25 Ways To Make Your Straight Guy Gay Rule 2

Finding Your Guy's Type- Okay, you want to know his type. Don't change you to match his type. Change his type. Make him want your type of person without trusting him upon another person!!!

Created by GayAndHappyAboutIt on Monday, October 27, 2008

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I sighed and I pulled the hoodie that was thoroughly soaked through over my head in a useless attempt in trying to block out the rain or make my head more dry. Yah, that's smart idea, pulling a soaked hoodie over your head to make it dry. GENUIS!
God, this was so not worth watching Shane run around wet. Sitting in skinny jeans, hightops, a thin hoodie over an even thinner band T. Soooo not dressed for wet weather. I hugged myself tighter and someone chuckled behind me. I turned around and smiled as my emo-friend, the only friend i ever made without Joey's help, Zoe climbing down the wet, silver bleachers to me.
She sat down and slid close to me so that her umbrella covered both of us. I snuggeled close to her and soak her let half. "See, if i did that i would have broken my neck,'' i murmured, refering to the fact she climbed down wet metal without falling. She laughed and i was hit with dry heat. "Your an angel."
"I know," Zoe smiled and i had to look up to see her pale face with only a few rain droplets and glowing with amusement. "So is there a reason you don't have anything to protect yourself from harsh weather," Zoe asked and i chuckled pulling away from her and turning part way so that i was facing her.
"Because bringing an umbrella makes people look stupid,'' i countered and out of no where a loud burst of cheering came from the full bleachers around me and Zoe. I jumped and my head nocked against the top of Zoe's umbrella. She laughed at me.
"GO JOEY!!" she screamed, a little sarcastically,because i guess Joey scored the goal and cause the cheer. See, Zoe and Joey have a somewhat... so-so-if-you-piss-me-off-in-a-bad-way-i'll-smash-you-face-in kind of relationship. See, Joey is very... ummm, anti-different. Like most popular people. I am one of his only exceptions. Zoe is barely tolerated because of him and she said she could be his favorite like me if she "kissed his ass half as often as i do" which i'm clueless about.
"Yah, SCREAM IT WITH MORE SARCASM,'' i screamed after everything had quieted down and she started laughing.
"So, why do you always come to his sporting events,'' Zoe asked me and she bit her left snake bite, which she always did whenever she was holding something back. Predictable Zoe.
"Best friends,'' i said simply and she sighed.
"It's sooo predictable!" she complained in a very cheerleader voice and i sighed. "I mean ever game Joey scores at least three goals, and blocks all of the shots to the other team shots."
"So what, he's the star player,'' i defended and she laughed.
"I KNOW!!! EVERYONE KNOWS!!!" she yelled annoyed and i rolled my eyes. Dramatic. "He's the king of the Pops cause of that!" Pops was what me and Zoe called the POPular crowd. I thought it was funny.
"Yah, and maybe i like watching soccer,'' i said diffensively and by the way Zoe automatically started cracking up like the world was ending i knew that was a horrible lie to say.
"Yah, and i want to try out for the cheerleading team,'' she laughed again and i rolled my eyes. "Please, you told me last week you got a migrain from even hearing the name of a sport,'' she gave me the 'your soooo not fooling me look' and started laughing again.
"So what, you have no case,'' i said and by know we were both cracking up and Zoe dropped her umbrella, making both of us being attacked by the pooring rain.
"DAMNIT!!!" she yelled and picked up her umbrella in a flash. Maybe to quick... like a VAMPIRE (haha, just screwing with you, no vamps). "DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO DO THIS!!!" she pointed at her hair with a red fingernail and i finally noticed the french braid that was mixed with black hair (most of her hair) cheeta style extensions, and white highlights.
"Sean,'' Zoe nudged my ribs and i looked over at her.
"Let's do it,'' i knew what she was talking about and i sighed. She folded up the umbrella.
"If i fall i'm sueing you,'' Zoe smiled and we both jumped up onto the bleachers.
"GO RAIDERS, GO RAIDERS!!! R-A-I-D-E-R-S RAIDERS," we yelled together at the same time and started to do very random and stupid dance moves like the "uhuh, yah huh" which is wat we called the move where you kinda of swung your arms in front of you with attitude in a circle.
In about fourty seconds everyone stopped cheering and looked at us continueing to dance and singing that retarded raiders cheer that the cheerleaders did at the football games.
"SEAN!! KNOCK THAT THE HELL OFF," Joey yelled laughing and finally me and Zoe fell against each other, laughing as hard as we could.
Zoe stood up the straight, the rain lightening a little bit. She looked around, her all towering five foot ten inches showing with her standing on bench. "DO NOT look at me like that cause i actually have school spirit you lethargic homo sapiens!!!" Zoe used a lot of big words.
"Preppy Blend!!!" Zoe yelled back and i was laughing soooo hard i thought my skinny jeans would pop so i fell back down onto the bleachers. Zoe plopped herself down besides me.
