~* Why Am I The Only One?*~ A SasuSaku Love Story Part 1!!!

Okay guys I was thinking about maing part 1 last night but it was too late and I had to at least make the info so now that you know about the story, here is the first chapter, rate or message me to tell me how you think it is please! Enjoy!

Created by Sasunarulover13 on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Naruto- Good morning Sakura-chan!!!
Sakura- *Sigh* Good morning Naruto! *Fake smiles*
Naruto- *Smiles but then turns to a frown* Good morning Sasuke....
Sasuke- Morning....dobe......
Naruto- Rrrrr, what'd you call-
Sakura Naruto!! Be quiet please! Just be happy he said anything to you at all....
Naruto- Hey Sasuke!
Sakura- Naruto be quiet!
Sasuke- What do you want, dobe?
Sakura- Naruto, zip it!
Naruto- Why dont you like Sakura-chan?! She's pretty, kind, always smells nice, and has beautiful hair. She is beautiful, why dont you like her?
Sakura- *Blushes* N-Naruto...
Sasuke- Hn.... stay out of my buisness, dobe... You dont know how I feel about anyone....
Naruto- Well then, I'm glad you dont like her...
Sasuke- Hn...
Sakura- *Blushes*
Kakashi popped out of nowhere right in front of Sakura waiting to be yelled at by Naruto and Sakura, as he was reading his book.
Sakura- !! .....
Naruto- .....
Kakashi- Hmm? Quiet?
Sakura- ....
Sasuke- ....
Kakashi- So silent today are we? Well I overheard your conversation and was curious, so if no one is going to answer then I'll have to get an answer my own way....
Sasuke- ?!
Kakshi grabbed Sakura by the waist and pulled her into his arms and pulled his mask down quickly and kissed Sakura on the lips. Naruto was shocked and really mad. He was right about to kill Kakashi, but he was too slow because Sasuke and ripped Kakshi off of Sakura and jumped on him with a kunai knife to his neck and Kakashi's neck was bleeding a little bit because he was holding it a little too close so it cut Kakashi's throught a little bit.
Kakashi- Training today is cancelled today.... Well.... now I know my answer... *Leaves*
Sakura- *Really, really pissed off* ... I....I....
Naruto- *Really scared* S-S-Sakura.... c-c-calm d-down...
Sasuke- Naruto.....
Naruto- Y-Yes?
Sasuke- Shut-up and move...
Naruto- What?
Sasuke jumps up into a tree and Naruto is just standing besides Sakura, who has her head down.
Naruto- Sakura? Are you okay?
Sakura punches the ground so hard that not only rock comes up but her knuckles start to bleed. Naruto jumped at the last second and ran home quickly. Sakura's punch even knocked down the tree that Sasuke was in. Sasuke jumped up into the air high and landed back down on a rock sticking out of the ground.
Sasuke- Sakura! Calm d-
Before Sasuke could finish, Sakura hit the ground again about 10 times with both knuckles. After she did that they were broken and both bleeding. Sasuke teleported behind Sakura and put her in a headlock.
Sakura- Let go of me right now Sasuke, or you'll regret it!
Sasuke- *In a stern voice* Sakura! Calm down! It was just a kiss, your knuckles are bleeding and broken! Thats enough! Knock it off!
Sakura- So what?! I dont care if they are now pull me the hell down now! I-
Sasuke letgs go of her and then teleports behind her again and hits the back of her neck and she falls over passed out. Sasuke leaves her there and goes home leaving her laying there. About 5 or 6 hours later she woke up and it was dark out. She also saw that she was still on the ground. When she went to puch herself up using her hands she felt a lot of pain to her hands and fell back on the ground. Then she jumped up and ran home quick, remembering about her little sister. When she got there she kicked open the door and ran inside.
Sakura- Minako!
Minako- Big sis! Your home! About time, I'm getting hungry!
Sakura- Okay, well I will cook some ramen when I come back down from the bathroom.
Minako- Okay!
Sakura goes upstairs and changes into this:
Except she looks older and doesnt have the slug of course or the fan. Then goes into the bathrrom and bandages up her hands and after she finally did she went back downstairs and made some ramen for her and her little sister.
Minako- Hey sis! What happened to your hands?
Sakura- Oh! I just hurt them during training, its fine, ow!
Minako- Maybe you should go see a doctor sis.
Sakura- No, no, I'll be just fine, ow... Okay! Dinner is ready!

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