My love story...

New story, quizilla is havin issues so i had to delete my last one...Sorry!! Oh yeah, this is bsed off of real life...hehe! I just switched some things like the names thats about it tho...

Created by xXEmolovebrokenXx on Wednesday, November 12, 2008

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*Echo's POV*
We just got back from throwing away our trays at lunch. It was a testing day, so that meant all day in one class.. Ugh. At least I have Dimitri..He's like one of my best friend's.
I guess I should introduce myself, my name's Echo, and my best friend is Dimitri. I've been crushing on him for a while, so I decided today would be the day to ask him out. I sat back down in my seat to wait until they call my teachers name.
Dimitri sat by me and then Paul sat down.
"Hey, Echo!" Paul said.
"Hey.." I said in a dull voice.
"What's wrong?!" Dimitri asked.
"I hate testing days!" I whisperd now. We werent supposed to be talking, but, like that'll stop us.
"Aww, But you got me in your class...You don't like spending time with me!?!" Dimitri whispered in a over dramatic voice. I rolled my eyes at him and laughed.
He has black hair spiked up, with really pretty green eyes. He wears contacts though, that turns his eyes like a grayish color, but it's still cute.
"Theres that smile i love!" Paul whispered. I rolled my eyes again and said, " right.."
"So, Echo, who do you like?" Paul began.
"Ugh! He doesn't like me ok! And even if he did i probably wouldn't have the guts to ask him out!" I whispered.
"What if the guy that liked you sat at your table right now, right beside you?" Dimitri asked.
Oh my gosh! This was it!
"Well, maybe thats the same person I like..." I said.
Dimitri smiled and said, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
I smiled and said, "uhm..Are you serious?"
"Of course im serious!"
By now we were walking in the hallway back to class.
"You know I was going to ask you out today right?" i said still smiling.
"HA! I beat you!! So is that a yes?"
I laughed and nodded. He hugged me and we got back into class and sat down.

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