the green ribbon

not sure if its true ,but that is pretty darn creepy

Created by kaitxdei on Saturday, November 01, 2008

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one day a little girl was sitting a bench in her play ground minding her own buisness. A few minutes later a boy came up to her and he said "why do you were that green ribbon around you neck all the time." the little girl said " you will find out later in life. A few years later when the two children were in high school the girl was sitting on a bench at her prom. the same thing happened when they were kids and the girl said you will find out later in life. so a few years past by and the two teens got married and the same thing happened but the girl said you will find out when i am in my death bed old and sick. the boy said "ok". time past and the girl was very sick and she told the boy to take off her ribbon. the boy was very nervouse but he said ok. when he took off the green ribbon the girl's head rolled off. the little boy was so scared he had a heart attack

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