Counting the falling stars ? 7 terrifying midnight jokes

New part seven! enjoy please, and message me if you'd like. (: im friendlier than i sound. haha. :D

Created by crazychickme on Wednesday, November 05, 2008

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Counting the falling stars ♥ 7 terrifying midnight jokes

song: the shade of poison trees by dashboard confessional

“-And then we just kinda.. Well, kissed.”

“Your lying. Chloe, its only been a few weeks since you met him!”

“I know this sounds bad Anna, but it’s not like were really emotionally attached or anything, he just kinda gave me a make out lesson. And plus, neither of us were really serious. I blushed a lot, and Gavin laughed at me, so yeah. Were just good friends acting like were falling for each other, just like our plan is. But your not going to mention anything, right? That was out agreement.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. Have you talked to your dad yet? Or Celeste? Does Ammon even know your getting married?”

“No,” I answered grudgingly. “I was going to call them after I finished talking to you. And I think dad mentioned it to Ammon, but I wont know for sure until I call.”

“Well, I’ll let you go then. But I have to ask one more question. Did you like the kissing because it was kissing? Or because it was Gavin who was kissing you?”

I pondered. “Definitely the kissing.” She snorted a laugh. “But Gavin is totally a good kisser.”

“What a little-”

“I love you Anna, gotta run. Do call soon, dear!”

“Uhg. Yeah. Love you, too. Ciao.”

I shut my phone just to reopen it and dial in my old home phone number.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

“Hello, you’ve reached Richard and Celeste Lovell, as you can tell you’ve caught us at a bad time! Were not home, but please don’t leave your number and we’ll not get back to you!”

My voice butted in. “-Oh my gosh dad, Chloe Lovell is here too. And you said it wrong, its ‘please leave your number, and we’ll get back to you’.”

“Well, you get the jest. Leave your long message at the beep.”


“Hey guys, I just uh. Well, I just wanted to say hi and that I love and miss you. I’ve been good here. Just trying to adjust. Janice is over constantly with wedding stuff, and me and Gavin are actually getting along really well dad. HINT. HINT. Call me back.”

Ammon next. Sigh. This is going to be a killer.

Ring. Ring.

“What is wrong with you, freak? You don’t call me in a few weeks and next thing I know your getting married?! Where did you two meet? What’s he like? I need to talk to him to approve, and plus, I’m mad at you for not calling me first thing. Now I am forced to not talk to you until I talk to him and fully agree with this situation.”

Ammon’s voice was stubborn but there was that hint of humor so I played along.

“Well, I’m sorry that I don’t announce my business to the world. But whatever. Fine, call him for all I care.” I rattled of the number quickly.

“Thanks man, I’ll call you when I’m done scaring the crap out of your fiancĂ©. Alright?”


It got really quiet as I waited for him to hang up.


I didn’t answer.

“Chloe? Are you still there?”


He laughed. “Hang up already.”

“No,” I answered stubbornly, “You first.”

“I can’t,” he whined, “I’m on my Bluetooth and my phone is in my suitcase in the backseat. I’m driving home.”

“Well, I guess that sounds like a personal problem doesn’t it?”

Somehow, I knew that he was scowling. “Your such a freak Chloe.”

“Yeah, I know. Anyhow, what were your questions? Oh yeah, well, he’s tall, dark, and handsome. He’s got
gorgeous blue eyes and the sweetest smile you have ever seen.” Gavin chose the opportune moment to walk in and smirk at my description of him. He batted his eyelashes at me in a flirting way. “He’s got such a great sense of humor and knows how to take a beating well.” Ammon laughed.

“Go on, please, I’m having fun picturing this.” Gavin gave a twirl of his hand to motion what Ammon had just indicated.

“Well, I love how he always takes my hand when he walks next to me. In the beginning he wasn’t the greatest kisser, but it’s alright, I’ve taught him well.” Gavin’s mouth dropped open before letting it stick out while crossing his arms.

“That is just plain sick.”

“He is always complimenting me and he’s an awful charming gentleman.” Gavin rolled his eyes and plopped down onto my bed resting his head on my stomach.

“Alright, enough mushy gushy stuff. You just made me puke in my mouth.”

“Uh.. Ammon? How did you marry Bekah if this is to ‘mushy gushy’ for you?” Gavin snorted and I laughed, too, playing idly with Gavin’s hair.

“I paid her, duh. I thought you already knew that. Oh wait, that’s right, we fed you all the ‘were so in love’ garbage, huh?”

More laughter from my end. “Yup. You must have because that’s what I was lead to believe.”