"So, wanna go to Burger King?? I could use some fries, and a milk shake," Zoe smiled really really big so that i could see a row of perfect teeth and her snake bites! God, every move Zoe made was so graceful and beautiful, emo girl extrodinare.
"Fine but you pay for my mocca," i said and she laughed.
We both got up and thank god Zoe caught me when i slipped going down the stairs. "But we gotta be back soon cause i'm goin to Joey's tonight,'' i said when we were on the cement walkway between the field and the bleachers.
"ARRGGH!!! Why are you like his damn lap dog,'' she sighed and leaned against teh fence as Joey yelled my name. I looked at her. "Go to your master, i wait here,'' she sighed as i turned around and started going to where Joey was clustered around with the rest of the people
"What,'' i asked cause when i reached there the crowd started going towards the parking lot.
"Why are you hanging out with Emo Bitch," he asked about Zoe and i glared at him for calling her that name AGAIN!
"We're goin to Burger King real quick. Wanna come??"
"NOT with that,'' he eyed Zoe who was very longly stretching against the fence.
"Come on, Zoe's hot,'' i said, i had to find out his type. What he wanted to date. SINCE i was OFFICIALLY decided to make Joey gay i had to at least find something to well, make him not have AS big as a step but no friggin way was i goin prep.
"Nah, i like that," he said and nodded down to the group that was goin to the parkin lot and i automatically saw Kendra, wearing a mini skirt and a tank top in pouring rain. Friggin retard.
"Ahh, slutty prep,'' i said and before he could say anythign about me insulting her i turned around and walked back to Zoe.
"Ready to go,'' i asked and she nodded her head. She pushed off from the fence and we started walking toward Burger King.
After about five minutes of walker and we were just walking into Burger King's parking lot i realized Zoe and I weren't talking at all and that was abnormally weird since we usually could not shut up when we were together.
"Why are you so quiet,'' i asked her when i pulled the door open to Burger King and she walked in. I followed her and she was up to the cashere, ordering, before she answered me.
"... a mocha, and a choclate milk shake,'' she said, hand the guy a ten and then turning to me with a slight sigh. Waving, the cashier away when he offered her the change. rich. "When was the last time you had a girlfriend???" she asked, elonggating the last word and i sighed.
"Last year,'' i grabbed the coffee and tried pushing the thought of Emily out of my mind. Zoe shuttered herself as she grabbed only her milkshake.
"Didn't want a fry,'' she said and i shrugged and followed her out the door. "And Emily was so friggin PREPPY!!! She was also a slutty bitch,'' Zoe muttered and we started heading back to the school.
"Yah, she was but have you see her lately??? she's friggin turnin emo,'' i yelled and we both started busting out lauging at the truth! Emily was turnin so friggin emo it was not even funny. She was in no way dyin her beautiful blonde hair but every other aspect was coming for emoville.
The rest of the way up we just exchanged comments on how stupid emily was, how slutty, popular... to good for me OR Zoe anymore. How she never even talked to us and when we got to the platform Zoe became kinda figidity.
"Sean, i wanna talk to you about your girlfriend situtation,'' she said and i sighed. I did NOT wanna talk about the fact i didn't have a girlfriend.
"SEAN!!!!" Joey and an annoyingly eager and high pitched squeak yelled at the same time and Zoe's head flipped toward the voice and mine automatically flipped toward Joey who was jogging toward me and Zoe.
"Oh shit,'' Zoe murmured in almost a whisper, before Joey's step was even in her hearing range.
"Sean, you've got to come with me to this party at Kendra's!!!!" Joey said and i nodded my head slowly. "you can even bring emo bitch,'' he smiled and then "whooped."
"Sorry Emily, not you,'' he said and i turned my head and Blonde, Tall, And Beautiful was right there, smiling down eagerly at me. Damn, was everyone around me tall and DAMN, why was she here.
"No prob, and see you at the party Sean,'' she smiled at me again, smiled at Joey, glared at Zoe, and danced off in that annoyingly fluid walk-run of hers.
I turned toward Zoe and sighed. You ARE comming with me,'' i said and she sighed.

srry if this was kinda off the topic... but stay in tune for RULE 3: Pick out every fault in a girl in front of him!

Pic Of Emily Before Emo-ism
(Yes, it's taylor swift but this is EMILY TO ME)
EMily After Emo-ism... (not to emo yet, transforming)
Not an emo pic i know but imagine dark eyeliner, and the beautiufl victorian clothes that could make kinda emo... just use an imagination!

Pic of Kendra
Kendra has FRECKLES and no acne... but this girl is cloes....
umm, emo-er pic of Emily
Her Real Name Is Masha Strom But Now It's Emily
Another pic of Sean
Another Pic of Joey
Another Pic Of Before Emo Emily
Another Pic Of Emo Emily (and sorry about all the pics but it won't let me upload it so i'm doint all this)
Another Pic Of Kendra
ONCE AGAIN, Frecklers and better skin
Another of Kendra
More like her

Another pic of Sean
Sean's paler
Another of Joey

Another pic of Zoe
(I edited that!!!!!)

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