The Crow and the Wolf.

Who's the wolf and who's the crow?

Created by Ustarr on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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Crow shook her head.”Silvana! You don’t need to do this!” She yelled.” I do, you know it. I am no longer your friend, but your worst nightmare.” The silver haired girl smiled cruelly. The cloaked figure of Crow stepped forward. “Silvana! You are good! Don’t let the Dark tempt you! You know who and what you really are!” Justice, another cloaked figure said. “Pity, you’ve made that speech too late boys and girls!” Silvana laughed. “It’s too late for her. For us.” Wolfkil sighed. He too was wearing a brown cloak. Crow stepped forward again as the witch started to chant. “No!” Crow screamed as first Justice, the Wolfkil were turned to stone. She could feel herself turn to stone as well. She tried to fight it, but Silvana was too strong. “You will be released one day, but I will be hundreds of years dead. When you reawaken, you can wreck havoc all you want.” Silvana said as she finished her spell. “Finally, I can rule this world with out interference from those fools.” Silvana said, leaving the black room. “This world of war and hate will be mine at last.. No one will be able to stop me from ruling Mackneria!” she cawed. She deserved the name Crow more the Crow did.

“No one knows what happened to the cloaked savors, but after many, many years, we have gain our independence, and also found three realistic figures of what looks like the Cloaked Angels as we have come to call them.” Hen finished. The children all “oohed” and “awed”. The 14 year old police officer grinned, he adored children. “Mr.…Mr. Hen? Will we get to see the statues?” one small child asked. “Yes we will Kinsy.” Henison smiled.

He took the group of four year olds to the room where the statues had been put to study. “This is the place where we study the statues. We have determined that they are made of lime stone. We can not even begin to guess who the artist was, there is no inscription…”Hen trailed off. The statues were gone!

Now that we had been freed, it was as if we had been reborn. As had Mackneria. It was so different. “Hmm…It’s quite different here.” I murmured. Justice laughed, and Wolfkil was silent. “Let’s keep our cloaks on, I’m sure there are people here who would not like us.” I told them. “Very true Crow.” Wolfkil said in his slightly deep, but quiet voice.. I nodded, and walked on. Luckily, we weren’t the only people walking around in a cloak, but people stayed away from us, and them.

Suddenly, every one stopped dead, then started to run about, trying to get inside, inside a house, box, just off the side walk. We stood there, confused, as a loud blaring sound came closer and closer to us. Suddenly, a new version of the car that had been invented only recently when we were still free, and unbound, came by.. It stopped by us. “You there, who are you and what is you business here?” a boy about the age of 14, our age, demanded.

“Whoa! I didn’t know they would get so careless here! What on Mackneria has Silvana done to this place?” I wondered aloud. “Silvana, the Tyrant, has been dead for centuries.” The boy growled. “Yeah, we figured as much. She told us that her spell would be broken loooooooooong after she’s died.” I told him. “Are you insane?” He asked. “Nah, the three of us are just so happy to be finally out into the open air. We’ll probably sleep outside tonight while exploring.” Justice said. “Who are you then?” the boy asked. “Pushy aren’t we?” Wolfkil growled. “Kil, Calm down, you don’t want to change into your Wolf do you?” I warned quietly as justice smiled and said. “I’m called Justice. The grumpy one is Wolfkil, and our leader is Crow.” I glared at him. “You don’t have to tell him everything! These people may still be under Silvana’s influence. That would mean they would know about us and we would probably be killed.” Wolfkil hissed. “CALM! I SAID CALM!”I yelled at him. Wolfkil glared at me, then took a deep breath. “Have you seen any statues around here? They were stolen from our labs. “Yeah! You’re looking at them barf boy!” Justice said as we started to walk away. “Maybe Silvana never told them.” I whispered. “Freeze!” The boy growled, getting out of the car. “I’ll shoot!” he said holding up a strange device. I jumped up, front flipped and landed behind him. “What’s that? Is it a gun?” I asked, looking over his shoulder. He spun around, pointing the thing at me. “Are you stupid? Of course it is a gun!” he said. “Hmmm…I’ve seen better guns. In fact, the church we were in when we were turned to stone had several really good ones.” Justice said thoughtfully. “Now what do I do? Do you guys still do that ‘put your hands in the air’ stuff?” I asked. “What do you mean by still?” he asked.

Wolfkil got annoyed. “Let’s go. I’m sick of this fool. He obviously doesn’t understand who we are.”Wolfkil growled. “Well no duh! If he knew who we are we’d probably be dead by now.” I said. “That would only be if he could catch us. Humans aren’t good at that stuff.” Justice said. “Very true. Only one who ever did that was the Witch Silvana. Even she had trouble doing it.” I said. “Well, let’s go, I’m bored.” Wolfkil demanded. Alright, this is boring I must admit.” I said, walking past the boy. “Don’t move!” he growled. “Go ahead lamb, shoot; it won’t do you any good. Just don’t shoot at Wolfkil.” I shrugged, continuing to walk on.

BANG! I grinned, then, with inhuman speed, moved ever so slightly to the side so it only barely missed, then fell to the ground. “I’ve been hit!” I screamed. Knowing my ways Justice and Wolfkil rolled their eyes, dodged the bullet, and continued on. “Fine! Be that way!” I shouted after them.” Just come on, you drama queen.” Wolfkil called. I sighed; I had wanted to trick the police boy. I jumped up and ran after them, leaving the police boy standing there. A moment later he got back into his car and sped after us. “I think he’s calling for backup.” I said as he picked up a strange device and said. “I need back up.”

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