“Well if it counts for anything, I love her now.”

“Yeah, six years later. And that’s because you guys had a baby. How is parker doing by the way?”

“He missed you since you left. He was really looking forward to you moving in with us. When and where did you and this Gavin meet, anyhow?”

“Uh, me and Gavin met at dad’s work convention. Remember?” I pinched Gavin’s arm to catch his attention, lifting my eyebrows in the, ‘did-you-get-all-that? Because-he’s-going-to-call-you-and-ask-the-same-questions’ kind of way.

Gavin nodded swiping my hand off his arm and rubbing it lightly. “Yeah, I got it.” he hissed at me, scowling.

“Yeah, dad mentioned that. It was the one that did really well right? Last year? He hosted it to get a bonus for your birthday.”

“Yeah. Well, Gavin’s dad came down from Oregon to get some new cars, and he decided to bring Gavin as well. We sort of bumped into each other. Literally. Anyhow, we kept in touch and he came into town about two months ago to meet up with me again and things just happened.”

“Oh.. I get it. Wait. Your not pregnant, are you? I swear if you are, this kids going to spend the rest of his life in a eunuch hospital with old nurses giving him sponge baths because he’s to crippled to do it himself!”

Whoa. Protective much?
“Ammon, chill. Were not in High School anymore, alright? No, I’m not pregnant.”

Gavin’s eyes got big and he went to protest, but I covered his mouth tightly. He sulked at me until I removed it.
“Ammon, I’m going to have to call you later, Janice is calling me.”

“Who is Janice?”

“My soon to be mother-in-law. Tell Beck’s that I said hi and that I love her. Parker too. I’ll make sure I send you an invite, k?”

“Yeah, freak. You’d better. It’s not every day that my little sister gets married. I’ll take your pictures for you. As your wedding gift.”

Both Ammon and Bekah are professional photographers and make bank at weddings. They are both amazing at what they do, so it’s a big deal for them to make an offer like this.

“Alright, I would be honored, but I really have to go. Call me later alright? I love you.”

“Love you, too, freak. Congrats. I really am happy for you guys. Tell Gavin I’ll call him tomorrow.”

“Alright, I’ll warn him, don’t worry. Don’t be to hard on him.”

We both laughed before hanging up. I looked down to the oh so relaxed Gavin who was still occupying my abdomen.


“Unbelievably so, actually.” He smiled up at me.

“Ammon’s calling you tomorrow. Be warned. Your in for it. You’d better stick to the story too, or were in trouble.”

“Oh I will, but I’ll make it more interesting.”

I glared at him, my fingers that were intertwined in his dark locks pulled warningly. “Better not, or you’ll be in trouble with me.”

He grinned mischievously. “What would you do then? Hit me?”

“No. I won’t kiss you until December.”

He glared this time. “That’s no fair.”

“Oh, its very fair. It takes two to tango.”

“So that’s what you were thinking.. Huh?” Men have such sick minds.

“No you pervert. I meant.. Never mind what I meant. Get off me, I’m going to bed. I’m tired and now I’m out of patience. So promise me that you wont play naughty and then give me a kiss so I can have good dreams. Please?”

“No. I think I’ll make you suffer for that, no promise and I am no pervert! But I will be glad to kiss you.”

I scowled up at him as he bent down to peck my lips. It was short and sweet and my scowl melted. I still didn’t look happy though. Kissing lets you get away with anything, huh? I need reminders in the future.

“Goodnight Gavin. Now go out so I can sleep.”

He quickly obliged. Most likely so that I would forget about not kissing him until December, but it was locked away safely in my thoughts already.

I crawled under the covers trying to get a good position on my boney side before finally dozing off into the unknown.


My eyes popped open to the sound of a window shattering. I was so scared I didn’t allow myself to cringe or move in any way. What a weird dream..

“That was so loud! James! You have to be more careful!”

“Sorry Boss. I fell-.”

“And took the window out with you? Yes, I know.”

They continued to mutter back and forth to each other. I felt a cold draft on my cheek and I was suddenly terrified beyond all reason. My hand sank up slowly to under my pillow as they scuffled around the other side of my room. I grabbed my phone tightly in it and waited in a cold dense sweat for them to leave to find something valuable.

I shut my eyes and tried to relax when I heard them get closer.

“She sleeping Boss?”

“No James, she’s playing a board game. How thick can you be?” the ‘Boss’ hissed to the other.

“Leave her for now. If we have time we’ll come back to get her..”

