Moonlight-Yami Yugi (Short Story)-Part 7-Yu-Gi-Oh

Created by MoonAura on Tuesday, October 14, 2008

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"Who are you?" asked Yami.
"Ay! You are Selphe, I have heard a lot about you and how you-" started Bobasa.
"alright Bobasa, dont tell of my personal life," you said.
"You know him?" asked Yami and Yugi.
"I know all in Egypt," you said.
"Selphe..." said a voice.
"Hm..." you said as you looked around. "Sofia,"
"Sofia?" asked Tristan.
"Selphe..." said Sofia.
"Sofia, are you alright?" you asked as you appeared there quickly.
"How did you-" started Joey.
"Let's just say when Mommy fell off the cliff she gain abilites..." said Noctis.
"Abilites?" asked Yami.
"Sofia are you alright?" you asked.
"Yes... Thank you for saving me," said Sofia as she hugged you. She looked across to see the Pharaoh and his behind your legs.
"It is alright Sofia he won't hurt you I will make sure of it," you said as you kneeled to her and touched her nose. "I promise,"
"Ha-Ha," laughed Sofia.
"Make sure you dont use your abilities alright, when i brought you back to life, you gain abilities," you said.
"I promise you I will be a good girl and not use it," said Sofia. "Grandma wants to see you,"
"I...I am sorry Sofia but I can't but I promise I play with you next time," you said.
"Alright," said Sofia.
"Selphe," whispered Yami as he smiled.
"Yea," you asked as you were behind him.
"How are you able to gain these abilites, why did everyone forget your name, why did time stop?" asked Yami.
"When you whisper my name I stop time, I gained these abilities from the lady that you saw drop me off the cliff, so now everyone remebers me by Selphe and your the only one that knows my true name, I am the Goddess of the Moon and of the Sun," you said. "Which is why you shouldnt marry me, it will be nothing but misery for you, this wasnt the plan for me to become the Goddess, I wanted only revenge on you but I never excepted to become this now, so i can't kill you because if i do i will go to the Shadow Realm for all eternity," you said. "So marry Femi in my place and dont marry me,"
"Selphe, I-" started Yami until Time started again.
"Pharaoh!" yelled Shada as he got off his horse and kneeled "My Pharaoh it is true you are safe,"
"Meow," you said in your cat form
"Meow," said Noctis in his cat form
"Selphe and Noctis...I can't mention about him," thought Yami. "Um Yes, I am sorry to alarm everyone, Selphe was actually the one who saved my life,"
"You! Mana Halt!" yelled Shada.
"Hey Shada I didnt even see you there," said Mana.
"You knew his where abouts and didnt even inform us," said Shada. "More importantly we have found Bakura and Selphe's hiding spot,"
"Excellent," yelled Yami. "Now we can save her from Bakura's control along with her sister,"
~Bakura Pov~
"Where were you?" asked Bakura.
"I fell off a cliff, I was at the Nile," you said.
"You seem different...your body..." said Bakura.
"Hey!" you yelled.
"Sister, your eyes changed back to the normal color why is that?!" yelled Midnight.
"Dont you ask me any questions," you said as you leaned against the wall.
"Bakura!" yelled Yami.
"Ah Pharaoh," said Bakura.
"Let's duel!" yelled Yami "Leave Selphe alone!"
"There is something you should have a look at first," said Bakura.
"Is that the legendary Millennuum stone Tablet?" asked Yami is shocked.
"The one and only, guarded by the spirits of Kul Elna and the Egyptian Maus," said Bakura. "Selphe! Come take care of the Pharaoh,"
"Nah man, i am still on my break," you said.
"Useless," said Bakura. "Tell him girls,"
"Your the bastard's son who kill our parents, your father killed everyone to create the Millennuum Items, and Selphe is the only one that saved us," saiid Midnight.
"He wanted to control all of man-kind," said Moonlight. "Let's open your eyes to the truth,"
The spirits then circled around them as you were looking directly at him and turned your head. He glanced at you and whispered your name.
"What?" you asked.
"Why wont you help me?" asked Yami.
"I am sorry but I need to save my sisters, My family is more important then love," you said. "I am sorry Yami but your on your own,"
Time resumed.
"Selphe...I love you..." said Yami asa bright light summoned around him and Dark Magician was summoned.
"Really because I don't love murder's son," you said "This has nothing to do with me, I still have two hours,"
"Spare my friends and take me instead," said the Pharaoh.
"You heard the Pharaoh it is time for vengance," said Bakura.
"No..." you started.
"Absorb his spirit," said Bakura.
"No!" you yelled as you pushed him out the way and spirits went inside your body.
"Selphe!" yelled Yami.

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