Tell Me You Love Me (A Student/Teacher Romance) Part 1

Okay, okay, okay, I know I haven't finished any of my other stories but I was inspired to write a romance between a teacher and his student...besides everytime I went to read a t/s romance, they would always be about Harry Potter...and don't get me wrong, I love Harry Potter, but....yeah you get the point. Anyway, this story is abit dirty but I can promis you there will be NO lemons, I just don't think like that lol. So perverts, scram! Anyway, please rate and message!

Created by Vampoholic on Sunday, October 12, 2008

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“Annabell, c’mon, get up! It’s time to go!” I heard right before the door gently swung closed. I groaned and forcefully pushed myself out of bed. When I could manage to stand up without swaying drunkenly, I walked to the walk-in closet in my room and ignored the whole left half of it. Going immediately to my side and picking out a black tank top, my faded dark jeans that ripped at the back of one of my thighs, and on both knees, and I grabbed my favorite black vans.
When I finally left my room to take a shower, the aroma of scrambled eggs and chocolate chip waffles made me jump towards the bathroom and tear my nightwear off, not that there was much. All I wore to bed was a pair of really short shorts and an oversized shirt that went to my knees. Considering that every night they get ripped off, what was the point in ruining a perfectly new set of pajamas or a new nightgown?
My eyes caught sight of myself right before I got in the shower and I turned towards the mirror stifling a groan. There were noticeable red marks all over my neck and chest. And God knows where else. It was going to be a pain to try and cover them again. I mean, I could cover the crimson marks with my hair, though it was going to be windy and raining all day today. Looks like luck just wasn’t with me today. Abruptly I turned towards the shower and climbed onto the steps to get in. At first the water was extremely cold, but it gradually began to warm up in a mere matter of seconds. And just as fast I was scrubbed clean from that sticky feeling I felt all last night.
Eventually I left the warm spray of rain from the shower and donned my clothes on. I tried my best to cover all the blood marks, dabbed a bit of eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, and lip-gloss on and decided that I looked pretty good. Right when I opened the door I felt this soreness throughout my body which had nothing to do with bad sleeping posture…of course, if I ever could get to sleep. I took a step forward, winced and then took a deep breathe in and out, and that’s how it went all the way into the kitchen.
“I’m right here dammit, quit yelling at the top of your lungs!”
And then…he turned around…
My life.
My soul.
Keeper of my heart.
My eternity.
My world.
My Leo.
He had on a gentle smile that took my breathe away and made me smile back, as he moved toward me, I began to melt. And when he finally stood in front of me, I was little more than a puddle.
I had to crane my neck to see his face because he was just so big! Height wise of course. His black hair tickled my face as he bent down to give me a kiss, just as I was standing on my tippy-toes, my body decided for me to ignore the kiss because of what happened last night. Just as his lips were one inch away, I turned my head to the side and walked into the family room. He groaned loudly and followed me.
“What was that for?” he asked in an annoying tone, almost childish.
“That was for what you did last night.” my voice sounded stern.
“What I did…?”
I turned on him, “Yes what YOU did!”
“What exactly did I do last night?”
“Figure it out yourself!”
“All I remember doing last night was…coming home…eating dinner…I was going to take a shower but you came in, with nothing but a towel on…and then I kissed you and touched--”
“OKAY, okay, okay, okay! Stop right there!” My voice went high-pitched and I looked down, my cheeks were slowly burning.
There was that annoying chuckle again, and then I wasn’t looking at my shoes, but his shoes. Even then, he put his index finger under my chin and lifted my face up to him. He caught his breath and then crushed me to him. He held me so tight that I had to put my arms around his neck to keep my balance. He took the opportunity to give me a memorable kiss--one of many-- and he put me back on the ground afterwards. Once again grinning…
“So what exactly did I do to you last night?” he asked as he regained his normal breathing. On the contrary, for me it took just a tad bit longer.
Silently I shook my head exasperatedly and left him standing in the room to go and finish with breakfast, it was already a quarter to five in the morning (4:45 a.m.). It wasn’t long before he joined me at the kitchen table.
I got up to make him a plate, however, in order to do that, I had to reach up high to get a plate from a cupboard because there weren’t anymore clean ones in the dishwasher. Which, I just so happened could not reach unless I was to stand on the counter. So while I was struggling to get my husband….yes I said husband, a plate, he came up behind me and pressed himself against my back. I froze and my breathing grew ragged. When he received his plate he bent down to my level and gave me a kiss on the neck, so very slowly he traveled.
“Leo,” I gasped as he lightly bite me, “c’mon Leo, it took me forever to make the marks you gave me last night go away, and even then they didn’t. He turned me around to face him so that I was between the counter and him.
“Is that what you’re so pissed off about this morning? No one’s telling you to hide them, maybe, just maybe if you were to leave my marks alone, every boy would quit drooling after you.” He whispered back as his hands slowly made their way to my butt and gripped there, pulling me into him.
“Ow! Dammit!” I yelled aloud in pain.
Leo immediately backed up, “Anna, honey, did I do something to hurt you?”
“Idiot!” My brows scrunched together in pain and my hand caressed where the pain was coming from, waaaay low on my stomach, just above my umm *ahem* womanly feature.
Leo looked to where I cradled my stomach and his features were contorted in confusion when the realization finally dawned on him. His arms immediately shot to around my waist and he pulled me toward him, so that I was suffocating in his exquisite and magnificent scent.
He chuckled just barely and managed to counter my humiliation with humor. “Geez Bells, I though it was something serious.”
