I'm not lying. I'm just not telling the truth. [19]

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Created by xXkittywithclawsXx on Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Rule #3: Never kiss strange boys.

You know, I was getting really tired of getting knocked out.

I came to in a small room. As I looked around, though, I realized it wasn’t a room, but a very small prison cell. Yeah, someone put me in jail.

And then I realized I wasn’t alone.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty,” Logan said sarcastically.

I scowled at my luck, but didn’t grace him with a response. I’d decided I wasn’t going to talk to him again if at all possible. However, that might be a little difficult while being held captive with him in a ten-foot-by-ten-foot cell.

When he spoke again, his tone was serious. “Trin, please. It didn’t mean anything, I swear…”

I still didn’t look at him, afraid that his expression might cause my resolve to waver.

He let out a humorless chuckle. “Yeah, I probably deserve this. But you don’t understand, Trinity. I-”

So much for not talking. “What do you mean, I don’t understand?! I understand perfectly! You just didn’t care enough about me to tell me it was over, so you decided to show me instead!”

His eyes widened as I whipped around and he shook his head vigorously. “No, Trin, it wasn’t like that at all-”

“Yes it was!”

“But Trin-”

“Don’t ‘but Trin!’ me!”


“I can’t believe I ever-”

“TRINITY! WILL YOU LET ME EXPLAIN?!” he roared, making me shut up immediately. He took a deep breath. “Look, do you understand how hard these past few months have been for me? I’m in love with you, and you can’t even remember me! I needed something to distract me, Trinity! I was trying to make things easier for you. I knew that our relationship would confuse you. Heck, it confused me. I never meant for you to find out about Laura. But… ugh, Trinity. How could you not see it?”

I felt tears prick the back of my eyes. He was right, of course. I’d never thought about how he would be taking this. It occurred to me that all those mood swings had been because of, well, me. And that sucked.

“What did you need to see me about, anyway?” Logan asked quietly. I knew what he’d meant. What had I needed to tell him when I found him making out with what’s-her-face?

“Oh, nothing important. I just got my memory back, is all.”

His head snapped up. “Really? You remember? Everything?”

I nodded. “Yes. Everything.

His smile disappeared. He knew what I was talking about. “I meant what I said, Trinity. Honestly, I did. I do love you.”

There were those pesky tears again. “Logan, I… I meant it, too.”

That was all it took for him to cross the little cell, sit down next to me, and crash his lips into mine without further hesitation. Had it been my decision, I would’ve stayed with him forever.

However, it wasn’t my decision.

We were interrupted by a cruelly familiar voice.

“Well, would you look at you two lovebirds,” Maria said.


Logan and I were taken from the cell and brought into one of the bigger fighting arenas. There was a crowd of people there, causing a roar of chatter greater than that of the giant storm outside. HQ was hurricane-proof, and by the looks of it, that was probably a good thing.

You notice the strangest things when you’re about to die.

And I was sure I was going to die. I mean, why else would they bring me to a fighting arena? For tea and finger sandwiches?

But, surprisingly, I wasn’t worried about myself. I was worried about what they’d do to Logan, now that he was within their grasp. And Charles, who I’d seen being dragged in along with us. Charles would surely be killed, but Logan would probably suffer a worse fate: servitude to the S.S.O.

“My, my, Trinity,” Maria’s low, drawling voice echoed through the room. “So glad to see you.”

“I’m sorry to say that the feeling isn’t mutual,” I hissed.

She feigned hurt. “Why, here I was, mourning your loss for all these months, and the only thanks I get is that?”

I didn’t buy one word that came from her mouth.

“Yeah, it is.”

“Well, that’s unfortunate.” She snapped her fingers, and the people milling around quickly went up into the bleachers and took a seat. Maria and I were left standing in the center, alone. “I think we both know what it’s come to, Trinity. There’s only room for one of us.” She smiled wickedly, a smile that would haunt me the rest of my life.

Maria slowly started walking around me in a circle, looking unnervingly like a lioness. My heart started thumping wildly in my chest. Ka-thump. Ka-thump.

“You know, Trinity, it’s funny.”


“You were such a good little agent.”


“I never thought it would come to this. I thought I’d sheltered you well enough. I suppose I was wrong.”


“I had… ulterior motives for sending you on this mission. Charles and Logan needed to be located. You’ve done your job, Trin.”


“I no longer have any use for you.”

And that’s when she pounced.

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