This Love Imperfect [random sex one shot]

My friend wanted me to right about this because he's a little pervert. Oh well, I think it came out pretty good =D

Created by xSickLoveSongx on Tuesday, October 21, 2008


He kissed her, passionately, under the midnight sky. The beating of their hearts blended together in a way that almost seemed inhuman. Sensation bursted through them like fireworks, and they could feel a threatening amount of temptation bleeding into their brains. He wanted to, but did she? Would it be worth it? He didn't have any time to ponder with testosterone anddebauchery asphyxiating him. Slowly he opened his mouth and let his tongue dance across her lips. Deep, deep down, she wanted this as much as he did. She parted her lips, allowing their tongues to collide - making all of their nerve endings feel like live wires.
The stars above twinkled in tune to the pulsing that had enlightened him from below his studded belt. He knew her to well, he would have to be doing any advancing that he may have had in mind. He couldn't help himself, he loved her. So with a swift but gentle motion, his hands dwelled on her chest, and then down her sides - gracing her womanly form. A slight moan leaked out of her mouth and into his. She was swooning, her heart pounding, she couldn't get enough of the way he made her feel. She gained a speck of courage and let her hands fall into his lap - where she could feel him stiffening from inside his jeans. A smile tugged on the edges of his lips and moaned at her contact.
"Don't ever leave me." he said, pulling away momentarily to glance into her eyes. She glanced back and let a grin spread across her face. "Don't ever think that I would."
As soon as her words met the air, happiness struck him like a slap in the face. He brought his lips back to hers with more force then the first time. Their tongues collided with another surge of power.
He let his fingers wrap around the helm of her shirt, and he gently pulled in over her head. Regardless of their young age, their feelings were strong and nothing was about to stop them. A moment was spent by them carefully removing each other's clothes. The grass felt cold and crisp from beneath them once they were both fully exposed. Her gaze lingered on his, even in the dark his eyes seemed to shine. "I love you." she blurted out, her face redening slightly from the boldness of her words. He didn't care or even seem to notice her awkwardness. His mind was wrapped around her words.
"I love you more." he said, his voice quiet but strong. He had never felt the truth of his way of heart until now. He scooped her up in her arms, kissed her sloppily, and slowly started to feed his length into her. He could feel her warmth, her wetness.
She moaned as pleasure spread through every inch of her body. He pulled it in and out, in and out, with her breathing choppily and clawing at his back. He pulled it out for a third and final time, and let a self-pleasing grin taint his lips. "You okay?" he questioned, smiling like the little kid he was at heart.
She nodded, her body tingling. "Trust me," she returned his smile with one of her own. "I've never been better."
So, yeah, there it is.
I would like it if you messaged me, but I'd love it if you criticized me.
If it's not to much to ask, I would like to become the best writer that I possibly can, so please take a moment out of your day to tell what you liked or didn't like.
A simple rating would even suffice.
Thanks so much for reading

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