cute emo boy emo girl story!!

hey so my gona keep my identity a secret so just call me...-----ok thats just dumb. my names julie. and this is my first story so if you like it please comment and message n rate n stufff. id love to hear your veiw of tha story. ive seen alot of the emo boy story stuff so i wantd to make one of my own. hope yu guys like it!!

Created by XXxdeathbyloratinexXX on Tuesday, November 04, 2008


the alarm clock rung in your ears and you got a lil dizzy cuz of the loud noise and u were very sleepy. your not at all the "'partying type'" but ur friends literally dragged you over there. you quickly got dressed in a black my chemical romance tee, some skinny jeans that almost fell off your butt because they were extremely low rise, brite blue converse, black hoodie with a cute cartoon skull,and a pink n black studded belt. you were an all out emo kid and you didnt care what people thought about you. you went to school and had algebra first period. you had new seating assignments and you had to sit by your ultimate enemy: aiden. (da!da!daaaAAA!!) u tryd to ignore his constant teasing and rude remarks. but today u jus wantd to get away from him. he kept on throwing paper airplanes at you head and whispering stuff to u. he wore some skinny jeans, aiden tee, some black converse, and 2 green and black and white n black stud belts. he was pretty hot and you secretly likd him but pretended to hate him so no1 would find out and that u wouldnt b rejectd or somtingg. when the bell rung, u ran to ur favorite picnic table and plopd down under the huge tree nest to it. u silently fell asleep without eating anything. u slept for a half n hour n then the bell rung, u woke up and noticd that there was someone staring at you inches away!!! you gaspd and dashed to your class realising it was aiden. he screamed as you ran away " Tesse! Ineed to talk to you about something!!! please!" u went to all ur other classes thinking about what he said. what did aiden want to tellu?? somthing important? what did he want??? ur mind was swarling nd you walked to the park to espcape ur parents, homework, and stress of everyday life. u silently cried about ur crush 4 aiden n that u cud never tell him how u loved him so much then aiden himself walkd up to u n sorry for all the things ive done to you,,,...i was only tryin to get ur atention,,....will you go out with me pleasess???""" he left u in complet shock and then wen he realizd u mite hav ben tinkin this was anodr one of his cruel jokes on you so he kissd u passionatly for about a minute with you melting in his arms n kissin him back. that shockd him that u likd him back n was kissin him but he sincerly loved you and was very happy. that day was the first time u saw him smile.((awwwwwwww)

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