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Hi! This is a Pokemon story! But not your Normal Pokemon story… it’s a very special story, a story NO ONE has ever heard of…

This is relatively what happened:

Ash defeats Elite Four and becomes the Worlds Greatest Pokemon Trainer. (Yes, he defeats Gary, although I hate to say it cuz Im the worlds biggest Gary fan of ALL TIMES).

May, Brock, Max and Ash then splits up to fulfill their own life. Ash marries Misty and has two daughters and one son. (Me: MAY DOESNT KNOW!! So don’t you tell her... *wink wink*) May and Max set out together to help Professor Birch, as Brock still ponders over one question: Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy!!!

Brock couldnt make up his mind, so he just decided to marry both (Or rather, ALL since there are too many Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys and Nobody could tell the difference) We'll tell you the whole story in the first episode.




age: 11

Personality: Determined, preppy, and has a fiery temper. (Her fiery temper comes from her mother) She can be cocky at times, but other than that, Amber could be really sweet. If you treat her nice... Just like Misty. She hopes to be the master of Fire Pokemon one day. BURN BABY, BURN!!

Outfit: red cargo pants and a small orange T-shirt with a flame on the chest. Amber has two wristbands- one on each wrist. The wristband is red with a pokeball in the middle.

Description: Amber has fiery-red hair that reaches down to her mid-back. Her bangs are bright-yellow. (Think Yoko from Team Galaxy, but with longer hair). Amber has fiery-red eyes, with gold specks in it. Her best friend is her charmander, a present from her dad from when she turned 4-years-old. Her idol is Flannery, the gym leader.

Pokemon: Charmander (moves: Flamethrower, Ember, Rage, Leer)


age: 11

Personality: A Total tomboy. Sometimes, she might act distant and cold, but once you get to know her she is a very loyal person and will never betray her friends. Kira never gives up, just like her sister. Kira hopes to be the world's best Ice Pokemon. Ice Ice, Baby!

Outfit: Baggy (And I mean REALLY BAGGY) Black cargo pants and a small ice-blue t-shirt. (Almost like Amber's outfit.)

Description: Kira has raven-black hair (Like her father's) with blue highlights... Kira has chocolate-coloured eyes, (JUST LIKE PAPA!) Her idol is her father, and is hoping to take over her mother's gym one day.

(Even though Gary Oak is her father's rival, she secretly likes Oliver Oak, without knowing so. Details in the others episodes)

Pokemon: Seel (Moves: Headbutt, Aurora Beam, Growl, Take Down)


age: 13

Personality: Like her father, Brock, she always goes around chasing cute guys. She's got her mothers' good looks, and her father's pokemon skills. She wants to train to be the world's best Pokemon Breeder, as her father once was. Her personality is really hyper, bubbly, positive, etc. stuff like that.

Outfit: a short blue skirt (sort of like middle school skirts) and a baby-pink t-shirt that says "Princess" across the chest.

She keeps her hair tied up always with a pink ribbon.

Description: This 13-year-old is actually the gym leader of Pewter city! Everyday after school when she's not doing homework or playing around with her pokemon, she loves to entertain herself by fighting hopeful trainers that have come to battle for the Boulderbadge. But don't be fooled- this high-school girl is not one to be taken lightly!!

Yoko has got her mothers' pink hair, her other (me: hint hint, OTHER) mother's love for crime-stopping, but both of her mothers good looks. This cute 13-year-old loves to play with her pokemon but loves it even more when she can take it out for battles!! Yoko also loves to karaoke! But when she does, watch out... even though this girl sings alot, it doesn't mean she can carry a tune >_< (sort of like Yoko in Team Galaxy)

Pokemon: Geodude (Moves: Rock Throw, Defense Curl, Earthquake, Self-Destruct), Kabutops (Moves: Scratch, Slash, Leer, Hydro Pump), Pupitar (Moves: Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Crunch, Earthquake), Sudowoodoo (moves: Rock Throw, Low Kick, Rock slide, Slam)

--Oliver Oak--

age: 13

Personality: is a very stubborn guy, just like his father, Gary Oak. Just think Gary Oak, since Oliver Oak is the exact replica of his father. But he doesn't show his true self much. After his mother went missing one day, he has turned himself into a cold and depressed guy. (Think Kai Hiwatari from Beyblade, or Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto)

Outfit: a loose black t-shirt, and faded jeans. He carries his father's pendant with him everywhere, and wears a black and red hat.

Description: Oliver is like his dad in every way, although he doesn't show his true self. Oliver has messy brown hair. His eyes are a dark shade of purple. Although he says he doesn't like anybody, he is confused about his feelings for Kira.

Pokemon: Pidgeotto (Moves: Gust, Whirlwind, Quick Attack, Wing Attack), Growlithe (Arcanine) (Moves: Ember, Flamethrower, Bite, Growl), Cacnea (Cacturn) (Moves: Pin Missile, Needle Arm, Poison Sting, Sandstorm), Beautifly (Moves: Gust, Morning Sun, Mega Drain, Tackle) Ariados (Moves: Poison Sting, Night Shade, Tackle, Psychic), Seadra (Moves: bubble, leer, water gun, hydro pump)


**Details will be shown as story progresses

Ryu, Kyo

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