This is the second story I've done and I dont know if its any good but i hope you like it.

Created by kirara666 on Monday, October 20, 2008


Alyssa and Cody were in love. Alyssa was 14 and Cody was 16. Cody lived on a farm and Alyssa lived in the apartments a mile away. They saw eachother every day. Alyssa knew that cody was expierensce and she asked him 1 day she said '' Cody I have a question'' ''hmm?'' Cody looked at her she said'' You know im a virgin,'' ''Yes.'' ''and I know your well not 1'' ''Yes, what is it baby?'' well she started to blush and then she started talking really fast it was what she did when she was nervous, she said '' Well, I don't want to be a virgin any more and I love you and I know that you love me and I want you to do it, and i knw that youll be careful and...'' she trailed off. Now he was stairing at her and that made her really nervous she was about to cry when he pulled her into his lap and cradled her like a baby and said '' Baby are you sure thats what you want? It will hurt no matter if I'm careful or not.'' All she could manage was a whisper without her voice breaking and said '' I love you, and I want to be with you. I dont care if it hurts as long as im with you ill be ok...'' she trailed off again. He looked down at her and smiled. ''Ok'' was all he said. Later that nght he came over. Alyssas parents went on a 2nd honeymoon the day before. When he knocked on the dook she answered in a tiny little night gown that came up past her knees. He looked at her and said '' Are you sure you want to do this?'' ''Yes'' was all she said. ''Ok'' Then he picked her up and carried her to her room, he set her on the bed and laid on top of her. They were kissing passionately when he put his hand under her gown, she gasped as he started playing with her clit. '' Do you like that?'' he said all she could manage was a nod. He started kissing down her neck, down between her boobs, her stomach,her hips, then he said ''Dont' scream'' and he started licking thr clit. She picked a pillow from behind her and put it over her mouth. Then when she wasn't expecting it he put his tounge in as far as he could and she screamed after a minute of this she came all over his face, he was licking up when she pulled him to her and started kissing him,knowing that she was tasteing her owm juices made him really hard. when she had successfull licked him clean she wispered in his ear '' I'm ready'' ''Ok'' was al he said He got off her and took all his cloths off then helped her out of her gown. He laied her on the floor gently and said ''Here we go, tell me if it hurts too much'' all she did was nod Then he gently slipped the head of his 10'' dick in and slowly inch by inch he went farther. She gasped he looked at her snd she said ''I'm ok.'' So he kept going slowly at first then picking up speed and force. She started to cry, so he stoped and she said ''I'm ok it just hurts a little thats all.'' So he kept going. And he popped her cherry and she started to bleed she didnt care tho she was just feeling him inside her and it started to feel good! she looked at him and said '' Deeper'' ''Ok'' was all he said and he went all in and she gasped ''Faster'' ''Ok'' and finally she came all over him she was screaming and scratching his back when it was over they cleaned up the foloor and took a shower. He noticed it was a removeable showerhead and took it off and put it between her legs. And they buckled and he held her up. When they got out of the showerhe helped her get dressed and she watched him put his boxers back on. They laid on the bed and cuddled and made out all night then she fell asleep in his arms. And over the next 3 days they did this every day atleast a few times a day and when her paremts got home they never even knew that she had just had the best days of her life.

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