So what cha gonna do about poor dolly's pre-dic-ament?"

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