A Kind of Magic [George Weasley] #5

I know this one is a little delayed, but I've had the BUSIEST few weeks. My school is on strike, so I've been working everyday, and it was my birthday last weekend so I've been doing a lot of organizing/partying :P Hope you enjoy it!

Created by JesusofSuburbia on Thursday, November 13, 2008

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Friday, August 31st, 2007

What a hectic day! Ginny rolled everyone out of bed as soon as she could in order to get us all dresed, fed and ready in time to be at Diagon Alley by the time the stores opened. I already had most of the things I needed for the school year thanks to my parents and their over-preparedness. I just stopped to pick up some more parchment and a few more bottles of ink. The rest of my morning was spent following Ron, Harry and Ginny around from store to store to find their things.

By 1:00 they had all they needed and more. Mrs. Wealsey let us go off for lunch and told us not to be back too late. We went into the first restaurant we could find and took a seat at an empty table.

"So, I have something to tell you all." Ron annoucned as our food arrived.

"Actually, Ronald, WE have something to tell you all." Hermione corrected him.

"What's up you two?" Harry asked them worredly.

I couldn't help but let the smile spread across my face. I knew what was coming!

"Well, er, Hermione and I... er, well, we..." Ron stuttuered as he turned 3 shades darker than his hair.

"Oh for goodness sakes, Ron and I are dating." Hermione blurted out.

Harry and Ginny starred at them in a state of schock until finally Ginny caught her tounge.

"Well, thats fantastic! Since when?" She asked them.

"Since about a month ago." Ron answered, only bout 2 shades darker now.

"A month!! Why haven't you said anything! Does mum know? That's so great you guys! I thought it would never happen!" Ginny blurtted out.

"No, mum doesn't know yet. I suppose there's no point in keeping it quiet now, though." Ron answered.

"Congratulations!" Harry said as he clapped Ron on the back.

"Yea guys, congrats!" I said, although I had already known.

We continued eating, talking about that and what we would do after. We decided to head over to the twins shop to say hello and see when they would be home tonight. When we walked in the store was jammed. Angelina was behind the counter working the register, and Fred and George were scrambaling around the store trying to help everyone.

"Oy, Fred! How's it going, mate?" Harry yelled when Fred got close enough to hear.

"Crazy! We could use some help in here!" Fred yelled back.

"Well, we'd love to stay, but we were going to head over to Hermione's house so she could say bye to her parents. Sorry." Ron informed us as him and Hermione walked towards the door.

"There is no way I'm staying in this mess! I'm going home!" Ginny said as she walked out too.

"Hey, wait up Gin! I'll walk you!" Harry shouted after her, "Maya, wanna come back with us?"

"That's alright Harry, I'll stay and help out a bit. Just let Mrs. Weasley know where I am." I told him. He grinned at me, clearly a little too happy to have some time alone with Ginny.

I walked to the back to grab a logoed apron and saw George pulling a box off a shelf.

"Georgey boy, you guys are busy today!" I said to him.

He jumped at the sound of my voice, nearly falling with the box landing on top of him. "Maya, I didn't hear you come back here! You scarred the life out of me!"

I just giggled. "Sorry George, I was only trying to help!" I said lifting up the apron, implying that I was there to work.

"Thanks Maya, we can use it!" He answered.

So the next few hours I spent in the twins shop, helping out. I took over the cash since Angelina had been doing it all morning. I let her go take a break and then cover the floor for a while. By 4 o'clock the rush had finally died down and Fred and George began to clean up. Fred decided it was time to close. We were all exhausted from the rush of kids. The twins locked up while Angelina and I waited outside the shop door. We made small talk until the twins joined us.

"Angelina and I were going to head to her place for some dinner. Care to join us?" Fred asked George and I.

"No thanks, Fred. I promised Maya we'd have some fun tonight, before she heads back to Hogwarts." George told him, "But if you two want to join us after then feel free."

"Alright, see you after then!" Fred said as him and Angelina disapperated.

"Well Georgey, how are we going to have fun tonight?" I asked, "you haven't mentioned any plans."

"I know, but it's a Friday night! We'll go out and have a blast!" He answered.

So we went back to the Burrow and made some sandwiches for dinner. After deciding it was still too early to go out we made some lemonade and went to sit in the backyard. Ron and Hermione weren't back yet and Harry and Ginny had walked over to Luna's to invite her to come out with us tonight.

"So, where exactly did Ron and Hermione go?" George asked, overhearing Ginny and I talking about where they were.

"They went to Hermione's house so she could say bye to her parents." I told him.

"Why exactly did Ron go with her?" He asked, still confused.

"Oh, you haven't heard! Your brother finally worked up the nerve to ask her out. They are officially dating. And about time, too!" I explained.

"Get out! Finally! I thought that kid would never do it!" George laughed. "You know, I've been telling him for years that if he didn't act soon he would loose her. I mean look how close he came with that whole Krum thing. Stupid git still didn't get it."

I couldn't help but think about what Hermione had put in my head the night before. If George had been so persistent with Ron, then, if Hermione was right, he would have done or said something to me by now. I knew it! Hermione and her crazy ideas! She almost had me going, too. Now I can sit back, relax, and enjoy some time with George.

"Where are we going tonight, Georgie?" I asked, yet again. Sometimes I'm too nosey for my own good.

"Merlin, Maya! You'll find out when we get there!!!" He said, throwing a lemon grind at me.

"Ow! Well, how am I supposed to know what to wear if you don't tell me where we're going?" I asked.

"Geez, you're such a girl!" He laughed at me.

"Are you going to tell me or not!" I whined.

"Fine! If you must know, we are going to a friend of mine's house. He is having a party to celebrate the last year of school." He told me.

"A friend's house, eh?" I asked, sarcastically. "This friend wouldn't happen to be Lee, would it?"

"And if it is?" George mocked.

"Good. I really like Lee." I responded.

George stared at me for a moment before responding. "Just remember... you're my date tonight."

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