“This is--” I tried to protest
“It’s to be expected if you’re having vigorous sex every night for almost two years.”
I blushed again, “And who’s fault do you think it is exactly?”
“Mine I hope," he smirked cockily. Seeing my expression made him sigh and ask, "Are you trying to prove a point?”
“I’m just saying that you never could keep your hands off of me,” I summarized.
Leo pulled me onto the counter right then, and his hands were literally everywhere…as in all over me.
“Isn’t it supposed to be that way? Can’t a man come home looking forward to something only his wife can give him?”
I giggled, “I’m surprised that I’m not pregnant yet.”
That’s when he slowed down and got serious, “The only thing that’s stopping us from having kids is the fact that you keep taking those damn pills of yours.”
“Well I have to finish school.”
“You make it sound like your still in high school. Annabell, you’re 19--soon to be 20, you’ve been married to me now for almost two years. You’ll be done with college pretty soon, maybe it’s time to just do away with the pills.”
“Leo, nobody knows about us yet, how’s it going to appear when I turn up pregnant and the kid belongs to one of my college professors?”
Point two, see the thing is, I’m married to my English professor. I know I know, sounds weird and creepy, but not really. Leo is only 23, and before being a professor he was a Calvin Klein model. At first it got really awkward because I took AP English though at a college level and I had to drive down to Sierra College everyday. And because English had always been my favorite subject, I stayed after school every single day, we’d eventually started meeting on the weekend, and that turned into love. Which resulted in a kiss, and that turned into dates and sex. And then marriage....And now, here we are, arguing about an unborn child…oops. I guess I shouldn’t have said that.
Well, here’s my big secret, I’m pregnant.
Two weeks actually, that’s why I’m so sore; and I really don’t know what to do. Obviously, Leo wants kids, I just don’t know what to do. No matter the small amount of age difference, it’s still pretty awkward…I mean, even after he quit his modeling job five years ago, he’s still getting requests for autographs and to model again; I don’t know what he saw in me. In fact, I don’t know what anyone sees in me. I don’t even come close to him. His sparkling blue eyes, silky black hair that barely touched the nape of his neck. When he decides that we should put our stuff away for the night and go mess around in bed, I have one hellofa time just touching his hair, it’s so soft! And once I see him shirtless…even after all this time, he still manages to leave me breathless.
I was pulled out of my thoughts when I felt large and soft hands caressing my face.
“What are you thinking?”
Leo’s head bent until his forehead touched mine, his thumb now caressing my lips and his other hand intertwined with the one that was cradling my stomach.
“I’m thinking about kids…and…how your too good to be true.”
He pulled away, and I assumed he was disappointed.
“You don’t see yourself clearly.” He moved around me to stack a few waffles and gather some eggs.
I sat down in one of the table chairs just as Leo sat across from me. I scrunched my nose in self-abhoration and demanded, “Oh and I suppose you do?!”
“Well yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t have married you if you were ugly.” My mouth must have dropped to floor, he sounded so snotty! “Look, what I’m trying to say is, I could have chosen any girl, but I chose you, understand?”
I nodded and everything after was pure silence. A silence that scared me. The reason behind my getting up and walking around the table. Leo immediately put his fork down and opened his arms. I sat down on his lap and snuggled against him; my head in the crook of his neck. There was that stupid silence again. I turned my head and kissed his neck leaving a love bite just like the so many he gave me.
“Leo?” I asked huskily.
“What is it, love?” It was unbelievable how this man could be so easily aroused; and how many times he could go in one night.
“Tell me you love me.”
His gentle touch brought my face up to his where he practically devoured my soul through my mouth. “I love you, my angel, my light, my heaven,” a short kiss, “my life.”
We sat like that for what seemed like forever before I noticed the time. The accursed quarter after six. So feigning enthusiasm, I jumped up and turned to get my book bag so we could leave. Yet, I fell back on my ass when there was a tug on my hand.
“Leo, it’s time to go or you’ll be--”
He put his finger to my lips and shushed me, “You’re not really going out like that are you?”
“Like what?”
He sighed, “ Bells, either go change the shirt or change jeans, but under no circumstance are you going out looking like that.”
“But--” I growled, “Oh never mind, how about I just wear a jacket?”
“Mmmk, wear my black one.”
“Why do I have to wear one of your jackets?” I asked indignantly.
“Because why?”
“Because I really don’t like the way the men around you seem to desire you all the while you’re oblivious to it. If only you knew how much restraint it’s taking me to keep from helping them find their way to hell…Unless of course you’d like to put your hair up and remove all that foundation of yours.” He implied impishly.
I laughed aloud without hesitation and seductively teased him, “How about I just go naked? Wonder what Nicky would say…?” I deliberately provoked him, wondering about Nicky’s opinion, the football team’s quarterback, and voted second --one vote after Leo-- in the must have sex or relationship with. He was pretty cute, I guess…
Leo groaned and promised, “Woman, if I even see you go near him I will send both of you to an early grave!” I laughed my throaty laugh before he continued, “Lady if you don’t stop we’re both gonna be having a sick day today.” And then he walked out the kitchen door. I was having a fit of hysterical giggle before I tenderly told myself that I loved him to death; that’s when I put my hands on my stomach and decided that maybe, just maybe, if I gave him what he wanted, he’d love me more than he does right now? I sighed right before I heard my husbands voice, “Annabell, hurry! We’re behind schedule! I told you I have to be at the school fifteen before seven!”
Without even my noticing, he had put a smile on my face. I ran and grabbed his jacket, only to sprint back out the kitchen door to take my rightful place by my lover’s side.

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