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The next morning I got dressed in a pair of jeans and black top with red writing that said ‘Eat your heart out’ at the front with a pink heart in the bottom corner. The teachers, being as kind as they were, decided to give us Valentines Day off so the students could have a break with loved ones.

“Aren’t they just the coolest adults ever?” Sam squealed and loosened the belt on her red knee length dress.

“I am still shocked at the way you can wear a short dress at the end of winter.” I stated with a smirk and pulled my hair up into a messy bun.

“It isn’t that cold.” Tamson defended Sam as she exited the bathroom in a short red and black tartan skirt with a black polo.

“Yeah, but it’s still winter. And my mother always said ‘Winter is the season for jumpers and cloaks. Not short outfits that one would find in a toddlers store’.” I explained in a motherly tone and shook my pointer finger at the girls.

“Whatever.” Tamson chuckled and threw a pillow at me, which I easily caught.

“If it will make you feel any better I will wear a jacket?” Sam suggested and skimmed through her suitcase.

“Actually it…I thought you said jacket?” I raised an eyebrow at the small waist height jacket, which was short sleeved.

Sam shrugged with a giggle and placed it on. “Come on, Nick. It’s warm today…and Cedric has a romantic dinner set out for us by the fire.”

“All right.” I groaned.

“Yeah and Blaise is taking me out to a restaurant.” Tamson grinned. “So you know it’s going to be warm in there.”

“I guess.”

“What are you and Draco doing today?” Sam asked, whist picking up her purse.

“I ah…we were ah…”

“Don’t tell me you guys haven’t planned anything yet?” Tamson asked in confusion as her eyebrow rose.

“Not exactly.” I mumbled, sadly.

“Don’t worry. I am sure he has something beautiful planned for you guys.” Sam comforted before getting hit in the arm by Tamson.

“Sh…” Tamson hushed in an angered tone.

“Do you guys know something that I should know?” I questioned, with a knowing smirk.

“No.” Tamson blurted out, covering Sam’s mouth. “Well look at the time…we have to get going now.” She explained, pushing Sam out the door.


“Oh, out.” She replied and quickly left, shutting the door closed behind her.

“Odd. Very odd.” I narrowed my eyes at the door, hoping Sam would barge back in and tell me everything. But after 5 minutes of nothing, I decided to leave to the Great Hall for breakfast.

Walking down the hallway, I spotted a familiar lock of blonde hair walking towards me. I smiled and began walking quicker towards them, anxious for what they had planned for us today. “Hey Draco.” I said as he ignored me and walked straight past. “Draco!” I yelled and glowered at his retreating back whilst he turned the corner. “Stupid git.” I muttered, disappointedly and continued walking to the Great hall, wondering why he didn’t say anything to me. “Ah the Great Hall. Probably filled with couples being all…coupily.” I groaned before pushing open the doors and gazing at my worst nightmare. “Oh my Wizard.” I sighed with wide eyes. The room was decorated with red, pink and white everywhere. I wasn’t even sure where I was supposed to sit because the Hufflepuff flag was now a red flag with hearts all over it. “What have they done?” I gawped and shook my head at a nearby kissing couple. “Ugh…there goes my breakfast.” I grinned at their annoyed faces and took my seat, alone. I pulled a slice of toast out of the pile and placed it on my heart shaped plate, glowering at how the toast was even cut into a heart. “Am I in the twilight zone?” I asked, no one in particular and spread some pink peanut butter onto my toast just as it began raining glitter hearts from the pink and red swirly ceiling.

“Lovely, isn’t it?”

I turned my head towards Hermione, who had just taken the unoccupied seat beside me with a dreamlike state smile on her face. “Yeah. If you don’t feel like eating…ever.” I grumbled and pushed my breakfast away.

“Oh, what’s wrong? You have been in a right foul mood for the last 2 days now.” She asked, in a somewhat demanding manner as I simply shrugged.

“I don’t know. It’s a little…over the top. Don’t you think?” I furrowed my brows as a cupid zoomed past my head.

“A little. But Valentines Day is the one day where no houses really care if they are seen talking with the other.” Hermione explained as I noticed that a Hufflepuff 5th year was talking with a Slytherin 6th year. “That…is something to celebrate.” She whispered and stood up from the table. “Sorry. I would love to stay and chat but…Ronald has asked me to join him for a meal he prepared in the Astronomy tower.” Hermione blushed, shyly.

“Aw… it’s about time you 2 got together.” I clapped my hands in glee.

“Well we aren’t exactly…dating.”

“Not yet.” I smirked and lifted up a cup of pink…something.

Noticing my confused look, Hermione gave a chuckle. “Pink lemonade.” She said with a look of amusement on her usually firm face. “Well I must go. Bye.”

I watched Hermione skip merrily out of the Great Hall and couldn’t help but smile. I guess all this…mayhem, isn’t that bad. I thought, feeling proud at the house rivalry shield being down for the day. Or so I thought.


A shrill voice exclaimed and took Hermione’s previous seat as I turned around with a groan. “What is it Parkinson?” I snarled and took a big gulp of lemonade.

“Nothing much, actually.” She shrugged and picked up my already buttered toast. “I just wanted to tell you something.”

“What would that be?”

“Well, I know we aren’t exactly friends…” She began, causing me to scoff. “But, I have dreadful news that I don’t think any girl should have to hear…even a mudblood like yourself.” She finished with a fairly sincere look.

“Get to the point, Parkinson. Some of us actually have people who they have to be with on this special day.”

“Not after you hear this.” Pansy muttered and leaned in closer to me. “You see…Draco is actually going to leave you.”

“What?” I asked in complete shock.

“Draco and you, no more.” She grinned sadistically at me.

“How do you know this?” I grumbled in annoyance, which only caused her to let out an evil chortle. “What?”

“Firstly, you’re a mudblood…”

“Halfblood.” I interrupted, only to be ignored.

“And not only does Draco, but the entire Malfoy family hates your kind. You actually think it would work?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. “Plus, I have noticed how distant he’s been with you…”

“That’s none of your…”

“Which means, he’s either found someone else or is just simply bored with you.”

At this my stomach dropped at least 10 feet and I had the feeling of my skin crawling. “I have to go.” I murmured and stood up, trying to stop the feeling I was going through. It was true. Draco was being awfully distant lately. He even ignored me in the halls when I was right in front of him.

“Well, don’t get angry at me. I just didn’t want you to get hurt.” She explained with a sad look on her face, which was scarily genuine.

“Thanks.” I weakly smiled at her in appreciation before leaving the Great Hall, feeling somewhat colder than I had on entering. I felt myself running towards the Hufflepuff common room as tears slowly slipped down my cheeks. Finally I was in front of the Fat Friar portrait, tear stained cheeks and puffy red eyes.

“My dear, little Hufflepuff. Are you all right?” He asked with concern in his voice.

“Fine. Flutis Carnation.” I chanted as his portrait swung open revealing the common room. “Thanks.” I grumbled and staggered in. Sighing I trudged up the stairs and into the empty dorm room of Tamson and Sam. I wasn’t about to go into the Prefects dorms and be confronted by Draco. “I’m so stupid.” I breathed and dropped myself onto my old bed.

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