I am Marked by the Devil and now i have to serve him, and even worse... i am in love with his son [14]

Created by DreamIce on Friday, November 07, 2008

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I felt alone as ever. Chase ignored me and Zane wanted me but he had to stay away. I was in the Hall with "him" and we were training again. But this time, Chase we training with us. I found out that he got his powers once he was marked and that made me angry.

'I can't belive Erin is doing this,' i heard from Chase. 'She dosn't know what to do.' I narrowed my eyes at him. "Ok Erin. Attack Chase." He said.

I looked around. He has dissappered but I used a different kid of visio to find him. He jumped at me and I steped out of the way. He his hit the ground, head first. "Ouch," He hissed, rubbing his head. I kneeled down by him. "Still think I can't do this?" I said to him, smiling.

He got up at attacked me again he grabed my leg and threw me in the air but I stoped myself someone before hitting the celing. I fell back to the ground, landing on my back.

I suddenly felt pain in me. My teeth clenched together. I screamed. Thats when Chase suddenly cared for me. "What are you doing?" He asked Zane's father. He smiled but I didn't know because my eyes were closed. "Everytime she messes up, she gets hurt. She needs to learn." I screamed louder and it suddenly went away.

I got up. And something, i think it was anger, took me over. I launched myself at him and held him to the ground by his neck. The pain came back stronger this time, but I ignored it. The more strong it got, the harder I pushed my hand.

"Erin! Get off!" Chase tried to pull me off, I wouldn't bug.

"ERIN. STOP!" I heard that voice. I turned, my eyes blazing, and looked at Zane. He came and pushed me off hard. He helped his dad off and his dad smiled. "Your getting more like me," He coughed. Zane looked at me and shook his head angerly.

I scooted to a conner in the room and tears feel from my face. I didn't want to be like the Devil. I hated him and I hated Zane. I have to keep telling myself that.

Chase looked at me and knelt down by me. "You ok?" He asked me. "W-Why do you c-care," I stuttered, still crying. "Erin. You know I have always cared for you. Come on. Get up." He helped me up and I looked into his eyes. He wipped off my face with his hands.

"Better?" He asked. "No," I whispered. He got closer to me. "How bout now?" "No," I asked. He got closer and his lips touched mine. I wanted to get away but I didn't, or couldn't. He held me there by my waist.

I soon pushed him away, thinking of Zane. "I'm sorry. I.I have to go." I walked out of the room, not looking back at Chase.


The next day I stayed in my room. I didn't want to show my face, expically infrount of Zane. There was pain in me. I didn't mean to do anything, but something came over me. I don't know what. Was I really turing into the Devil? If so, will I become evil and forget about Zane, th3 one I love so much, more than my life. Will I forget about Chase, the one I love so much, more then my life?

All threse questions have no answers, a least not for me

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