A chill ran through me and I heard them leave the room and a minute later the creek of the stairs pinpointed where they were going. I waited for the second creek and it came a second later. Good, both of them were downstairs now. I opened my door slowly to peek out. I glanced over the railing to see a light coming from the kitchen before tiptoeing down the hallway to Gavin’s room. I went in slowly and shut the door as quiet as I could, locking it with shaky fingers.

My feet that were colder than ice trudged over to Gavin’s sleeping form and I crawled onto the bed.

“Gavin!” it was less than a whisper. I was terrified to alert the men downstairs. Gavin didn’t move. “Gavin!” I hissed again, touching his shoulder.

He turned suddenly eyes still half closed with sleep. “Huh? Chloe? What are you doing up.” he rubbed his eyes and lifted himself onto his elbows and touched my arm lightly.. The warmth seeped in and my brain snapped. I’m not dreaming! This is all real!

A sob escaped my throat at the realization. “Gavin.. There’s two men in the house. They broke in.. I think they’re downstairs now.”

Gavin sat up suddenly. “What? Are you serious?”

“No, I’m joking, I love playing terrifying midnight jokes on people! Of course I’m serious!” Another sob came out as he pulled me close. “They came in through my room; The window’s broken.”

Gavin grabbed his phone and dialed a number I couldn’t see. It wasn’t 911.

“Charlie? Its Gavin.”

I could make out a muffled, “Yeah, I know. Caller ID retard.”

“Listen I need you to get your dad. There’s someone in the house, Chloe’s scared spitless, they came in through her bedroom window-.”

“Got it. Give me three minutes.”

“Gavin,” I said shaking him. Tears silently spilled down my face. “They were talking, and I didn’t want them to think I had woken up, so I acted like I was sleeping, and then, they said they would come after me if they had enough time. I was so scared Gavin, I didn’t know what to do!”

“Shh. Its okay now, you did the right thing. Everything’s going to be okay.”

He held me in his bed, rubbing my frozen arms and welcoming me under the blankets, murmuring sweet things to me that made my crying cease.

I can’t recall how long I stayed there, so scared I couldn’t move. It seemed like minutes later there was a loud knock that echoed through the room and a jiggle of the doorknob. I sat rigid, ignoring the searing pain in my butt and Gavin clenched my body closer to his.

“Gavin?” It came through the door. It was mature, sounding about Gavin’s age.

“Charlie? John?” Gavin sat up straight and motioned for me to stay where I was. He cautiously took a few steps toward the door.

A gruff voice answered this time. “Present. Its safe, you can come out now. The men are locked up in the patrol car.”

Gavin unlocked to door to reveal a man in about his mid forties and a young man I’m guessing, near Gavin’s age. They both had sharp red hair, the younger was tall and thin, grinning like a fool at Gavin. The older was also tall, but had a large gut that hung over his gun belt. A shiny badge, indicating that he was the Sheriff, stuck out boldly on his chest.

Gavin, being clad in pajama pants and a white tee shirt hugged them both tight before motioning for me to come over. I wiped my face clean before progressing over to him and grabbing his arm tightly.

I shook their hands politely. “Chloe, this is Charlie, one of my best friends you haven’t had the chance to meet yet, and his father John.”

I smiled shyly at them and my legs shivered in the cold draft. Gavin shook of my arm so he could place his around me. He rubbed my arm with soft fingers and I clung to him, trying to pick up some body heat..

John looked me over, “You might want to get her a blanket and a cup of something hot, she’s going into shock Gavin.”

My lips trembled and Gavin touched them with a burning finger. He immediately grabbed the huge comforter off of his bed and wrapped it around me. “He didn’t say put me in a circus tent Gavin.” my teeth chattered.

Charlie turned towards Gavin, still grinning widely. I then figured out why. I had been talking to them in nothing but my tank and booty shorts. Oops. And not to mention that I was cold.. Hint. Hint. “You know, direct body heat will help her the most.” Charlie rattled off.

“Good idea.” Gavin gave me a sly half grin.

“I like peppermint tea.” I stated rolling my eyes at the both of them. “Thanks for coming over Sheriff, I was way scared.”

“No problem!” he boomed. “And no ‘Sheriff’ here miss. If your young Gavin’s fiancĂ© then heck! You mine as well be one of my own!”

I smiled up at him but my shaking caused Gavin to close the conversation quickly with Charlie promising to come over the next day to check up on me for John. Supposedly he had taken a liking to me.

One thing is for sure.

There is no way I’m sleeping at all tonight.

Or, most likely, the night after.

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