The Differences and Similarities between the Roman and U.S. Republic

If you ever wanted to know the difference between the U.S. and the Roman republic you came to the right place.

Created by amkerr90 on Friday, October 24, 2008


There are many differences between the Roman and U.S. republic like, the Roman republic was created by Romans and the U.S. republic was created by Americans. I know it’s kind of obvious but it’s still a difference. And there other differences too, like the roman republic was replaced by a different government called empire and the U.S. republic still exists today, the over all ruler of Rome was called a dictator and in the U.S. the over all ruler is called a president, in Rome the dictator could only have office for 6 months but in the U.S. the president can have for 4 years, and in Rome the praetors created the laws and in the U.S. the people think up the laws. There’s lots more differences, but too many to list. There are many similarities too like, they were created because the people didn’t like kings, both were republic (still I’m Being kind of obvious), both almost had the same basic government structure, both people had a saying in government, and people could vote. There a lot more similarities but too many list. I could say more, but the paper would be really long.H-910914-RD_Roman.jpg

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